Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (2) - Recap

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The rangers, after noticing that they have grown insect wings, manage to get out of the box and escape down a pipe. Divatox has Shrinkasect shrink her Piranhatrons, who follow the rangers. When the pipe ends, the rangers defeat the Piranhatrons. As they go down more pipes, they notice that they have grown antennae and claws! The rangers end up in Divatox's closet, and when she opens the door, they drive out in Elgar's toy car. However, they soon crash and are thrown into the torpedo room. Thinking that a torpedo could make them normal again since the torpedoes make Divatox's monsters grow, the rangers launch them and ride to the surface, where they contact Justin and tell him their plan.
Justin takes the Blue Senturion to the beach with the hope of making him big. He miraculously puts the Blue Senturion in the exact spot that the torpedo hits, and they all return to normal. A giant Shrinkasect then appears, and he is soon destroyed by the Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer. Justin then goes to the beach and takes the detonator can from Bulk and Skull. He throws it into the air, and it explodes.
After Justin teleports away, Bulk and Skull discover that fumes form the torpedo have made them human again, but the only problem is that they're now invisible!