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After The Final Rose - Recap

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It is the After The Final Rose Special and Chris Harrison is there and reveals the proposal between Jef Holm and Emily Maynard. He calls Emily out for a chat. He tells her that she looks likes she is in love. She tells Chris that Jef really brings out something inside of her and says that he makes her feel confident. She shows off the engagement ring and says that it is perfect. He talks about Arie and she says that she is happy that she found her best friend and says that she is not good at being direct. She says that a part of her heart is always going to be with Arie, but she is fully with Jef.

After a break, Chris asks why Emily is nervous on meeting Arie again. She says that she feels guilty. Arie comes up and hugs Emily. Chris thanks them from being there. He asks what he would like to say to Emily. He says that he understands what she had to do. He says that he is glad to hear that she is happy. He admits that it was tough and says that day was shocking. Emily tells Arie that she wants him to know that she is still sorry and that it put her back in that moment and says that in the end, she had more confidence. Arie says that what she told Chris, she should have told him that to help. She says that she isn’t good at breaking up. He says that he didn’t see any other ways and says that he got home and he flew to Charlotte thinking that he wanted closure. However, he didn’t want to hurt anyone and he just called and said that he left his journal for her.

After they take a break and Chris asks if she read it. She says that she did not and says that it was out of respect for him and Jef. She gives it back to him. Chris asks if Arie is hurt. He says at the time, it would, but he understands that she was showing the respect. She tells him that Arie was great and says that she had more of a connection with Jef. Arie says that he feels good now because Jef and him are still friends and that he is in a good place and could look back and says that she was admirable for letting him go early. Chris thanks Arie for coming. He leaves.

Jef comes out and Emily is excited. Chris tells them congratulations. Jef says that this doesn’t feel that they met on a show. Chris asks what he loves so much about Emily. He says that she is so perfect for him. He says that she is so witty and such a great mom. He says that they have spent a lot of time together and says that they have so much fun with each other. They say that they had a lot of fun and he says that this is way more than he expected and says that it is more. Chris says that they look like a happy family.

They take another break and afterward, he asks them about Curacao. They show the proposal again and Emily says that she has never had anyone say such sweet things. Emily says that she didn’t want to be the girl who keeps getting engaged and never married. Jef says that he never thought for one second that she would say no. Emily says that she wanted to take a moment and never forget the moment. They talk about the future plans. Jef kisses Emily and tells her that he loves her. He says that he is going to Africa with Emily and Ricki with his company. Chris asks about afterward and Jef says that the best thing is that Jef moves to Charlotte. They agree that they are going to be married soon.