The Final Rose - Recap

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It is down to the Final Two: Jef and Arie. Chris Harrison comes out and says that they are LIVE to see what Emily Maynard is going to do. He says that “After The Final Rose” will be after this. He says that they want to take a moment to recognize the victims of Colorado. They begin the night and Emily, Arie and Jef are in Willemstad Curacao. Emily says that she is excited about this and says that she doesn’t know who the one is yet. She has Ricki there with her. She says that she would love to introduce Ricki to her future husband yet. She has her family there. She says that they take this as serious as she does. She sits down with them.

Jef comes up with flowers. He hugs and kisses Emily. He walks up and meets Emily’s mother, Suzy father, David, Brother Ernie and future sister-in-law, Emily. Suzy asks how Jef’s family feels about this and Jef admits that they were skeptical. Suzy takes Jef aside and asks if he is really serious and Jef says that he doesn’t feel any doubt about this. He says that he wants to be a good father and wants to take Ricki in his life as well. He says that Emily completes his life. They sit down with the family and Ernie takes Jef to the side. Jef says that he cares a lot for Emily and he asks Ernie why it hasn’t worked out and he says that no guy has given Emily what she wanted since Ricky. Jef says that he is completely in love with Emily. Ernie says that he feels that his intentions are true. Jef sits down with David and Jef hopes that he is good enough. He tells David that he is completely in love with Emily. Jef asks for his blessing and he says that he has it because he makes Emily happy. Emily and Jef sit down and kiss. She walks him out.

The next day, Arie comes up and meets with Emily. She kisses him and asks him if he is nervous. She says that Arie is so easy to love. They come in and Arie meets Suzy, Dave, Ernie and Emily. Arie asks if they are enjoying their time. Arie starts to ramble and he admits that he is nervous. Arie shows the family that he saved all the roses that he has received from Emily. Suzy walks off with Arie and asks what his intentions are. Arie says that he knows that daily life is different for Emily and says that he will do anything to make this work. Ernie talks to Arie and asks if he is in this to win a game or is he really in love. Arie says that he has never been at the point where he is in love with them. He says that he is in love with Emily and says that being with Ricki and Emily, and Ernie says that he is at a total loss what to tell Emily. Dave says that it is going to take a strong man to help out. Arie says that this has been fun at the beginning and says that Emily is the love of his life and asks for Dave’s blessing. He says that he has his blessing and says that he knows that his intentions are good. Arie and Emily walk out and she kisses him goodbye.

Emily sits down with her family and asks about their feelings toward Jef. Dave says that he is a good fellow and Ernie says that he can’t tell her who the best is. Ernie says that he would be proud to have both of them in the family. Dave says that it is impossible to be in love with two people and Emily says that she does love both of them. Emily sits down with Suzy and Emily says that she doesn’t know if she wants to introduce Ricki to them. Suzy tells her to wait on an engagement. She starts to question whether or not she is ready to be engaged. The next day, Ricki says that her favorite place is where they are. Emily says that she needs to see who would be a better fit for her and Ricki. She still doesn’t want to introduce Ricki to two separate guys.

She goes to her last date with Jef. He meets her on a beach and hugs her. Jef says that he sees everything he wants in Emily and says that there are obstacles to work with, one is the fact that he hasn’t met Ricki yet. They sit down on the beach and Jef says that he feels that she has everything that she has and says that he wants to meet Ricki. She says that she doesn’t know if she wants to introduce Ricki to any of them. Jef says that he would love to meet Ricki and says that he wonders what it is going to be like being a dad. Emily says that she feels guilty introducing Ricki to Brad and it not working out. Emily says that the joy is there now. Jef asks her what she would think if she was in his position. She says that it would be disappointing. She says that she feels so confident and says that she wants him to meet Ricki. She says that he should come over. Jef says that meeting Ricki is the final piece of the puzzle.

They walk up to the house and Emily says that it is scary. Jef says that this is a huge step and says that he is definitely nervous. They walk over to the pool and she introduces Jef as her “friend”. They all get into the pool and Emily says that she can see that it is not just about her and Jef. He says that this seems so natural. Jef says that he is so excited and can’t wait see where this goes. Emily says that Jef has exceeded every expectation. She says that he would be the greatest Dad and Husband. They sit outside and talk to one another. Jef says that this is surreal and says that this was a huge hurdle to get over. Emily is happy and kisses Jef. Later that night, Jef meets her and says that everything is perfect now. Emily says that Ricki asked her if Jef could come over tomorrow. He says that he loves hanging out with her. They kiss. Jef gives her a book on Curacao. He shows her that he drew in it a little and drew little stick figures. Jef says that he loves Emily and wants to grow old with her.

The next day, Chris comes over and she says that she wanted to talk to Chris and ask him some questions. She says that she doesn’t know what to do and says that she had thought that there would be one guy that she would love. She says that she put herself in the other’s position and says that she wanted some kind of commitment. She says that Jef meeting Ricki was so comfortable. She says that her mind is made up for her. However, there is Arie. Chris asks her what she wants to do. She says that she won’t be able to sit down with Arie because she is so positive with Jef. She gets emotional and Chris says that she needs to be as honest with Arie. She is on the bridge thinking about what she is going to have to do in a moment. She says that nothing has happened that would make

Arie arrives on his date and meets the worker at the vineyard. She says that they are going to make a love potion. Arie makes the potion and waits for Emily. He says that he has fallen in love with Emily and says that it is going to be amazing when she can say the words back. Emily arrives at the vineyard and slowly walks up to Arie. She is emotional, but smiles. She asks to sit down and talk with him. She cries and covers her face. He asks what is wrong. Emily says that she doesn’t know what to do or say. She says that he knows how he felt about him from the beginning. She says that she doesn’t know if they are going to work. He says that she doesn’t have to say anything else. She apologizes and Arie gets emotional. She tells him that he is wonderful. She sits there and cries. He says that he is shocked and says that he thought that they had something. She says that she thought for so long that it was going to be her and him. However, she has more confidence with Jef. He kisses her cheek and walks off. He says that she is not going to get the goodbye she wants. He hugs her and she walks him out crying along the way. She tries apologizing again and Arie gets in the car and leaves.

In the studio in Los Angeles, Chris talks with Ashley and J.P from last season of the Bachelorette. Chris asks how tough it is to go through that. Ashley says that she is glad that Emily ended it early with Arie. J.P. stands up and Chris asks if Emily should have given Arie some more time. J.P. says that when you know, you just know. DeAnna from the Bachelorette Season 4 is there too and Chris asks how tough it was for Emily. She says that she commends Emily and says that she did a great job with it. Michael from Jillian’s Season comes up and says that it won’t be hard for Arie to find a girl now. Ashley S. from Brad’s Season comes up and says that it is nice to see how happy Emily is with Jef and Ricki and they are all hoping that it ends with an engagement.

Back in Curacao, Emily wakes up and says that she is knows that she made the best decision. She asks Ricki what she wants to do today. They go to the beach and have fun. Emily writes in her journal and says that her connection with Jef is unlike any relationship with anyone. She says that Jef would make the best husband and father. Jef gets in and meets Neil to shop for rings. He says that he is so in love with Emily and says that it feels so good. He says decides on one and admits that he realized what he has been waiting for with Emily. He says that she is it for him. Emily puts on a stunning dress and says that there is a lot of doubt in accepting a proposal. Emily walks up with Chris and waits for Jef. He comes up to Chris and asks him if he is ready. Emily and she is not sure about the engagement.

Jef walks up to her and she tells him that he looks nice. Emily says that this has been a long road and says that she can look back and know that it is worth it. She says that he is her soul mate and says that she loves him. She says that she knew that he was the one for him and says that he was the only one to meet Ricki and Jef says that he feels like the luckiest man. He says that they are natural and it is easy with them. He says that it is rare that someone meets who they are supposed to be and says that he was talking to his brother and he said that she had given up on love. He says that he hopes that she will never feel lonely. He kisses her and says that he loves her. He says that he is about to ask her a forever thing. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says YES! They hug and kiss and say “I Love You” to one another. She pins the Final Rose on him. Ricki comes up and they walk off together.