Restaurant: Impossible

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 19/Jan/2011 Villari's
03 01x03 02/Feb/2011 Rascal's BBQ and Crab House
04 01x04 09/Feb/2011 Salt Works II
05 01x05 16/Feb/2011 Meglio's
06 01x06 23/Feb/2011 Secret Garden
07 01x07 02/Mar/2011 Flood Tide

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
08 02x01 06/Jul/2011 Dodge City
09 02x02 13/Jul/2011 La Stanza
12 02x05 03/Aug/2011 Snooty Fox
13 02x06 24/Aug/2011 Pastori's
14 02x07 31/Aug/2011 Scrimmages
15 02x08 07/Sep/2011 Mamma D's
18 02x11 28/Sep/2011 Cap'n and the Cowboy
19 02x12 02/Nov/2011 Mad Cactus
20 02x13 09/Nov/2011 McShane's
21 02x14 16/Nov/2011 Coffee's Boiling Pot
22 02x15 23/Nov/2011 St. James Soup Kitchen
23 02x16 07/Dec/2011 Wildcat Café
24 02x17 04/Jan/2012 Sullivan's
25 02x18 11/Jan/2012 Hoffman's

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
26 03x01 08/Feb/2012 Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House
27 03x02 15/Feb/2012 Chatterbox
28 03x03 22/Feb/2012 Anna Maria's
29 03x04 29/Feb/2012 Del's
30 03x05 07/Mar/2012 Woody's Tupelo Steakhouse
31 03x06 14/Mar/2012 Valley View
32 03x07 25/Apr/2012 Pelican Grill
34 03x09 09/May/2012 Pappas Restaurant
35 03x10 16/May/2012 Ristorante Barolo
36 03x11 23/May/2012 Pollard's Bar-B-Que
38 03x13 13/Jun/2012 White House Edition

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
39 04x01 11/Jul/2012 Longbranch Steak and Seafood
40 04x02 18/Jul/2012 The Main Dish
42 04x04 01/Aug/2012 Italian Village
44 04x06 29/Aug/2012 Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant
46 04x08 12/Sep/2012 Paliani's Restaurant
47 04x09 19/Sep/2012 Michele's
49 04x11 03/Oct/2012 Whistle Stop
50 04x12 10/Oct/2012 Valley Inn

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
52 05x01 21/Nov/2012 Poco's on the Boulevard
53 05x02 28/Nov/2012 Rohrer's Tavern
54 05x03 05/Dec/2012 Bronk's Bar and Grill
55 05x04 19/Dec/2012 Rising Sun Bistro
56 05x05 02/Jan/2013 Whiskey Creek Steakhouse
57 05x06 16/Jan/2013 Windseeker Restaurant
58 05x07 23/Jan/2013 Sapori D'Italia
60 05x09 27/Feb/2013 Dinner Bell Restaurant
61 05x10 10/Mar/2013 Maniaci's Italian Bistro
62 05x11 13/Mar/2013 Caseyville Café

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
66 06x02 21/Apr/2013 Father Knows Worst
67 06x03 28/Apr/2013 Creepy In Clearwater
68 06x04 12/May/2013 Drowning in Debt
69 06x05 19/May/2013 Muskrat Mayhem
70 06x06 26/May/2013 In the Pits
71 06x07 09/Jun/2013 Lost in the Woods
73 06x09 23/Jun/2013 It's all Greek to Me
74 06x10 14/Jul/2013 Kalico Kraziness
77 06x13 25/Aug/2013 Pie in the Sky

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
78 07x01 23/Oct/2013 Bring Mama Back
79 07x02 30/Oct/2013 Feathers Fly
80 07x03 06/Nov/2013 His Way or the Highway
81 07x04 13/Nov/2013 Outside the Box
83 07x06 27/Nov/2013 Unlucky Number Seven
84 07x07 04/Dec/2013 Unfixable Family
85 07x08 18/Dec/2013 Goombazz Gone Wild
86 07x09 01/Jan/2014 Clueless in the Country
87 07x10 15/Jan/2014 Monkey Business
88 07x12 29/Jan/2014 Dirty Laundry
89 07x13 05/Feb/2014 Mumbo Jumbo

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
91 08x02 12/Mar/2014 A Lot to Lose
92 08x03 19/Mar/2014 Fiery Family Fusion
93 08x04 26/Mar/2014 Pizza: Impossible
94 08x05 02/Apr/2014 Ungratifying
95 08x06 09/Apr/2014 Face the Music
96 08x07 23/Apr/2014 Treading Water
97 08x08 30/Apr/2014 Bummed Out
101 08x09 07/May/2014 100th Episode: Meet the Impossible
99 08x10 21/May/2014 Living in the Dark Ages
100 08x11 28/May/2014 The Writing on the Wall
101 08x12 04/Jun/2014 Saving Grace

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
103 09x01 23/Jul/2014 Fork in the Road
104 09x02 30/Jul/2014 Culture Clash
105 09x03 06/Aug/2014 Bowling: Impossible
106 09x04 13/Aug/2014 Golf: Impossible
107 09x05 20/Aug/2014 Holy Cow!
108 09x06 27/Aug/2014 No Laughing Matter
109 09x07 03/Sep/2014 Take It or Leave It
111 09x09 17/Sep/2014 Military: Impossible
112 09x10 24/Sep/2014 Drama at Mamma's
114 09x12 13/Oct/2014 An Abundance of Emotions
115 09x13 03/Nov/2014 Recipe for Disaster

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
116 10x01 24/Nov/2014 Without a Prayer
117 10x02 15/Dec/2014 Oh Brother!
118 10x03 14/Jan/2015 Revved Up
119 10x04 28/Jan/2015 Mystic Mystery
120 10x05 04/Feb/2015 Betting the House
121 10x06 11/Feb/2015 Dog and Pony Show
122 10x07 18/Feb/2015 Game Over

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
124 11x02 25/Mar/2015 Double Trouble
125 11x03 01/Apr/2015 Chocolate: Impossible
126 11x04 08/Apr/2015 When Life Gives You Lemons...
127 11x05 22/Apr/2015 Prescription for Failure
128 11x06 29/Apr/2015 Going Down with the Ship
129 11x07 06/May/2015 The Ambush
130 11x08 13/May/2015 Bad Juju

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
131 12x01 22/Oct/2015 Ambush: Breakfast Break-In

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
144 13x01 09/Mar/2016 Ambush: Faded Star
145 13x02 16/Mar/2016 Ambush: Beneath the Surface
146 13x03 23/Mar/2016 Ambush: A Taxing Situation
147 13x04 30/Mar/2016 Ambush: In Robert We Trust
149 13x06 20/Apr/2016 Ambush: Exercise Surprise
150 13x07 27/Apr/2016 Ambush: Cray, Cray
151 13x08 04/May/2016 Ambush: Third Ambush Is The Charm

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S04 - #1 18/Aug/2012 Wedding Impossible
S05 - #2 09/Dec/2012 Holiday: Impossible
S07 - #3 20/Nov/2013 Restaurant More Impossible: Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant
S07 - #4 08/Dec/2013 Holiday: Impossible 2
S09 - #5 27/Oct/2014 Worst of the Worst
S10 - #6 08/Dec/2014 Holiday: Impossible
S10 - #7 29/Dec/2014 Biggest Blowups
S10 - #8 07/Jan/2015 Fitness: Impossible
S10 - #9 21/Jan/2015 Top 10 Turnarounds
S13 - #10 06/Apr/2016 Best Ambushes Ever

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