Unaired Pilot - Recap

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At a bowling alley, a teen named Zack arrives and meets with his friends Jason, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly. When Kimberly swings the ball back to throw it, it slips out of her hand and then hits a guy's food, causing him to get covered in his food. He and his gang then start messing with Kimberly, but her friends come to her rescue, defeating the bullies with karate moves.
A news report then shows on the television about an alien object being found on the moon. It's a big trash dumpster, and when the astronauts open it, alien beings emerge, having been imprisoned for 10,000 years. To celebrate their freedom, the sorceress Rita Repulsa decides to destroy Earth. Using her magic wand, she sends a blast to Earth, causing earthquakes. Elsewhere, a floating head named Zoltar detects Rita's presence and tells his robot assistant to summon five teenagers to their location. Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly are then teleported to the Command Center. The robot introduces himself as Alpha 5 and explains that Zoltar is an interdimensional being caught in a time warp. The group asks what is going on, and Zoltar tells them that an alien known as Rita Repulsa has targeted Earth. He has summoned them to stop her by harnessing the power of the dinosaurs. Jason will harness the power of the Tyrannosaurus, Billy the Triceratops, Kimberly the Pterodactyl, Zack the Mastodon, and Trini the Sabre-tooth Tiger. They are then given devices known as transmorphers, which will allow them to transform into Power Rangers. However, the group finds it too hard to believe, so they leave.
As they wander through the middle of nowhere, Rita watches the group. She then sends down her Putty Patrol to attack. The teens are no match for them, so they use their transmorphers, transforming into the Power Rangers. Zoltar then has Alpha teleport them downtown, where Goldar and other Putties are. With their new powers, the teens easily beat the Putties, but Rita then uses her wand to make another monster known as Flyguy grow! However, the rangers then summon giant mechanical dinosaurs, which then combine into one giant robot known as the Megazord. Flyguy is then joined by a giant Goldar, but the Megazord destroys Flyguy with its sword.
Later, the group celebrates back at the Command Center and agrees to remain Power Rangers.