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Week 1 (S09) - Recap

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Another season of ‘The Bachelorette’ kicks off with Desiree Hartsock arriving in Malibu. She goes up to Chris Harrison and he welcomes her. She says she is happy for the experience and says it is good to start over. She says she thought she had something with Sean Lowe and says she was devastated when she had to leave. She still feels love is out in the world for her and she is determined to find it. She looks at the view and says she knows there is potential in finding someone for her. She gets into her convertible and is impressed. Growing up, Desiree didn’t have nice things, so the treatment is fun for her. She says she wants happiness and love. She says she hopes she will find her Prince Charming. With 25 suitors, she hopes there is a man who can control the love she has inside of her.

Desiree sits down with Chris and says she feels like Cinderella and is waiting for a guy to fall in love with her. She says she gives it all when she is in love. She says she is ready for love and wants to be open and free. She knows it is going to emotionally draining. Chris says it is going to be fun. Desiree gets ready for the bachelors waiting to meet her. They spotlight some of the bachelors competing for Desiree’s hand. Bryden (26), an Iraq War Veteran from Missoula, MT says he had a girl broke his heart and says he joined the military. He says he is ready to find a best friend and find love. Will (28), a Banker from Chicago, IL, says he does Yoga. He says he is ecstatic to meet Desiree and fall in love with her. Drew (27) a Digital Marketing Analyst from Scottsdale, AZ, says he loves his life in Arizona. He says his parents divorced when he was young and has a sister who is handicapped. He says he is ready to fall in love with someone.

Nick R. (26), a Tailor/Magician from Chicago, IL, says there is a different side of him than just a tailor. He loves to do magic and is looking for his assistant. He hopes Desiree can be that for him. Zak W. (31), a Drilling Fluid Engineer from Mico, TX, says he has a hard time to attract attention and wants to fall in love. Robert (30), an Advertising Entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA, says he likes being active and is ready to make the next step in meeting someone. He says he hopes everything will work out great. Mike R. (28), a Dental Student from Dallas, TX, says his entire family is British and he is the only who has lost the accent. He says he is dedicated to career and school and that explains why he doesn’t have anyone. Brandon (26), a painting Contractor from Costa Mesa, CA, says he loves to wakeboard and says he lives a stress free life. Growing up, it wasn’t so stress-free and says his grandparents helped raise him.

Desiree pulls up in the limo and meets Chris Harrison. He welcomes her and says she looks beautiful. The first limo pulls up and Drew (27) comes out. He says she looks amazing and says he has been waiting to meet her. Brooks (28), a Marketing Consultant from Salt Lake City, UT comes out and says she looks stunning. Brad (27), an accountant from Denver, CO, comes out and says she looks amazing. He says he brought a wish bone. Desiree wins and Brad says he hopes her wish comes true. Bryden (26) comes out and says she looks stunning. Michael G. (33), a Federal Prosecutor from Miami Beach, FL, comes up and says he wants to go for a little walk. He is going to try to find her penny she made a wish with on ‘The Bachelor’. He gives her a new one to make a wish on.

The second limo pulls up and Kasey (29), an Advertising Executive from San Luis Obispo, CA, comes out. He says she looks gorgeous and says he looked her up and say she likes hash tags. He says he has some for her: #theperfectbachlorette, #marriagematerial and #letthejourneybegin. Will (28) gives her a high five and says he gives her the nickname of Athena. Mikey T. (30, a Plumbing Contractor from Winfield, IL, comes up and says he is from a close family and understands family knows best. Jonathan (26), a Lawyer from Hickory, NC, comes up and says he brought her a letter about foregoing the meeting and going to a room with Jonathan. Desiree declines. Zak W. (31) comes out without his shirt on and asks her if she will accept his abs. Zak gets in the house and the other men feel it is a bold move. James (27) an Advertising Executive from Chicago, IL, comes out and says loyalty is love and says he will go fat if they were to get married. Larry (34) an ER Doctor from Berkeley, CA, comes up and says he wanted to teach her a dance move. He tries to dip her and she steps on her dress.

Nick R. (26) comes up and says he brought her something. He turns a napkin into a rose. Zack K. (28), a Book Publisher from Newport Beach, CA, comes up and says he wants to talk to her later. Diogo (29) a Ski Resort Manager from Lake Tahoe, CA, comes up in a full suit of armor. He says he is there to be her knight in shining armor. He gets in the house and Jonathan says he is trying too hard. Michael G. says there are a lot of crazy guys. The next limo comes up and Chris (27), a Mortgage Broker from Seattle, WA, comes up and says he’s got something to do. He gets on one knee and asks if she would mind if he can tie his shoe. She laughs. Mike R. (28) comes up and says he is her McDreamy for tonight. Robert (30) comes up and takes his tie off. She asks if he going to take anything else off and he says he isn’t. Juan Pablo (31), a Former Pro Soccer Player from Miami, FL, comes out and he says he is Venezuela. Brandon (26) comes up on a Motorcycle and says she is gorgeous.

The last limo pulls up and Brian (29), a Financial Adviser from Baltimore, MD, steps out. He says he is looking forward getting to know her. Micah (32) a Law Student from Denver, CO comes out in a colorful jacket. He says she stepped out in a dress she designed herself. He decided to do the same thing for her. Nick M. (27) an Investment Adviser from Charlotte, NC, comes up and says he wrote her a poem. She says she likes it. Dan (30), a Beverage Sales Director from Las Vegas, NV, comes up and says she looks amazing. Ben (28) an Entrepreneur from Dallas, TX comes out with his son, Brody. He says he likes to talk about his kid.

All the bachelors have arrived and Desiree is ready to get to know them. She comes into the house and tells the men she has been in their shoes and says they need to be themselves. Ben says time is crucial. Nick R. says he has a trick to get some time. He says he is going to make Desiree disappear for 5 minutes. Brandon goes up to them and steals Desiree away. He says he flipped a coin to make the decision and gives Desiree the coin. Brooks talks to Desiree and says it is great to be with her. Desiree continues to talk to the men and Ben talks to Desiree about his son. He says family is everything to him. Desiree connects with Ben and gives him a rose. Ben comes up and the guys don’t like it. He tells them to be themselves.

Brooks gets a little nervous and Larry doesn’t like he didn’t get one yet. The men start to do anything they can to impress. Zak W. strips down and jumps into the pool. However, it is for nothing because another guy steals Desiree away. Desiree gives Zak W. a rose for jumping in the pool and pins it to his pants. Bryden talks to Desiree about his experience in Iraq and she gives him a rose. Juan takes Desiree out and teaches her soccer. However, the men come out and a game ensues. Drew sits down with Desiree and says she looks stunning. She decides to give him a rose because they have a lot in common. Larry gets nervous and tries to apologize about the dip and she says it wasn’t his fault. Jonathan is thinking about the invitation to the fantasy suite was strange, but he tries to push her to go with him to it. She eventually gets tired of his constant pushing and sends him home. She says she isn’t “that” type of girl and walks back inside.

Chris Harrison comes up and takes the remaining roses. Will says he needs a rose. The rose ceremony begins and the men line up. Desiree comes in and says she is excited for getting to know them. She hands out the roses. The first rose goes to Brandon. The next rose goes to Zack K. The third rose goes to Will. The next rose goes to Brooks. The fourth rose goes to Juan. The next rose goes to Brad. The sixth rose goes to Kacey. The next rose goes to James. The eighth rose goes to Robert. The next rose goes to Brian. The tenth rose goes to Dan. The next rose goes to Chris. The last rose goes to Mikey T. This means that Diogo, Larry, Mike R., Micah and Nick R. are going home.