Trouble by the Slice - Recap

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During a test of a new teleporter weapon created by Porto, Divatox fires it at a Piranhatron, but it moves at the last second. The beam ricochets off of a rock and hits her. She is then teleported to Earth and has amnesia. Divatox wanders into Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor and eats a slice of pizza. Since she doesn't have any money, the owner makes her work to pay for it.
Meanwhile, Justin and Carlos, after playing soccer in the park, go to the same pizza shop with some kids from the soccer game. Carlos doesn't notice Divatox, but Porto, who ordered pizzas from the shop, does and later tells Rygog and Elgar. He then makes the Mad Mike monster from the pizza box to distract the rangers. After Justin and Carlos leave to go to the Power Chamber, Elgar and Porto come and get Divatox. She gets angry and fires eye blasts, but Elgar deflects it back at her with a pan, causing her to regain her memories.
At the Power Chamber, the rangers are given a new weapon, the Turbine Laser. They then morph and fight the monster. When they're in trouble, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster come to their rescue. However, the Mad Mike monster attaches pizzas to their wheels, taking control of them! The rangers are knocked into a "colossal cooker" created by Porto and are cooked into a giant pizza. The Blue Senturion then arrives but is attacked by the cars. However, he breaks the monster's control with his stoplight and frees the rangers, who defeat the Mad Mike monster with their new Turbine Laser. It grows but is destroyed by the Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer.