Say Yes To The Dress

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 12/Oct/2007 Here Comes the Bridal Salon; Three Times a Bride
2 1x02 19/Oct/2007 Rocking the Dress/I Do or I Don't
3 1x03 26/Oct/2007 That's Not My Dress/Bridal Breakdown
4 1x04 02/Nov/2007 Lucky in Love/Wedding Dress Blues
5 1x05 09/Nov/2007 To Buy or Not to Buy; What a Girl Wants
6 1x06 16/Nov/2007 Italian Dressing; Here Comes the Groom

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
7 2x01 15/Jul/2008 Here Comes the Bride Again...and Again
8 2x02 22/Jul/2008 Bridal BFFs
9 2x03 29/Jul/2008 Mother Knows Best
10 2x04 05/Aug/2008 I Do Redux
11 2x05 12/Aug/2008 Daddy's Little Girl
12 2x06 19/Aug/2008 Bridal Blow Out
13 2x07 05/Sep/2008 Runway Bridal
14 2x08 12/Sep/2008 Every Bride Counts
15 2x09 19/Sep/2008 Grooms in Gowns
16 2x10 26/Sep/2008 What a Bride Wants
17 2x11 03/Oct/2008 Double the Trouble
18 2x12 10/Oct/2008 It's Always Something
19 2x13 21/Nov/2008 It's My Wedding, But Tell the Bridesmaids
20 2x14 21/Nov/2008 One Is Not Enough
21 2x15 28/Nov/2008 To Have and To Hold
22 2x16 28/Nov/2008 Ciao and Cherrio
23 2x17 05/Dec/2008 I'm Not The Problem
24 2x18 05/Dec/2008 Bridal Nightmares
25 2x19 12/Dec/2008 Under Pressure
26 2x20 12/Dec/2008 Emotions Run Wild
27 2x21 19/Dec/2008 Second Chances
28 2x22 19/Dec/2008 That's My Dress
29 2x23 26/Dec/2008 Daddy Knows Best
30 2x24 26/Dec/2008 Time to Cut the Cord

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
28 3x01 06/Mar/2009 Changes and Challenges
29 3x02 06/Mar/2009 In My Opinion
30 3x03 13/Mar/2009 Once Upon a Dress
31 3x04 20/Mar/2009 Bridal Wave
32 3x05 03/Apr/2009 Playing Dress Up
33 3x06 10/Apr/2009 The Dress Ties That Bind
34 3x07 17/Apr/2009 Seeing Red
35 3x08 24/Apr/2009 Hot Dress, Cold Feet
36 3x09 01/May/2009 There's a First for Everything
37 3x10 08/May/2009 The Art of Negotiation
38 3x11 15/May/2009 Getting in the Spirit
39 3x12 05/Jun/2009 Second Time Around
40 3x13 19/Jun/2009 Two For One
41 3x14 26/Jun/2009 Missing Mom
42 3x15 10/Jul/2009 Clicking with Brides
43 3x16 17/Jul/2009 Family Dynamics
44 3x17 24/Jul/2009 Indecisive Brides
45 3x18 31/Jul/2009 Goals

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
46 4x01 11/Sep/2009 Overbooked
47 4x02 11/Sep/2009 Practically Family
48 4x03 18/Sep/2009 Going the Extra Mile
52 4x04 18/Sep/2009 Veterans vs. Rookies
53 4x05 25/Sep/2009 Ready or Not
54 4x06 02/Oct/2009 100 Dresses and Counting
55 4x07 09/Oct/2009 Voice of Reason
56 4x08 09/Oct/2009 The Blowout Sale
57 4x09 16/Oct/2009 She's a Vision
58 4x10 23/Oct/2009 Plan B
59 4x11 30/Oct/2009 Moms and Daughters
60 4x12 06/Nov/2009 Two To Say I Do
61 4x13 13/Nov/2009 The Price of Beauty
62 4x14 20/Nov/2009 Family Support
63 4x15 27/Nov/2009 Nightmares and Dreams
64 4x16 04/Dec/2009 Princess Brides
65 4x17 11/Dec/2009 Daddy's Little Girl
66 4x18 18/Dec/2009 Cinderella Comes in All Sizes
67 4x19 18/Dec/2009 Seeing Eye to Eye

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
62 5x01 23/Apr/2010 Anything Bridal
63 5x02 23/Apr/2010 The Cardinal Rules
64 5x03 30/Apr/2010 Wallet Woes
65 5x04 30/Apr/2010 Going Bridal
66 5x05 07/May/2010 Family Ties
67 5x06 07/May/2010 Dress Distress
68 5x07 14/May/2010 Randy to the Rescue
69 5x08 21/May/2010 Mama Drama
76 5x09 04/Jun/2010 The Entourage
77 5x10 04/Jun/2010 Top 10 Dress Dramas
73 5x12 11/Jun/2010 Struggling to Commit
74 5x13 11/Jun/2010 Top 10 Unforgettable Moments
75 5x14 18/Jun/2010 Dress Mates
76 5x15 18/Jun/2010 Fantasy Unhinged
77 5x16 25/Jun/2010 All in the Family
78 5x17 25/Jun/2010 Top 10 Pickiest Brides
79 5x18 02/Jul/2010 Man Tears
80 5x19 02/Jul/2010 Top 10 Families
81 5x20 09/Jul/2010 Fit for a Fantasy
82 5x21 09/Jul/2010 Randy's Top 10 Dresses
83 5x22 16/Jul/2010 The Path to the Dress
84 5x23 23/Jul/2010 Love Connection
90 5x23 23/Jul/2010 Second Time Around
85 5x24 30/Jul/2010 In the Spotlight

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
86 6x01 07/Jan/2011 The First Dress Syndrome
87 6x02 07/Jan/2011 Best Laid Plans
88 6x03 14/Jan/2011 The Group Calls It
89 6x04 14/Jan/2011 Dad Knows Best
90 6x05 21/Jan/2011 Beat the Dress
91 6x06 21/Jan/2011 Torn Between Two Styles
92 6x07 28/Jan/2011 Sticker Shock
93 6x08 04/Feb/2011 Secrets and Surprises
94 6x09 11/Feb/2011 Mom's Way or the Highway
95 6x10 18/Feb/2011 Bride, Interrupted
96 6x11 25/Feb/2011 Double or Nothing
97 6x12 25/Feb/2011 New Beginnings
98 6x13 04/Mar/2011 Make Room for the Green Groom
99 6x14 11/Mar/2011 Search and Dress-cue
100 6x15 18/Mar/2011 Men of Honor
101 6x16 25/Mar/2011 Great Gown Expectations
102 6x17 01/Apr/2011 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…
103 6x18 08/Apr/2011 Happily Ever After...Sort Of

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
105 7x01 07/Oct/2011 Pushing the Limits
106 7x02 07/Oct/2011 Fashion Police
107 7x03 14/Oct/2011 Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
108 7x04 14/Oct/2011 One of a Kind
109 7x05 21/Oct/2011 Worth the Wait
110 7x06 21/Oct/2011 Together as One
111 7x07 28/Oct/2011 Dress Obsess
112 7x08 28/Oct/2011 The Devil Is in the Details
113 7x09 04/Nov/2011 The Facilitators
114 7x10 04/Nov/2011 Never Settle
115 7x11 11/Nov/2011 Sister Resistors
116 7x12 18/Nov/2011 The Majority Rules
117 7x13 25/Nov/2011 A One Track Mind
118 7x14 02/Dec/2011 That Special Someone
119 7x15 09/Dec/2011 Same Dress, Different Girl
120 7x16 16/Dec/2011 For the LOVE of MOM
121 7x17 23/Dec/2011 Ready, Aim, Focus
122 7x18 30/Dec/2011 Princess for a Day

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
123 8x01 15/Jun/2012 You're Sexy and You Know It
124 8x02 15/Jun/2012 Extreme Entourage
125 8x03 22/Jun/2012 Not Your Mama's Dress
126 8x04 22/Jun/2012 Sister, Sister
127 8x05 29/Jun/2012 2 Dresses, 1 Dream
128 8x06 29/Jun/2012 Race Against Time
129 8x07 06/Jul/2012 His Opinion…
130 8x08 06/Jul/2012 What's My Style
131 8x09 13/Jul/2012 Image Is Everything
132 8x10 13/Jul/2012 Big Budget Brides
133 8x11 20/Jul/2012 Rocker Brides
134 8x12 20/Jul/2012 Worth the Weight
135 8x13 27/Jul/2012 Expecting Brides
136 8x14 03/Aug/2012 NFL Brides
137 8x15 03/Aug/2012 Red She Said
138 8x16 10/Aug/2012 Staying True Before Saying 'I Do'
139 8x17 17/Aug/2012 Bling It On!
140 8x18 17/Aug/2012 New Beginnings

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
141 9x01 28/Dec/2012 Big Entourage, Bigger Opinions
142 9x02 28/Dec/2012 Daddy-Daughter Dilemma
143 9x03 04/Jan/2013 Mother May I?
144 9x04 04/Jan/2013 A Very Merry Wedding
145 9x05 11/Jan/2013 Princess Fantasy
146 9x06 11/Jan/2013 Beat the Clock
147 9x07 18/Jan/2013 Second Time Around
148 9x08 18/Jan/2013 Size Me Up
149 9x09 25/Jan/2013 The Blowout Sale
150 9x10 25/Jan/2013 Keeping an Open Mind
151 9x11 01/Feb/2013 Grands Know Best
152 9x12 01/Feb/2013 Dare to Be Different
153 9x13 08/Feb/2013 Queen for the Day
154 9x14 08/Feb/2013 Love the Skin I'm In
155 9x15 15/Feb/2013 Day of Challenges
156 9x16 15/Feb/2013 It's Just Money
157 9x17 22/Feb/2013 Picky Brides
158 9x18 01/Mar/2013 Requests Like None Of The Rest

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
159 10x01 16/Aug/2013 Sisters Know Best
160 10x02 16/Aug/2013 A Family Affair
161 10x03 23/Aug/2013 Showing off Your Assets
162 10x04 23/Aug/2013 Brides and Their Boys
163 10x05 30/Aug/2013 Family Rules
164 10x06 06/Sep/2013 Father of the Bride
165 10x07 06/Sep/2013 Better Than the First
166 10x08 13/Sep/2013 More Than a Wedding
167 10x09 13/Sep/2013 Race to the Altar
168 10x10 20/Sep/2013 You're Making Me Blush
169 10x11 20/Sep/2013 Mom's Day, Mom's Way
170 10x12 27/Sep/2013 Not What I Had in Mind
171 10x13 04/Oct/2013 Day of Challenges
172 10x14 11/Oct/2013 Not What I Was Expecting
173 10x15 25/Oct/2013 I'll Know It When I See It
174 10x16 25/Oct/2013 A Surprising Turn of Events
175 10x17 01/Nov/2013 A Mother's Touch
176 10x18 01/Nov/2013 Apple of His Eye

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
177 11x01 21/Feb/2014 New Dress -- New Beginning
178 11x02 21/Feb/2014 A Gown Worth the Trip
179 11x03 28/Feb/2014 More Money, More Problems
180 11x04 28/Feb/2014 Nothing Ordinary Here
181 11x05 07/Mar/2014 No Room for Compromise
182 11x06 07/Mar/2014 It Fits, She Scores!
183 11x07 14/Mar/2014 Til Dress Do Us Part
184 11x08 14/Mar/2014 One of a Kind Dress Requests
185 11x09 21/Mar/2014 If You've Got It, Flaunt It
186 11x10 28/Mar/2014 My Day, Mom's Way
187 11x11 04/Apr/2014 Design Intervention
188 11x12 11/Apr/2014 A Kleinfeld Family Affair
189 11x13 18/Apr/2014 For His Consideration
190 11x14 25/Apr/2014 More, More, More!
191 11x15 02/May/2014 Always the Pageant Girl...
192 11x16 09/May/2014 Smother's Day
193 11x17 16/May/2014 Sister Act!
194 11x18 23/May/2014 A Chart Topping Dress

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
195 12x01 10/Oct/2014 Surprise, Surprise!
196 12x02 17/Oct/2014 When in Doubt, Customize
197 12x03 17/Oct/2014 Tight, Strapless, and Sexy!
198 12x04 24/Oct/2014 All Hands on Deck
199 12x05 24/Oct/2014 Mom's Seal of Approval
200 12x06 07/Nov/2014 200th Episode: Brotherly Love
201 12x07 07/Nov/2014 Father Knows Dress
202 12x08 14/Nov/2014 A Dress Like None the Rest
203 12x09 14/Nov/2014 The Quest for Perfection
204 12x10 21/Nov/2014 Top My Dream Dress!
205 12x11 21/Nov/2014 Entourage Sabotage
206 12x12 28/Nov/2014 Dueling Visions
207 12x13 28/Nov/2014 Dazed and Gown-fused
208 12x14 05/Dec/2014 Style Therapy
209 12x15 05/Dec/2014 A Thorn in the Bride's Side
210 12x16 19/Dec/2014 Challenge After Challenge
211 12x17 19/Dec/2014 Sample Sale Madness!

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 13x00 Unknown Case of dress distress
0 13x00 Unknown Worth the Wait
212 13x01 06/Mar/2015 A Comedian Walks into a Bridal Salon...
213 13x02 06/Mar/2015 Performance Piece
214 13x03 13/Mar/2015 Vision Confusion
215 13x04 13/Mar/2015 A Situation in the Salon
216 13x05 20/Mar/2015 Breaking the Bank
217 13x06 20/Mar/2015 Agree to Disagree
218 13x07 27/Mar/2015 Please love my dress
219 13x08 27/Mar/2015 Booby Trap
220 13x09 03/Apr/2015 Love at first sight
221 13x10 10/Apr/2015 Designer Dreams
222 13x11 17/Apr/2015 Case of dress distress
223 13x12 24/Apr/2015 Worth the Wait
224 13x13 01/May/2015 Daddy Dearest
225 13x14 08/May/2015 Like Mother, Unlike Daughter
226 13x15 15/May/2015 Drama, Drama, Drama!
227 13x16 22/May/2015 V.I.Pnina
228 13x17 29/May/2015 Sexy Sells
229 13x18 05/Jun/2015 The Sale is On!

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
230 14x01 04/Mar/2016 What Does Martha Think?
231 14x02 04/Mar/2016 I've Stalked This Dress on Instagram
232 14x03 11/Mar/2016 The Sasha Dress
233 14x04 11/Mar/2016 I Am a Bride on a Budget
234 14x05 18/Mar/2016 This Is Your Day
235 14x06 18/Mar/2016 I Won the Battle Against My Twin!
236 14x07 25/Mar/2016 I Am Bride-yoncé
237 14x08 01/Apr/2016 You ARE a daredevil!
238 14x09 08/Apr/2016 I'm Not the Size of a Hanger!
239 14x10 15/Apr/2016 A Rainbow Unicorn Dress
240 14x11 22/Apr/2016 Bling, Lace and Cleavage!
241 14x12 29/Apr/2016 Dad's Being a Dadzilla
242 14x13 06/May/2016 Come on in, Grandma!
243 14x14 13/May/2016 The Male Perspective

S02 - #125/Jan/2009Ultimate Wedding EditionN/A
S06 - #222/Apr/2011Princess Brides Special8
S07 - #314/Oct/2011The Big Day7
S08 - #417/Aug/2012The Big Day - Kelly7
S08 - #520/Dec/2012The Big Day - Tiffany8
S09 - #601/Feb/2013The Big Day - Autumn7
S10 - #709/Aug/2013The Big Day - Krystle8
S10 - #813/Dec/2013The 12 Dresses of ChristmasN/A
S10 - #920/Dec/2013Randy's Top TrendsN/A
S11 - #1014/Feb/2014The Big Day - AmandaN/A
S11 - #1114/Mar/2014Unveiled: New Dress - New BeginningsN/A
S11 - #1221/Mar/2014Unveiled: A Gown Worth the TripN/A
S11 - #1328/Mar/2014Unveiled: Nothing Ordinary HereN/A
S11 - #1404/Apr/2014Unveiled: More Money, More ProblemsN/A
S11 - #1530/May/2014The Big Day - SheenaN/A
S11 - #1618/Jul/2014The Big Day - KristiN/A
S11 - #1708/Aug/2014The Big Day - Patti-AnneN/A
S14 - #1801/Apr/2016First Look: You ARE a Daredevil!N/A
S14 - #1908/Apr/2016First Look: I'm Not the Size of a Hanger!N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Design/Decorating
Status: Returning Series
Network: TLC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 12, 2007
Episode Order: 20
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