Ashley and J.P.'s Wedding - Recap

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The Bachelorette Special: Ashley and JP’s Wedding kicks off with Chris Harrison coming out and saying that this is the third “Bachelor’ wedding. First it was with Trista & Ryan and then with Jason & Molly. They take a look at their journey together and Ashley says that there was something about JP and JP says that it was love at first sight. Ashley says that they have a fairytale relationship and JP says that he is madly in love with Ashley. She says that she was wondering how things were going to change and they just got better and better. Ashley is in Dentistry and JP is in Construction Management. They compromised and live in Princeton, New Jersey.

They have a dog named “Boo” together. They discuss how they are going to have the dog in the ceremony. Ashley says that they have a great relationship and JP says that their relationship is a fairytale and says that when they have kids, they have something to show them. Ashley and JP tell their families that they have set a wedding date for December 1st. They are happy for them and Ashley thanks JP’s family and her family. JP tells his in-laws that they have been supportive and thanks them. Ashley’s sister was upset of the union in Season 7 and says that she was wrong and says that they have proven her wrong. Ashley says that she better make a good speech. JP’s mother tells him that he has done well and JP says that they are going to have fun.

Ashley and JP meet Mindy Weiss, their wedding planner, in New York. She has done weddings for the stars before and she asks what their personal style is. Ashley says that she is into the neutral colors such as champagne and dusty rose. JP agrees. They are going to have a hoopa and take to JP’s Jewish roots. They incorporate the dog in the wedding and they realize there are a lot of things that they haven’t considered. After meeting with the planner, they sit down together and JP says that it is all coming together. He says that he has never been nervous and they say that they can’t wait to get married. JP brings up Taiwan where they took wedding photos in the Season. He shows a picture of them. JP says that there is not a day that goes by that he is not happy with her.

Ashley and JP get a glimpse of what the wedding is going to look like and they are excited. They walk in the room and are blown away that Mindy got together so quickly. They see the flowers and they love it. Mindy shows Boo’s outfit and she loves it. They are giving out Forget Me Not flowers to their guests. They love the inscription. They try the cake and they love it too. Ashley says that they can focus on the most important thing thanks to Mindy’s help. JP asks Ashley if he can have more cake and she agrees. They take a look at Ashley’s wedding dress fitting. Ashley meets her mom, JP’s mom and her sister. Ashley comes out in the dress and they love it. JP’s mom says that JP will be overcome and says that he will love it. JP goes tux fitting with JP’s Dad and best friend. They love his choice. They go ring shopping for the wedding band. Ashley says that she knows what band JP is going to choose and she is right.

Chris Harrison talks to Jason & Molly from Season 13 of ‘The Bachelor’. Molly is pregnant and they are waiting to see what the baby is going to be. They say that Sean is going to be a good Bachelor. Jason’s advice for him is to go with his heart. Ashley is in Scottsdale, Arizona with JP and Ashley has her Bachelorette Party. They are drinking mimosas and painting nails. Ashley has JP’s face on her finger. Meanwhile, JP has his Bachelor Party with racing cars. The guys have fun racing the cars and show their skills. Later that night, Ashley gets some kinky gifts and a girl comes in to teach them pole dancing. Ashley tries her stuff and is a natural. She says that she wants a pole now. JP and the guys drink Scotch and he misses Ashley. He meets her and they kiss. They go ice skating. Ashley says that he is the most amazing man.

Chris Harrison talks about Trista & Ryan Sutter from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 1. They say that they adore Ashley and JP and say that they are happy for them. Trista says that Sean is a quality guy and hopes that he will find love. Chris says that he is officiating and sits down with Ashley and JP. He asks them why they wanted him in the ceremony. Ashley says that he has known them and he is special to them. They say that they wanted him in the wedding as a friend. He asks them if they know each other and Ashley says that it is tough because they know everything about them. Chris asks if they know for sure that they are great together. Ashley says that she never had a doubt of anything and JP says that it feels right. JP says that he can talk about Ashley all day and says that he knows that this is right. They say that they don’t know about kids, but Ashley says that in a year, they will have a child.

They see the venue of the wedding and they practice the kiss and they decide on the one long kiss. They are happy with the venue for the wedding. Chris Harrison sits down with the new Bachelor Sean Lowe. He says that this is what it is all about and says that on Night One, he could definitely see his wife in there. He says that he is happy where he is now. The wedding day is here and Ashley gets up in the morning for the Bridal Brunch. Ashley’s mother says that she was going to live in Florida, have an aqua convertible with 3 kids. She says that she is proud of her. Ashley’s sister and Maid of Honor says that it is obvious that they are perfect for each other. JP gets up and says that Ashley is her everything and says that he is the luckiest man in the world.

The girls get ready for the big day and Ashley says that everything is crazy around them. JP gives his best man to give something to Ashley and he agrees. Ashley is getting her hair done when she gets the present of the charm bracelet. She loves the bouquet and everything is coming together. JP says that his love for Ashley has grown and says that it is all part of the story. Ashley is dressed and ready to go. Chris Harrison takes his place up front to wait for the Bride and Groom. JP comes up first with his mom and dad. He is wearing a Yamaka to keep to his traditions. Ashley’s mother comes up followed by a bridesmaid. The other bridesmaids come up and take their place. The flower girls and ring bear escort Boo the dog. Finally, Ashley comes out in her wedding gown. She walks to “Only Fools Rush In”. JP is all smiles. Ashley is led by her Step-Father. JP leads her to her spot in front of Chris. The ceremony begins and Chris does his job as officiate. He tells them that he is honored to be there in front of them. They do a tying of the knot and the blessing is read by the mothers of JP and Ashley.

The vows that Ashley and JP have written are said. JP reads his and tells Ashley that he was never a believer of faith until her. He says that she better hold it together because he won’t be able to. He says that she is the kindest, warmest and most wonderful woman in the world. Every day he has asked himself why he deserves her and says that he will never let her go. He says that she is her everything. Ashley reads her vows. She tells JP that from the first time they met, her heat has been with him. She says that his dedication to family inspires her and promises to never forget it. She says that she chooses happiness no matter what and promises that every day together will be the best of her life. They exchange rings and they are pronounced Husband and Wife. Lisa Donnelly offers music for the ceremony.

The reception is underway and everything is set nicely. The guests arrive and take their seats. Jillian Harris from Season 5 of ‘The Bachelorette’ says that it is great to be there. JP’s parents say that Ashley is stunning. JP & Ashley Rosenbaum come in and DeAnna & Stephen Stagliano from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 4 say that it is great to see them and says that it was great to see. Trista & Ryan Sutter says that it is great and wishes that they were younger. Emily Maynard from Season 8 of ‘The Bachelorette’ is there with no fiancé and says that seeing them gives her some faith. Ali Fedotowski from Season 6 of ‘The Bachelorette’ is there and says that they look so in love. She says that it is real. Ashley and JP dance for the first time as Husband and Wife. They dance to “Love” performed by Matt White. Emily Maynard says that seeing Ashley and JP dance, she got chills because every girl looks for that. At the end, they take a sneak peek at Sean Lowe’s season of ‘The Bachelor’. The episode ends.