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Pretty Little Liars

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  Darren Wilden, played by Bryce Johnson

Darren Wilden is an deceptive who arrest Hanna for shoplifting in the first book. He later investigator Ali's murder. Hanna remembers he was an big partier in Rosewood High School. He's sleeping with Mrs. Martin to get Hanna off her charges.
  Jenna Cavanaugh, played by Tammin Sursok

Gorgeous, chic and completely inscrutable, Jenna Marshall lost her sight and gained notoriety. Wherever she goes people stare and whisper. And just the sight of her is enough to chill Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer to the bone. What is it about Jenna that unsettles them so? And what secrets does she hold?
  Melissa Hastings, played by Torrey DeVitto

Spencer's older sister Melissa has everything she ever wanted. She just got accepted to the Wharton School of Business and she's engaged to the cutest med student on Earth. What she doesn't already have, she's not afraid to take – like Spencer's newly renovated loft. What would Melissa do if Spencer took something of hers -- namely her perfect fiancé? After all, Spencer already kissed one of Melissa's exes. What's to say she won't do it again – and more? Melissa and Spencer have a definite sibling rivalry. Question is how dirty will it get?
  Mike Montgomery, played by

Mike is Aria's younger brother. He is currently suffering the results of his parent's break-up, along with Aria. Which involves several violent episodes..
  Mona Vanderwall, played by Janel Parrish

Years ago, Mona was desperate to be in Alison's group of friends, but to them she was just a dork to be avoided at all costs. Times have changed since Alison's been gone. Big time. Now Mona is one of the popular kids at school and her BFF is none other than Hanna Marin. But can a person change that much? And when Hanna begins to reconnect with her old friends, what does that mean for Mona?
  Noel Kahn, played by Brant Daugherty

Noel is one of Sean's friends and Aria's crush before Ezra. After Ezra leaves Aria, Noel steps in to comfort her. Hanna and Sean decide to go on a double date with Noel and Aria, where Noel tells her that he has feelings for her and that he will keep his options open. Finally, he asks Aria out on a date, and she accepts.

After Aria breaks up with Ezra, Sean sets Noel up on a date with his girlfriend's friend (a.k.a. Aria). They have an awkward date, but eventually warm up to each other. During the SAT blackout, Aria and Noel spend some time together and that reveals that Noel can play the guitar and that he is actually a very deep and emotional person. Aria and Noel sing and play together, until Ezra suddenly returns and everything becomes icy.
  Pam Fields, played by Nia Peeples

A loving and ever supportive mother, Pam Fields runs a conservative and orderly household. She always makes time out of her busy schedule to be there for her daughter Emily. But as close as the two maybe, Emily chooses to keep some of her personal struggles in the dark from her. Will these issues bring the two together? Or ultimately drive them apart?
  Peter Hastings, played by Nolan North

Peter Hastings is Melissa and Spencer's father. He is a succesful business man and is all about winning and being the best. He is the picture perfect husband and father who control's a seemingly picture perfect family. For him there is no room for mistakes or any other flaws and Spencer and her mother makes sure of that even if it means hiding secrets from him. Like any other Business man he does everything in his power to seal a business deal. Shown when he convinced her daughter to throw off a game to make the other team feel like a winner.
  Toby Cavanaugh, played by Keegan Allen

Keegan Allen plays the elusive and spine-chilling character of Toby Cavanaugh who is one of Rosewood's creepiest residents. Ali accused him of being a perv and a Peeping Tom. Emily, however, can't help but relate to Toby as an outsider. After all, he arrives just as she's questioning whether or not she herself fits in.

Toby told Emily his story – well, part of it. He did see Alison the night she disappeared, but she left him alive (and with his sweater.)

Toby definitely has a dark side (to paraphrase Lt. Col. Fields, he didn’t go away to reform school for nothing.) But he does seem to genuinely care for Emily. We’re torn.

Apparently Alison had some serious dirt on him because he took the fall for Ali's little arson that left his step-sister Jenna blind.
  Wren Kim, played by Julian Morris

In Wren, Melissa's found the perfect man. But this gorgeous med student has some secrets he keeps from his future bride. Least of which are the cigarettes he sneaks when she's not looking. There's also the attraction between him and Spencer, which he's not trying too hard to fight. Makes you wonder if Melissa's got her Mr. Right all wrong.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Teens
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC Family ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 08, 2010
Episode Order: 25
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