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Season 28

6787 :28x01 - Ep. #6787

Rick and Brooke talk. Ridge manages to annoy Rick even more. Thorne returns home to help his daughter.

6788 :28x02 - Ep. #6788

Wyatt believes that Hope For The Future should debut a with a much more provocative line. Pam has some information to give to Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6789 :28x03 - Ep. #6789

Wyatt and Liam battle it out. Hope needs to make an important business decision.
Director: Michael Stich

6790 :28x04 - Ep. #6790

Bill believes that Ridge's relationship with Katie will help him be able to win Brooke back. Quinn is determined to have Bill for herself.
Director: Michael Stich

6791 :28x05 - Ep. #6791

There are a couple of unexpected visitors for Bill in the same evening. Hope gives Wyatt a private show.
Director: Michael Stich

6792 :28x06 - Ep. #6792

Quinn listens in as Brooke and Bill are talking. Liam realizes what Aly is planning on admitting.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6793 :28x07 - Ep. #6793

Ridge attempts to reassure Katie about their future. There are some surprise firings at Forrester Creations.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6794 :28x08 - Ep. #6794

Ridge attempts to replace Rick in the company boardroom. Brooke shares a massive secret with Eric.

6795 :28x09 - Ep. #6795

Eric ends up making a decision for his sons. Hope and Aly attempt to help Oliver.

6796 :28x10 - Ep. #6796

News regarding Ridge's and Brooke's positions at the company surprise Katie. Mayawitnesses something at the Bikini Bar that leaves her feeling unnerved.

6797 :28x11 - Ep. #6797

Ridge decides to select love over a lucrative offer. Aly talks with her the spirit of her dead mother.

6798 :28x12 - Ep. #6798

One couple share a passionate reunion. Katie receives some somber news from Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6799 :28x13 - Ep. #6799

Liam attempts to rekindle his relationship with Hope. Ridge and Bill clash.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6800 :28x14 - Ep. #6800

Liam attempts to find out from Hope what's troubling her. Bill's deal with Quinn ends up being more than he bargained for.

6801 :28x15 - Ep. #6801

Wyatt, Hope and Liam await some really important news. Bill learns what Quinn wants.

6802 :28x16 - Ep. #6802

Liam and Wyatt hear some good news from Hope. Eric's efforts to reunite Ridge and Brooke are questioned by Katie.

6803 :28x17 - Ep. #6803

Liam hijacks Wyatt's plans so that he can get a message to Hope. Brooke and Katie's rivalry increases.

6804 :28x18 - Ep. #6804

Karen attends a board meeting at the company. Quinn lets Liam know how she feels about his interference between Hope and Wyatt.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6805 :28x19 - Ep. #6805

Brooke attempts to help Bill regain control of his company. Donna finds herself in the middle of Katie and Brooke's feud.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6806 :28x20 - Ep. #6806

Aly is convinced to help Oliver with an underwater photo shoot. Justin attempts to regain Katie's trust. Karen, Brooke and Bill formulate a plan to get Bill his job back.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6807 :28x21 - Ep. #6807

A mother decides to intervene in her son's love life. Aly and Oliver become romantically involved.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6808 :28x22 - Ep. #6808

Liam has a proposition for Hope. Brooke tells her son about her plans to try and help Bill.

6809 :28x23 - Ep. #6809

Hope informs Wyatt about Liam's ultimatum. Aly and Oliver's flirtations are unnoticed at a company board meeting.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6810 :28x24 - Ep. #6810

Oliver is confronted by Maya about Aly. Wyatt tells his mother to let him fight his own battles.

6811 :28x25 - Ep. #6811

Hope reveals her decision concerning Liam's ultimatum. A couple of mysterious people take advantage of a romantic setting.

6812 :28x26 - Ep. #6812

Aly agrees to keep Oliver's secret. Hope believes that the news she has will help to shape the future of her relationship with Wyatt.
Director: Michael Stich

6813 :28x27 - Ep. #6813

Bill learns from Quinn about her desires. Hope thinks back on past times with both Wyatt and Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6814 :28x28 - Ep. #6814

Liam manages to surprise Hope with a visit from Bob Barker. Oliver talks to a friend about his future plans for Aly.

6815 :28x29 - Ep. #6815

Brooke finds it hard to deal with her conscience. Liam and Hope find out more about the need for animal adoption.
Director: Michael Stich

6816 :28x30 - Ep. #6816

Liam has a meaningful present for Hope. Brooke fails to get her sister to see things her way.

6817 :28x31 - Ep. #6817

Hope and Liam show everyone their new kitten. Katie informs Ridge that she thought her vision for Spencer Publications was beginning to pay off.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6818 :28x32 - Ep. #6818

An interesting proposition is made to Liam by Quinn. Brooke receives an unexpected blow from her sister.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6819 :28x33 - Ep. #6819

Bill's chain of good fortune is interrupted by Quinn's sudden arrival. Wyatt is given possibly some life changing news.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6820 :28x34 - Ep. #6820

Liam confronts Quinn before arguing with Wyatt. Aly becomes more upset about Taylor.
Director: Michael Stich

6821 :28x35 - Ep. #6821

Quinn attempts to force Hope to choose between Liam and Wyatt. Aly unloads on Taylor.
Director: Michael Stich

6822 :28x36 - Ep. #6822

Aly has it out with Taylor. Thorne agrees to a plea from his daughter. Ridge attempts to talk to Brooke regarding Bill's attitude.

6823 :28x37 - Ep. #6823

Katie attempts to be a peacemaker. Oliver offers Thorne advise on how to deal with Aly's anger.

6824 :28x38 - Ep. #6824

Taylor remembers everything that happened the night Darla died. Bill reminds Ridge about something simple.

6825 :28x39 - Ep. #6825

Brooke quizzes Bill about Quinn. Thorne is surprised by what he sees between his daughter and Taylor.

6826 :28x40 - Ep. #6826

Quinn attempts to keep Liam away from Hope. Bill tells Brooke about a trip he has organized.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6827 :28x41 - Ep. #6827

Quinn manipulates the steam room temperature and door which sees Liam being left in a sticky situation. Brooke and Bill begin their new life together.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6828 :28x42 - Ep. #6828

Quinn attempts to seduce Bill so that he will change his mind. Wyatt and Hope share a kiss.
Director: Michael Stich

6829 :28x43 - Ep. #6829

Donna has some news that leaves her sister feeling stunned. Brooke becomes frustrated with Ridge's behavior.
Director: Michael Stich

6830 :28x44 - Ep. #6830

Brooke makes plans for a getaway with Bill. Liam's and Wyatt's attention becomes too much for Hope.
Director: Michael Stich

6831 :28x45 - Ep. #6831

Bill and Brooke leave for Dubai. Ridge is not happy after he finds out about a gift Bill gave R.J.

6832 :28x46 - Ep. #6832

Brooke and Bill's love evolves in Abu Dhabi. Quinn adds something to the jewelry designs she sends to Ridge.

6833 :28x47 - Ep. #6833

Brooke is surprised by a special gift from Bill. Ridge comes to a bold decision as he becomes determined to stop Brooke and Bill's wedding.

6834 :28x48 - Ep. #6834

Bill makes plans for an unforgettable wedding day. Quinn reveals the details about her affair with Ridge.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6835 :28x49 - Ep. #6835

Katie begins to feel uneasy after she learns about Ridge's plan. Quinn and Wyatt fall out.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6836 :28x50 - Ep. #6836

Brooke and Bill's wedding day gets underway. Quinn is confronted by Katie.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6837 :28x51 - Ep. #6837

Wyatt is concerned about the the effects of his mother's behavior on his life. Bill admits the truth to Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6838 :28x52 - Ep. #6838

Katie's happy ending ends up being interrupted. Hope and Liam confront Quinn about her affair with Bill.

6839 :28x53 - Ep. #6839

Quinn attempts to defend herself against the accusations. Some uncertain news tests a couple of relationships.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6840 :28x54 - Ep. #6840

A father and a fiancée join a search. The friction between Spencer brothers reaches a head.
Director: Michael Stich

6841 :28x55 - Ep. #6841

Bill lies to the woman he loves to get what he wants. Quinn attempts to put things right.

6842 :28x56 - Ep. #6842

Hope finally makes a decides that she wants to be with Liam. News about events in Dubai spread around Forrester Creations.

6843 :28x57 - Ep. #6843

Wyatt finds out that his mother is responsible for his recent loss. Carter warns Maya to stop interfering in Oliver and Aly's relationship.

6844 :28x58 - Ep. #6844

A marriage proposal is made. Oliver is confronted by Maya.

6845 :28x59 - Ep. #6845

Oliver attempts to cover his tracks. A betrayal sees a devastating loss for somebody.

6846 :28x60 - Ep. #6846

A heartfelt plea about Wyatt is made by his mother to Hope. A mysterious man arrives in town.
Director: Michael Stich

6847 :28x61 - Ep. #6847

Brooke and Katie have to try and deal with a shocking reality regarding Ridge. Liam offers Wyatt a sympathetic ear to listen to.

6848 :28x62 - Ep. #6848

Brooke finds out what happened to Ridge. Deacon returns to town and is reunited with his daughter.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6849 :28x63 - Ep. #6849

An update about Ridge is given to everyone at Forrester Creations. Justin is concerned that his recent actions will be revealed.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6850 :28x64 - Ep. #6850

Katie is upset that her future with Ridge might not be as planned. Quinn learns some important information from Deacon.

6851 :28x65 - Ep. #6851

Friends and family come together. Quinn has some good news for Wyatt.

6852 :28x66 - Ep. #6852

Quinn needs Bill's help. Ridge talks to his family about his plans for the future.
Director: Michael Stich

6853 :28x67 - Ep. #6853

Quinn offers Deacon a partnership. Thorne wonders about Oliver's true intentions.
Director: Michael Stich

6854 :28x68 - Ep. #6854

Maya opens up to Oliver. Liam and Quinn's rivalry reaches a whole new level.
Director: Michael Stich

6855 :28x69 - Ep. #6855

Quinn's dedication surprises her son. Rick finds his plans taking an unexpected detour.
Director: Michael Stich

6856 :28x70 - Ep. #6856

Rick's confession causes a confrontation. Wyatt talks to Deacon about Hope.

6857 :28x71 - Ep. #6857

Maya finds herself in trouble with Caroline. Aly shows Oliver a secret part of her world.

6858 :28x72 - Ep. #6858

Hope confronts Quinn about the part she played in Liam's injury. Rick finds himself being torn between business and family.

6859 :28x73 - Ep. #6859

Oliver about Aly are confronted by Rick and Caroline. Liam is worried about his safety.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6860 :28x74 - Ep. #6860

Wyatt confronts his mother. Brooke receives the surprise of her life.
Director: Michael Stich

6861 :28x75 - Ep. #6861

Bill and Deacon meet for the first time in years. Quinn becomes angry after she learns who Liam talked to about her threat.
Director: Michael Stich

6862 :28x76 - Ep. #6862

Liam receives some help from Wyatt. Hope explains her role to Bil.

6863 :28x77 - Ep. #6863

Ridge wants to return to work. Wyatt takes a stand against Liam and Hope's relationship.

6864 :28x78 - Ep. #6864

Ridge is worried that his greatest talent could have been taken away from him. Maya's vindictive side is revealed.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6865 :28x79 - Ep. #6865

Ridge is concerned that his impediment could have an impact on the company. Bill gets rid of all reminders of Katie's presidency at the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6866 :28x80 - Ep. #6866

Ridge has a flashback of the accident. Bill and Brooke make plans to get married again.

6867 :28x81 - Ep. #6867

Carter finds out bout Maya's steamy encounter with Rick. Ivy receives a job offer.

6868 :28x82 - Ep. #6868

Oliver finds himself in an uncomfortable predicament. Wyatt attempts to try and win Hope back.
Director: Michael Stich

6869 :28x83 - Ep. #6869

Ridge begins to work out what happened in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Darla talks to her daughter about her love life.
Director: Michael Stich

6870 :28x84 - Ep. #6870

Oliver attempts to try and to win Aly back. Bill and Brooke make wedding plans.

6871 :28x85 - Ep. #6871

Brooke finds herself caught between Ridge and Bill. Justin wants Alison's help in covering up the truth about Ridge's accident.

6872 :28x86 - Ep. #6872

Ridge is determined to find out the truth. Deacon wants to put things right with Brooke.

6873 :28x87 - Ep. #6873

Bill attempts to charm Brooke so that she'll believe him. Katie attempts to make sure that Ridge's claims will be believed.

6874 :28x88 - Ep. #6874

Wyatt returns to Forrester Creations with a present for Hope. Bill makes plans for a surprise wedding for him and Brooke.

6875 :28x89 - Ep. #6875

Bill's trip to Catalina doesn't go to plan. Katie attempts to get her sister to listen to her.

6876 :28x90 - Ep. #6876

Ridge visits both Katie and Brooke. Deacon comes up with a plan to worm his way back into Brooke's life.

6877 :28x91 - Ep. #6877

Wyatt attempts to charm Hope. Ridge attempts to control Brooke's future.

6878 :28x92 - Ep. #6878

Bill attempts to get Brooke to agree to marry him. Liam is betrayed by somebody close to him.

6879 :28x93 - Ep. #6879

Brooke is confronted by Deacon. A press conference is called by Wyatt.

6880 :28x94 - Ep. #6880

Wyatt embarrasses Liam and then forces him into a corner. Bill faces a roadblock on his way back to Brooke.

6881 :28x95 - Ep. #6881

Liam has a secret to share with Ivy. One couple shares a surprising kiss.

6882 :28x96 - Ep. #6882

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6883 :28x97 - Ep. #6883

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6884 :28x98 - Ep. #6884

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6885 :28x99 - Ep. #6885

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6886 :28x100 - Ep. #6886

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