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The Men Tell All - Recap

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It is the Men Tell All episode of “The Bachelorette” and Chris Harrison comes out and says that Emily Maynard is down to two men, Arie and Jef. He says that all the men from the season are there. They show a video clip of Chris talking to Emily about the season. She says that it is hard as a Bachelorette and be a parent, but she made it work. Emily says that Ryan kept putting his foot in his mouth. She says that the trophy wife comment was too much. They talk about Kalon and how the comment of baggage and it was horrible. He also mentions Doug’s kiss when she was walking him out. She says that she gave him the signs, but he was too nice about it.

After a short break, Chris says that he sat down with Emily and talked about the moments that weren’t aired. They show the clip and Chris asks about the wine being spilled when on a date with Joe. Emily said a curse word. He brings up Travis and his egg and how they put the egg to bed and that Travis was horrible at Shakespeare. He also mentions that when she was kissing Arie at home towns, his two brothers were spying.They show a trailer of the upcoming season of The Bachelor Pad

Randy, Aaron, Joe, Charlie, Stevie, Alessandro, Travis, Nate, Michael, Alejandro, Kalon, Ryan, Doug, John “Wolf”, Tony, Chris and Sean are brought out. Sean says that Sean was the first out and says that Emily looked like a goddess. John says that Kalon was the center of attention. They show a clip of the men and how they felt about Emily and how the men fought amongst themselves. Chris says that he cared about Emily so much and says that he was freaking out and wanted the opportunity to take Emily home. Chris says that Ryan was going for the wrong reasons. Ryan says that Chris took everything personal. Chris says that Kalon put a target on his back from the beginning and he says that he didn’t see it that way. Charlie admits that Kalon deserved to go home before everyone else. Stevie says that he called it.

Kalon gets in the hot seat with Chris and they take a look back at his time on the show. Chris asks why he came on the show. He says that he didn’t know that Emily had a kid and by that time he was invested. He says that this was not his environment. Joe says that he was here for the glitz and glamour. Chris asks what the most offensive thing he said was referring to Ricki as baggage. Doug chimes in and says that kids are a blessing. Sean says that he had to embrace everything. Chris says that Kalon is part of Bachelor Pad and he says that they need to expect the unexpected.

Ryan gets in the hot seat with Chris and they take a look at his time on the show. Ryan says that he is confident in himself and says that he laughs at some of these things. He says that he is a fun loving guy and the search for the alpha male was important. Chris says that he is confused on how his feelings were for Emily and Ryan says that he was reading in his journal and says that he was looking for his wife. John says that Ryan told him that he was inadequate. Ryan back-peddles and says that John took that wrong. Chris asks if there is a chance if he is an arrogant ass. He says that he isn’t. Chris says that Ryan had it in his mind that he was the next Bachelor. Chris clarifies that is not going to happen.

Chris gets in the hot seat with Chris and they look at his time on the show. He says that everything seemed so perfect and says that it hurt. Chris says that his time with Emily was a one in a lifetime thing and says that he has lost a couple of good friends and he says that he is not holding anything back. Chris asks if he is willing to take risks and he says that he is looking forward to falling in love with that right girl. They mention that he is going to be moving into Bachelor Pad.

Sean gets into the hot seat last. They watch his time on the show and afterward, Chris asks what is going through his mind. Sean says that it is tough to see Emily so emotional. He says that he truly believed that Emily was his wife and says that he was hoping to move on to the next chapter of his life. He says that opening up to Emily was the first time. He says that his family has been a support system to help him. He says that he is hoping to be able to fall in love again.

Emily comes in and sits down with Chris. Tony comes up and gives Emily a hug. She says that she is excited to see all of them. She says that the goodbye that she had with Sean was hard. She apologizes to Sean, but he says that she has opened his eyes. Chris says that she opened his eyes to falling in love and says thank you to her. Doug says that he read the whole thing wrong with Emily’s goodbye. He says that he will always have Emily’s back. They talk about Kalon and he apologizes to her, but says that he is trying to use this as a growing experience. Emily says that that is a load of bull. She brings up Kalon’s post about a Baggage Claim and not seeing Emily there. She says that the true sign of class and character to say sorry.

They take a break and go back to the guys with Emily. They bring up Ryan and she says that she had a thing for him. He asks what it is she sees in him and she says that he is a sweet talker and found herself falling for him. However, she said that things didn’t line up. Chris says that they are going to watch the bloopers of the season. Afterwards, Chris says that the last days were tough on her he bets. That is it for the time with Emily and the men from the Bachelorette Season 8. They look at a sneak preview of what to expect on Sunday’s season finale and the first ever LIVE “After the Final Rose” special.