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4 :11x04 - Hans Zimmer

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5 :11x05 - Amy Tan, LeVar Burton

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6 :11x06 - A. Scott Berg

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7 :11x07 - Angela Lansbury

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8 :11x08 - Anjelica Huston

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8 :11x08 - Anjelica Huston

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9 :11x09 - Julius Erving

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9 :11x09 - Julius Erving

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10 :11x10 - Frank Gehry

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10 :11x10 - Frank Gehry

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11 :11x11 - Stacy Keach

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11 :11x11 - Stacy Keach

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12 :11x12 - Kenny Loggins

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13 :11x13 - Joshua Bell

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16 :11x16 - Lupita Nyong'o

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17 :11x17 - Bruce Dern

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18 :11x18 - Don Cheadle

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19 :11x19 - Kenneth Branagh

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24 :11x24 - Itzhak Perlman

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26 :11x26 - Chita Rivera

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27 :11x27 - Teller, Hilary Hahn

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29 :11x29 - Angelique Kidjo

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31 :11x31 - Edwin Smith, Bela Fleck

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36 :11x36 - Floyd Norman

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37 :11x37 - David Hyde Pierce

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38 :11x38 - Chiwetel Ejiofor

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41 :11x41 - Will Forte, Earl Klugh

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44 :11x44 - Sam Polk, Rhea Perlman

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46 :11x46 - Harry Lennix

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48 :11x48 - Forest Whitaker

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49 :11x49 - Academy Awards special

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55 :11x55 - Edwidge Danticat, Scott Adams

Tavis was joined by novelist Edwidge Danticat and Dilbert creator Scott Adams.
Interviewees: Scott Adams as Himself | Edwidge Danticat as Herself

56 :11x56 - Eric Schlosser, Brian Jay Jones

Tavis was joined by journalist Eric Schlosser and writer Brian Jay Jones.
Interviewees: Brian Jay Jones as Himself | Eric Schlosser as Himself

57 :11x57 - T.C. Boyle, Rick Najera

Tavis was joined by writer T.C. Boyle and writer-comedian Rick Najera.
Interviewees: Rick Najera as Himself | T. Coraghessan Boyle as Himself

58 :11x58 - M. Night Shyamalan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tavis was joined by writer-director M. Night Shyamalan and actor-writer-director Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Interviewees: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Himself | M. Night Shyamalan as Himself

59 :11x59 - Teller, Robert Hilburn

Tavis was joined by documentary director Teller and pop music journalist Robert Hilburn.
Interviewees: Robert Hilburn as Himself | Teller as Himself

60 :11x60 - Tim Weiner, Marlee Matlin

Tavis was joined by actress Marlee Matlin and journalist Tim Weiner.
Interviewees: Marlee Matlin as Herself | Tim Weiner as Himself

61 :11x61 - Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman

Tavis was joined by Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman.
Interviewees: Barry Manilow as Himself | Bruce Sussman as Himself

62 :11x62 - Elizabeth Kolbert, Greg Edwards

Tavis was joined by journalist Elizabeth Kolbert and comedian-actor-writer Greg Edwards.
Interviewees: Elizabeth Kolbert as Herself | Greg Edwards as Himself

63 :11x63 - Dr. Peniel E. Joseph, Martina McBride

Tavis was joined by African American history scholar Dr. Peniel E. Joseph and singer-songwriter Martina McBride.
Interviewees: Peniel Joseph as Himself | Martina McBride as Herself

64 :11x64 - Tim Conway

Tavis was joined by comedian-actor Tim Conway.
Interviewees: Tim Conway as Himself

65 :11x65 - Bruce Jones, Dule Hill, James Roday

Tavis was joined by Bruce Jones, Dulé Hill and James Roday.
Interviewees: Bruce Jones (2) as Himself | Dulé Hill as Himself | James Roday as Himself

66 :11x66 - Robert Reich, Benmont Tench

Tavis was joined by Robert Reich, plus music from Benmont Tench.
Musical Guests: Benmont Tench as Himself |
Interviewees: Robert Reich as Himself

67 :11x67 - Errol Morris, Ledisi

Tavis was joined by Errol Morris, plus music from Ledisi.
Musical Guests: Ledisi as Themselves |
Interviewees: Errol Morris as Himself

68 :11x68 - Shyima Hall

Tavis was joined by Shyima Hall.
Interviewees: Shyima Hall as Herself

69 :11x69 - Miriam Pawel, Stanley Jordan

Tavis was joined by Miriam Pawel, plus music from Stanley Jordan.
Musical Guests: Stanley Jordan as Himself |
Interviewees: Miriam Pawel as Herself

70 :11x70 - Erika Andiola, Marielena Hincapie, Nathan East

Tavis was joined by two advocates for immigrant rights, Erika Andiola and Marielena Hincapié, and also the talented bassist Nathan East.
Musical Guests: Nathan East as Himself |
Interviewees: Erika Andiola as Herself | Marielena Hincapié as Herself

71 :11x71 - Saladin Ambar, Zucchero Fornaciari

Tavis was joined by political science assistant professor Dr. Saladin Ambar and Italian-born guitarist Zucchero Fornaciari.
Musical Guests: Zucchero as Himself |
Interviewees: Saladin Ambar as Himself

72 :11x72 - Clay Risen

Tavis was joined by Clay Risen, author of The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act.
Interviewees: Clay Risen as Himself

73 :11x73 - Paul Rusesabagina

Tavis was joined by Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who saved lives during the 1994 Rwanda massacre.
Interviewees: Paul Rusesabagina as Himself

74 :11x74 - Sarah Lewis, Amos Lee

Tavis was joined by Sarah Lewis, author of The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery, and singer-songwriter and guitarist Amos Lee.
Interviewees: Amos Lee as Himself | Sarah Lewis (2) as Herself

75 :11x75 - Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Christylez Bacon

Tavis was joined by the Council on Foreign Relations' Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, and progressive hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon.
Interviewees: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon as Herself | Christylez Bacon as Himself

76 :11x76 - David Crosby

Tavis was joined by legendary singer-songwriter and social justice activist David Crosby.
Interviewees: David Crosby as Himself

77 :11x77 - Frank Langella

Tavis was joined by Oscar-nominated actor Frank Langella.
Interviewees: Frank Langella as Himself

78 :11x78 - Dr. Katherine Newman, Hafez Nazeri

Tavis was joined by award-winning sociologist Katherine Newman and internationally acclaimed Iranian composer Hafez Nazeri.
Interviewees: Katherine Newman as Herself | Hafez Nazeri as Himself

79 :11x79 - Stewart Copeland

Tavis was joined by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer and composer Stewart Copeland.
Interviewees: Stewart Copeland as Himself

80 :11x80 - Ken Burns

Tavis was joined by filmmaker Ken Burns.
Interviewees: Ken Burns as Himself

81 :11x81 - Rosanne Cash

Tavis was joined by Grammy-winning country music artist Rosanne Cash.
Interviewees: Rosanne Cash as Herself

82 :11x82 - Ed Catmull, Tatiana Maslany

Tavis was joined by animation pioneer Ed Catmull and actress Tatiana Maslany.
Interviewees: Tatiana Maslany as Herself | Ed Catmull as Himself

83 :11x83 - Jackie Collins

Tavis was joined by best-selling novelist Jackie Collins.
Interviewees: Jackie Collins as Herself

84 :11x84 - Ken Caldeira, Philip Yancey

Tavis was joined by Ken Caldeira, senior scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, and best-selling Christian author Philip Yancey.
Interviewees: Ken Caldeira as Himself | Philip Yancey as Himself

85 :11x85 - Robert English, Daniel Beaty

Tavis was joined by Robert English, director of the University of Southern California's School of International Relations, and actor-playwright Daniel Beaty.
Interviewees: Robert D. English as Himself | Daniel Beaty as Himself

86 :11x86 - Joseph Stiglitz, Ian Somerhalder

Tavis was joined by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and actor Ian Somerhalder.
Interviewees: Joseph Stiglitz as Himself | Ian Somerhalder as Himself

87 :11x87 - Nas

Tavis was joined by hip-hop pioneer Nas.
Interviewees: Nas as Himself

88 :11x88 - Barbara Ehrenreich

Tavis was joined by best-selling writer and activist Barbara Ehrenreich.
Interviewees: Barbara Ehrenreich as Herself

89 :11x89 - William Easterly, James Conlon

Tavis was joined by conductor James Conlon.
Interviewees: James Conlon as Himself

90 :11x90 - Mikhail Baryshnikov

Tavis was joined by ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Interviewees: Mikhail Baryshnikov as Himself

91 :11x91 - Larry King

Tavis was joined by author Sylvia Longmire and actor Harry Hamlin.
Interviewees: Harry Hamlin as Himself | Sylvia Longmire as Herself

92 :11x92 - Robin Roberts

Tavis was joined by Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts.
Interviewees: Robin Roberts as Herself

93 :11x93 - Sylvia Longmire, Harry Hamlin

Tavis was joined by actor Hugh Dancy.
Interviewees: Hugh Dancy as Himself

94 :11x94 - Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong

Tavis was joined by comedians Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.
Interviewees: Cheech Marin as Himself | Tommy Chong as Himself

95 :11x95 - Sen. Bernie Sanders, Carla Bruni

Tavis was joined by Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders and singer-songwriter Carla Bruni.
Interviewees: Carla Bruni as Herself | Bernie Sanders as Himself

96 :11x96 - Marlo Thomas

Tavis was joined by actress and author Marlo Thomas.
Interviewees: Marlo Thomas as Herself

97 :11x97 - Gov. Peter Shumlin, Ken Cook

Tavis was joined by Vermont's Governor Peter Shumlin, and Ken Cook, president and co-founder of Environmental Working Group.
Interviewees: Peter Shumlin as Himself | Ken Cook as Himself

98 :11x98 - Sen. Robert Menendez, Hugh Dancy

Tavis was joined by New Jersey's Senator Robert Menendez and actor Hugh Dancy.
Interviewees: Hugh Dancy as Himself | Robert Menendez as Himself

99 :11x99 - Amma Asante

Tavis was joined by writer and director Amma Asante.
Interviewees: Amma Asante as Herself

100 :11x100 - Ralph Nader, John Slattery

Tavis was joined by consumer advocate Ralph Nader and actor John Slattery.
Interviewees: Ralph Nader as Himself | John Slattery as Himself

101 :11x101 - Jonathan M. Katz, Connie Britton

Tavis was joined by author Jonathan M. Katz and actress Connie Britton.
Interviewees: Connie Britton as Herself | Jonathan M. Katz as Himself

102 :11x102 - Barbara Walters, Maurice Hines

Tavis was joined by newswoman Barbara Walters, and Broadway legend and tap dancer Maurice Hines.
Interviewees: Maurice Hines as Himself | Barbara Walters as Herself

103 :11x103 - Mel Brooks

Tavis was joined by comedian and director-producer-writer Mel Brooks for a two-part interview.
Interviewees: Mel Brooks as Himself

104 :11x104 - Mel Brooks

Tavis was joined by comedian and director-producer-writer Mel Brooks for a two-part interview.
Interviewees: Mel Brooks as Himself

105 :11x105 - Omoyele Sowore, Amber Khan

Tavis was joined by Nigerian journalist Omoyele Sowore and issues advocacy specialist Amber Khan.
Interviewees: Amber Khan as Herself | Omoyele Sowore as Himself

106 :11x106 - Renee Fleming

Tavis was joined by Grammy-winning opera singer Reneé Fleming.
Interviewees: Renée Fleming as Herself

107 :11x107 - Sen. Rand Paul, Jim Parsons

Tavis was joined by Senator Rand Paul and actor Jim Parsons.
Interviewees: Rand Paul as Himself | Jim Parsons as Himself

108 :11x108 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Jon Favreau

Tavis was joined by Senator Elizabeth Warren and actor-filmmaker Jon Favreau.
Interviewees: Elizabeth Warren as Herself | Jon Favreau as Himself

109 :11x109 - Matthew Weiner

Tavis was joined by Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men.
Interviewees: Matthew Weiner as Himself

110 :11x110 - David Goodman

Tavis was joined by David Goodman.
Interviewees: David Goodman as Himself

111 :11x111 - Nell Bernstein, Ed O'Neill

Tavis was joined by activist-author Nell Bernstein and actor Ed O'Neill.
Interviewees: Nell Bernstein as Herself | Ed O'Neill as Himself

112 :11x112 - Ziggy Marley

Tavis was joined by Grammy-winning musician Ziggy Marley.
Interviewees: Ziggy Marley as Himself

113 :11x113 - Maya Angelou tribute

Tavis remembers Maya Angelou.

114 :11x114 - Arianna Huffington, Brian Culbertson

Tavis was joined by entrepreneur Arianna Huffington and musician Brian Culbertson.
Musical Guests: Brian Culbertson as Himself |
Interviewees: Arianna Huffington as Herself

115 :11x115 - Elizabeth Kolbert, Daniel Beaty

Tavis was joined by journalist Elizabeth Kolbert and actor-writer Daniel Beaty.
Interviewees: Elizabeth Kolbert as Herself | Daniel Beaty as Himself

116 :11x116 - Ed Catmull, Marlee Matlin

Tavis was joined by animator Ed Catmull and Oscar winner Marlee Matlin.
Interviewees: Ed Catmull as Himself | Marlee Matlin as Herself

117 :11x117 - Ken Cook, Earl Klugh

Tavis was joined by Ken Cook, co-founder and president of Environmental Working Group, and acoustic guitar master Earl Klugh.
Interviewees: Ken Cook as Himself | Earl Klugh as Himself

118 :11x118 - Peniel Joseph, Tatiana Maslany

Tavis was joined by Stokely Carmichael biographer Dr. Peniel E. Joseph and actress Tatiana Maslany.
Interviewees: Tatiana Maslany as Herself | Peniel Joseph as Himself

119 :11x119 - James Conlon, Ledisi

Tavis was joined by James Conlon, music director of the LA Opera, and Grammy winning singer-songwriter-producer Ledisi.
Interviewees: James Conlon as Himself | Ledisi as Themselves

120 :11x120 - Rep. Xavier Becerra, Jersey Vargas

Tavis was joined by Representative Xavier Becerra, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and 10-year-old Jersey Vargas, a real-life face behind immigration statistics.
Interviewees: Xavier Becerra as Himself | Jersey Vargas as Herself

121 :11x121 - Allison Janney

Tavis was joined by four-time Emmy winning actress Allison Janney.
Interviewees: Allison Janney as Herself

122 :11x122 - Dr. David B. Agus, Clark Gregg

Tavis was joined by Dr. David B. Agus to discuss a disease that is predicted to infirm millions of baby boomers in the coming decades, and actor-writer-director Clark Gregg.
Interviewees: David B. Agus as Himself | Clark Gregg as Himself

123 :11x123 - Ruby Dee tribute

Tavis remembers Ruby Dee.

124 :11x124 - Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner

Tavis was joined by comedic genius Carl Reiner and his equally talented son, Rob Reiner.
Interviewees: Carl Reiner as Himself | Rob Reiner as Himself

125 :11x125 - Joe Lieberman, Toni Braxton

Tavis was joined by former Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and Grammy-winning singer Toni Braxton.
Interviewees: Joseph Lieberman as Himself | Toni Braxton as Herself

126 :11x126 - Sebastian Junger, Carol Leifer

Tavis was joined by author, journalist and filmmaker Sebastian Junger; and pioneering comedienne Carol Leifer.
Interviewees: Sebastian Junger as Himself | Carol Leifer as Herself

127 :11x127 - Nomi Prins, Noah Wyle

Tavis was joined by former Wall Street executive Nomi Prins and Emmy-nominated actor Noah Wyle.
Interviewees: Nomi Prins as Herself | Noah Wyle as Himself

128 :11x128 - Bob Moses, Stanley Nelson

Tavis was joined by civil rights activist Bob Moses and Emmy-winning documentarian Stanley Nelson.
Interviewees: Stanley Nelson as Himself | Bob Moses as Himself

129 :11x129 - Wolfgang Puck

Tavis was joined by celebrity chef, entrepreneur and author Wolfgang Puck.
Interviewees: Wolfgang Puck as Himself

130 :11x130 - Jennifer Lee, John Lloyd Young

Tavis was joined by sociologist Jennifer Lee to discuss affirmative action, and Tony-winning actor John Lloyd Young.
Interviewees: Jennifer Lee (5) as Herself | John Lloyd Young as Himself

131 :11x131 - Bill Medley

Tavis was joined by Bill Medley, one half of the musical duo, "The Righteous Brothers."
Interviewees: Bill Medley as Himself

132 :11x132 - Brian Lamb

Tavis was joined by Brian Lamb, founding CEO and retired chairman of C-SPAN.
Interviewees: Brian Lamb as Himself

133 :11x133 - Paul Rieckhoff, Robert Cray

Tavis was joined by Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; and legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter Robert Cray.
Interviewees: Paul Rieckhoff as Himself | Robert Cray as Himself

134 :11x134 - Charles "Lil' Buck" Riley

Tavis was joined by Charles "Lil Buck" Riley, master of the style of street dance called jookin'.
Interviewees: Charles "Lil Buck" Riley as Himself

135 :11x135 - Ron Capps, Arturo Sandoval

Tavis was joined by Ron Capps, founder of the Veterans Writing Project, and 10-time Grammy-winning trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval.
Interviewees: Ron Capps as Himself | Arturo Sandoval as Himself

136 :11x136 - Hugh Laurie

Tavis was joined by British actor and musician Hugh Laurie.
Interviewees: Hugh Laurie as Himself

137 :11x137 - Stephen Dubner & Steven Levitt, Jennifer Holliday

Tavis was joined by authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, and an original Dreamgirl, Jennifer Holliday.
Interviewees: Stephen J. Dubner as Himself | Steven Levitt (1) as Himself | Jennifer Holliday as Herself

138 :11x138 - Buzz Aldrin, Chaz Ebert

Tavis was joined by former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Chaz Ebert who talks about the documentary on her late husband, entitled Life Itself.
Interviewees: Buzz Aldrin as Himself | Chaz Ebert as Herself

139 :11x139 - Elizabeth Economy & Michael Levi, Yuna

Tavis was joined by Michael Levi and Elizabeth Economy who discuss their text on China, and award-winning singer-songwriter Yuna.
Interviewees: Elizabeth Economy as Herself | Michael A. Levi as Himself | Yuna as Herself

140 :11x140 - Melissa Murray, Jason Biggs

Tavis was joined by UC Berkeley law school professor Melissa Murray and actor Jason Biggs.
Interviewees: Jason Biggs as Himself | Melissa Murray (2) as Herself

141 :11x141 - Jack Abramoff, David S. Rose

Tavis was joined by former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and entrepreneur and angel investor David S. Rose.
Interviewees: Jack Abramoff as Himself | David S. Rose as Himself

142 :11x142 - Beau Bridges

Tavis was joined by three-time Emmy winner Beau Bridges.
Interviewees: Beau Bridges as Himself

143 :11x143 - Alex Tizon, Sister Simone Campbell

Tavis was joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Tizon and activist Sister Simone Campbell.
Interviewees: Sister Simone Campbell as Herself | Alex Tizon as Himself

144 :11x144 - Rick Savage & Joe Elliott

Tavis was joined by Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and Rick Savage.
Interviewees: Joe Elliott as Himself | Rick Savage as Himself

145 :11x145 - Joan Rivers

Tavis was joined by pioneering comedienne Joan Rivers for part one of a revealing conversation.
Interviewees: Joan Rivers as Herself

146 :11x146 - Joan Rivers

Tavis was joined by comedienne Joan Rivers for part two of their interview.
Interviewees: Joan Rivers as Herself

147 :11x147 - Bryan Stevenson

Tavis was joined by Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of Equal Justice Initiative.
Interviewees: Bryan Stevenson as Himself

148 :11x148 - Eli Broad

Tavis was joined by renowned business leader and philanthropist Eli Broad.
Interviewees: Eli Broad as Himself

149 :11x149 - Demian Bichir, Jonathan Butler

Tavis was joined by Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir, and South African guitarist-singer-songwriter Jonathan Butler.
Interviewees: Demian Bichir as Himself | Jonathan Butler as Himself

150 :11x150 - Carolyn Finney, a tribute to James Garner

Tavis was joined by Berkeley geographer Carolyn Finney. Later, Tavis remembers the Emmy-winning film and TV actor James Garner.
Interviewees: Carolyn Finney (2) as Herself

151 :11x151 - Max Brooks, Marsha Ambrosius

Tavis was joined by best-selling writer Max Brooks, and one of the original Floetry members, Marsha Ambrosius.
Interviewees: Max Brooks as Himself | Marsha Ambrosius as Herself

152 :11x152 - Ruben Blades

Tavis was joined by Grammy-winning musician, songwriter, actor and activist Rubén Blades.
Interviewees: Ruben Blades as Himself

153 :11x153 - Bhaskar Sunkara

Tavis was joined by Jacobin magazine founder Bhaskar Sunkara.
Interviewees: Bhaskar Sunkara as Himself

154 :11x154 - Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner, Terry Crews

Tavis was joined by Nobel Prize-winning neurologist Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner, and actor and the new Millionaire host Terry Crews.
Interviewees: Stanley B. Prusiner as Himself | Terry Crews as Himself

155 :11x155 - Ron Capps, Philip Bailey

Tavis was joined by military veteran and founder of the Veterans Writing Project Ron Capps, and Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey.
Interviewees: Philip Bailey as Himself | Ron Capps as Himself

156 :11x156 - George Takei, Mira Sorvino

Tavis was joined by actor and activist George Takei and human rights activist and actress Mira Sorvino.
Interviewees: Mira Sorvino as Herself | George Takei as Himself

157 :11x157 - Richard Haass, Billy Childs

Tavis was joined by American diplomat Richard Haass and jazz pianist Billy Childs.
Interviewees: Richard Haass as Himself | Billy Childs (2) as Himself

158 :11x158 - Tricia Rose, Sergio Mendes

Tavis was joined by Africana studies professor Tricia Rose and Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes.
Interviewees: Sergio Mendes as Himself | Tricia Rose as Herself

159 :11x159 - Chuck D

Tavis was joined by American rapper, author, and producer Chuck D.
Interviewees: Chuck D as Himself

160 :11x160 - Diane Ravitch, Dr. John Deasy

Tavis was joined by NYU's research professor of education Diane Ravitch, and Los Angeles Unified School District's superintendent John Deasy.
Interviewees: Diane Ravitch as Herself | John Deasy as Himself

161 :11x161 - Glenn Cohen, Savion Glover

Tavis was joined by health policy expert Glenn Cohen and Tony-winning tap dancer and choreographer Savion Glover.
Interviewees: Savion Glover as Himself | Glenn Cohen as Himself

162 :11x162 - Rory Kennedy, Kem

Tavis was joined by Emmy-winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy and R&B singer-songwriter Kem.
Interviewees: Rory Kennedy as Herself | Kem as Himself

163 :11x163 - Ed Harris

Tavis was joined by four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris.
Interviewees: Ed Harris as Himself

164 :11x164 - Quincy Jones

Tavis was joined by legendary producer and 27-time Grammy winner Quincy Jones.
Interviewees: Quincy Jones as Himself

165 :11x165 - Judith Jamison, Robert Battle, Alicia Graf Mack

Tavis was joined by dancer-choreographer Judith Jamison, and Robert Battle and Alicia Graf Mack of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
Interviewees: Judith Jamison as Herself | Robert Battle as Himself | Alicia Graf Mack as Herself

166 :11x166 - Chita Rivera, Maurice Hines

Tavis was joined by Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Maurice Hines.
Interviewees: Chita Rivera as Herself | Maurice Hines as Himself

167 :11x167 - Rita Moreno

Tavis was joined by legendary actress, singer and dancer Rita Moreno.
Interviewees: Rita Moreno as Herself

168 :11x168 - Mikhail Baryshnikov

Tavis was joined by Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the biggest names in dance.
Interviewees: Mikhail Baryshnikov as Himself

169 :11x169 - Misty Copeland, Charles "Lil Buck" Riley

Tavis was joined by prima ballerina Misty Copeland and Charles "Lil Buck" Riley, master of the style of street dance called jookin'.
Interviewees: Misty Copeland as Herself | Charles "Lil Buck" Riley as Himself

170 :11x170 - Nicholas Kristof

Tavis was joined by journalist and best-selling author Nicholas Kristof.
Interviewees: Nicholas Kristof as Himself

171 :11x171 - Sandy Berger, James Ellroy

Tavis was joined by former national security advisor Sandy Berger and crime fiction writer James Ellroy.
Interviewees: Sandy Berger as Himself | James Ellroy as Himself

172 :11x172 - Gail Sheehy

Tavis was joined by best-selling author and cultural observer Gail Sheehy.
Interviewees: Gail Sheehy as Herself

173 :11x173 - Berry Gordy, Suzanne de Passe

Tavis was joined by the founder of the Motown musical empire Berry Gordy and TV, film and music producer Suzanne de Passe.
Interviewees: Berry Gordy Jr. as Himself | Suzanne De Passe as Herself

174 :11x174 - Hannah Appel, Aloe Blacc

Tavis was joined by anthropologist and activist Hannah Appel and singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc.
Interviewees: Aloe Blacc as Himself | Hannah Appel as Herself

175 :11x175 - David Frum, Alex Tizon

Tavis was joined by GOP strategist and writer David Frum and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Tizon.
Interviewees: David Frum as Himself | Alex Tizon as Himself

176 :11x176 - George Benson

Tavis was joined by 10-time Grammy winner George Benson.
Interviewees: George Benson (2) as Himself

177 :11x177 - Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Anna Gunn

Tavis was joined by the chair of the DNC, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and actress Anna Gunn.
Interviewees: Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Herself | Anna Gunn as Herself

178 :11x178 - Martin Wolf, Sharna Burgess

Tavis was joined by award-winning financial journalist Martin Wolf and dancer-choreographer Sharna Burgess.
Interviewees: Sharna Burgess as Herself | Martin Wolf as Himself

179 :11x179 - Vanessa L. Williams

Tavis was joined by singer-actress Vanessa L. Williams.
Interviewees: Vanessa Williams as Herself

180 :11x180 - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Tavis was joined by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Interviewees: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as Herself

181 :11x181 - Adam Winkler, Pauline Malefane

Tavis was joined by constitutional law expert Adam Winkler and South African opera singer, actress and writer Pauline Malefane.
Interviewees: Pauline Malefane as Herself | Adam Winkler as Himself

182 :11x182 - Jose Antonio Vargas, Sheila E.

Tavis was joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, activist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, and Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist Sheila E..
Interviewees: Jose Antonio Vargas as Himself | Sheila E. as Herself

183 :11x183 - Hilary Swank

Tavis was joined by Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank.
Interviewees: Hilary Swank as Herself

184 :11x184 - Al Jarreau

Tavis was joined by seven-time Grammy winning vocalist Al Jarreau.
Interviewees: Al Jarreau as Himself

185 :11x185 - John Lahr, Justin Simien

Tavis was joined by best-selling author John Lahr and filmmaker Justin Simien.
Interviewees: John Lahr as Himself | Justin Simien as Himself

186 :11x186 - Cicely Tyson

Tavis was joined by stage and screen star Cicely Tyson.
Interviewees: Cicely Tyson as Herself

187 :11x187 - Gen. Wesley Clark

Tavis was joined by former NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark.
Interviewees: Wesley Clark as Himself

188 :11x188 - Joe Perry

Tavis was joined by Aerosmith guitarist and songwriter Joe Perry.
Interviewees: Joe Perry as Himself

189 :11x189 - Melissa Etheridge

Tavis was joined by rock singer-songwriter-guitarist and activist Melissa Etheridge.
Interviewees: Melissa Etheridge as Herself

190 :11x190 - Kristen Stewart

Tavis was joined by actress Kristen Stewart.
Interviewees: Kristen Stewart as Herself

191 :11x191 - Gary Segura, Marty Stuart

Tavis was joined by Latino politics scholar Dr. Gary Segura and country music superstar Marty Stuart.
Interviewees: Marty Stuart as Himself | Gary Segura as Himself

192 :11x192 - Sen. Patrick Leahy, George Clinton

Tavis was joined by Sen. Patrick Leahy and funk musician George Clinton.
Interviewees: Patrick Leahy as Himself | George Clinton as Himself

193 :11x193 - Annie Lennox, Part 1

Tavis was joined by award-winning singer-songwriter Annie Lennox.
Interviewees: Annie Lennox as Herself

194 :11x194 - Annie Lennox, Part 2

Tavis was joined by Annie Lennox for the second part of their interview.
Interviewees: Annie Lennox as Herself

195 :11x195 - Norman Lear

Tavis was joined by broadcast legend Norman Lear.
Interviewees: Norman Lear as Himself

196 :11x196 - David Ritz

Tavis was joined by acclaimed biographer David Ritz.
Interviewees: David Ritz as Himself

197 :11x197 - Connie Rice

Tavis was joined by attorney and civil rights activist Connie Rice.
Interviewees: Connie Rice as Herself

198 :11x198 - Robert Weissman, Jeremy Renner

Tavis was joined by best-selling author Matt Bai and actor-producer Jeremy Renner.
Interviewees: Matt Bai as Himself | Jeremy Renner as Himself

199 :11x199 - Rene Russo

Tavis was joined by actress-producer and former model Rene Russo.
Interviewees: Rene Russo as Herself

200 :11x200 - Rep. Adam Schiff, Jon Secada

Tavis was joined by California Rep. Adam Schiff and international superstar Jon Secada.
Interviewees: Adam Schiff as Himself | Jon Secada as Himself

201 :11x201 - Matt Bai, Kandace Springs

Tavis was joined by best-selling author Matt Bai and emerging recording artist Kandace Springs.
Interviewees: Matt Bai as Himself | Kandace Springs as Herself

202 :11x202 - Andrew Dice Clay

Tavis was joined by comedian Andrew Dice Clay.
Interviewees: Andrew Dice Clay as Himself

203 :11x203 - Eric Liu, Felicity Jones

Tavis was joined by Atlantic magazine correspondent Eric Liu and British actress Felicity Jones.
Interviewees: Felicity Jones as Herself | Eric Liu as Himself

204 :11x204 - Herbie Hancock

Tavis was joined by legendary jazz musician and composer Herbie Hancock.
Interviewees: Herbie Hancock as Himself

205 :11x205 - Nate Parker, Dr. Valerie Purdue-Vaughns

Tavis was joined by actor Nate Parker and Columbia University assistant professor of psychology Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns.
Interviewees: Nate Parker as Himself | Valerie Purdie-Vaughns as Herself

206 :11x206 - Smokey Robinson

Tavis was joined by Motown Records icon Smokey Robinson.
Interviewees: Smokey Robinson as Himself

207 :11x207 - Reince Priebus, Ron Brownstein

Tavis was joined by Republican National Committee's chairman Reince Priebus and journalist Ron Brownstein.
Interviewees: Ron Brownstein as Himself | Reince Priebus as Himself

208 :11x208 - Tommy Lee Jones

Tavis was joined by Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones.
Interviewees: Tommy Lee Jones as Himself

209 :11x209 - Dave Koz

Tavis was joined by smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz.
Interviewees: Dave Koz as Himself

210 :11x210 - Cristina Saralegui

Tavis was joined by broadcaster Cristina Saralegui.
Interviewees: Cristina Saralegui as Herself

211 :11x211 - Peter Yarrow & Noel "Paul" Stookey

Tavis was joined by musicians-activists Peter Yarrow and Noel "Paul" Stookey.
Interviewees: Peter Yarrow as Himself | N. Paul Stookey as Himself

212 :11x212 - Anjelica Huston

Tavis was joined by actress-director Anjelica Huston.
Interviewees: Anjelica Huston as Herself

213 :11x213 - Lisa Kudrow

Tavis was joined by actress-producer Lisa Kudrow.
Interviewees: Lisa Kudrow as Herself

214 :11x214 - Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gina Prince-Bythewood

Tavis was joined by actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw and writer-director Gina Prince-Bythewood.
Interviewees: Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Herself | Gina Prince-Bythewood as Herself

215 :11x215 - Paul Boden, Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Tavis was joined by director of the Western Regional Advocacy Project Paul Boden and contemporary blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
Interviewees: Paul Boden as Himself | Kenny Wayne Shepherd as Himself

216 :11x216 - Joni Mitchell

Tavis was joined by singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell.
Interviewees: Joni Mitchell as Herself

217 :11x217 - Mary J. Blige

Tavis was joined by multifaceted Grammy winner Mary J. Blige.
Interviewees: Mary J. Blige as Herself

218 :11x218 - Kristin Chenoweth

Tavis was joined by award-winning actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth.
Interviewees: Kristin Chenoweth as Herself

219 :11x219 - Bryan Stevenson, Claudia Rankine

Tavis was joined by Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson and poet Claudia Rankine.
Interviewees: Bryan Stevenson as Himself | Claudia Rankine as Herself

220 :11x220 - Angela Lansbury

Tavis was joined by actress Angela Lansbury.
Interviewees: Angela Lansbury as Herself

221 :11x221 - Steve Ballmer

Tavis was joined by L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer.
Interviewees: Steve Ballmer as Himself

222 :11x222 - Eula Biss, Billy Childs

Tavis was joined by writer Eula Biss and jazz pianist Billy Childs.
Interviewees: Billy Childs (2) as Himself | Eula Biss as Herself

223 :11x223 - Sen. Carl Levin, Marcus Baram

Tavis was joined by Sen. Carl Levin and Macy Gray.
Interviewees: Carl Levin as Himself

224 :11x224 - Angelina Jolie

Tavis was joined by actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie.
Interviewees: Angelina Jolie as Herself

225 :11x225 - Lindsey Buckingham

Tavis was joined by musician and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham.
Interviewees: Lindsey Buckingham as Himself

226 :11x226 - Charles Bolden, Freeman Hrabowski

Tavis was joined by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski.
Interviewees: Charles Bolden as Himself | Freeman Hrabowski as Himself

227 :11x227 - Rob Bell

Tavis was joined by best-selling Christian author Rob Bell and journalist Marcus Baram.
Interviewees: Rob Bell (1) as Himself | Marcus Baram as Himself
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