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Season 29

7039 :29x01 - Ep. #7039

Katie pays Rick a visit and asks him an important question. Quinn praises Deacon for supporting of his AA friend unaware that it's Brooke. Maya has something important to say about the past to Nicole.

7040 :29x02 - Ep. #7040

Liam continues to try and take over Forrester Creations. Rick wants to see Ivy suffer.

7041 :29x03 - Ep. #7041

Bill is not happy to see Ridge's nude painting of Caroline. Rick wants to know why Maya is giving her sister the cold shoulder.

7042 :29x04 - Ep. #7042

Brooke talks to her sister about the feelings for Deacon. Rick surprised after Maya changes her mind about Nicole's living arrangements.

7043 :29x05 - Ep. #7043

Rick's business proposition surprises Quinn. Deacon admits to Brooke how he really feels about her.

7044 :29x06 - Ep. #7044

Brooke admits to Deacon that she's developed feelings towards him. Rick calls a meeting at Forrester Creations to announce Quinn's return to the company.

7045 :29x07 - Ep. #7045

Katie wants to know what her sisters intentions are. Deacon is confronted by Quinn.

7046 :29x08 - Ep. #7046

Quinn's suspicions end up being confirmed after she finds out that Deacon's AA friend is Brooke. Rick attempts to keep the peace between Nicole and Maya.

7047 :29x09 - Ep. #7047

Brooke finds herself in a difficult situation. Maya wants answers from her sister about the threats made against her.

7048 :29x10 - Ep. #7048

Brooke and Deacon are confronted by Wyatt about a conversation he witnessed. Tensions increase as Nicole blackmails Maya.

7049 :29x11 - Ep. #7049

Maya is confronted by Carter. Deacon is quizzed by Quinn. Maya attempts to extract a promise. Wyatt is concerned that his mother is scheming once again. Carter thinks about his morality.

7050 :29x12 - Ep. #7050

Deacon receives an ultimatum from Quinn. Rick becomes defensive after he thinks that somebody is attempting to alienate him from Maya.

7051 :29x13 - Ep. #7051

Nicole is determined to become the new face of Forrester Creations. Deacon attempts to reassure Wyatt.

7052 :29x14 - Ep. #7052

Ivy feels hesitate after Quinn attempts to make piece with her. Rick wants his mother back at work at the company to help deal with Ridge.

7053 :29x15 - Ep. #7053

Brooke and Ridge talk about the past that they shared together. Maya and Nicole can not agree over the results of a photo shoot.

7054 :29x16 - Ep. #7054

Maya is questioned by Rick. Nicole and Carter talk about Maya. Ivy and Quinn hash out things at Forrester Creations.

7055 :29x17 - Ep. #7055

Nicole goes behind her sister's back in an effort to make her dream a reality.

7056 :29x18 - Ep. #7056

Deacon makes it clear to Brooke not to interfere with his and Quinn's wedding.

7057 :29x19 - Ep. #7057

Wyatt attempts to charm Nicole hoping to get some dirt on Rick and Maya that he and the Spencer family can use in their takeover effort.

7058 :29x20 - Ep. #7058

Nicole admits that she has a crush on Wyatt.

7059 :29x21 - Ep. #7059

Hope attempts to stop her father from marrying Quinn. Liam lets his presence known to Nicole. Bill discusses the secret.

7060 :29x22 - Ep. #7060

Nicole receives a proposal from Wyatt. Ivy and Liam wants to know what Rick is planning.

7061 :29x23 - Ep. #7061

Ivy and Liam secretly take a look around Rick's office. Wyatt attempts to get information from Nicole about her sister.

7062 :29x24 - Ep. #7062

Liam is worried that Wyatt will not stick to the plan. Rick is rewarded by his father for his efforts as CEO.

7063 :29x25 - Ep. #7063

Rick tells his parents intends to be with Maya forever. Nicole is offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience by Wyatt.

7064 :29x26 - Ep. #7064

Carter wonders what Nicole's true motives concerning Wyatt. Rick tells Maya that she is different than anybody he has ever met before. Wyatt attempts to reassure Rick. Pam tells Charlie there's a huge secret concerning Maya.

7065 :29x27 - Ep. #7065

Maya is concerned about her sister's bond with Wyatt. Pam and Charlie are unable to agree about what to do with the information they have discovered.

7066 :29x28 - Ep. #7066

Katie wants the Spencer men to act with integrity as they attempt to bring Rick down. Rick looks at getting an engagement ring. Rick and Ridge clash.

7067 :29x29 - Ep. #7067

Ridge attempts to convince Eric to remove Rick as CEO of Forrester Creations.

7068 :29x30 - Ep. #7068

Brooke and Eric attempt to convince Ridge not to resign. Rick and Maya share a heart-to-heart.
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