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Season 29

7039 :29x01 - Ep. #7039

Katie pays Rick a visit and asks him an important question. Quinn praises Deacon for supporting of his AA friend unaware that it's Brooke. Maya has something important to say about the past to Nicole.

7040 :29x02 - Ep. #7040

Liam continues to try and take over Forrester Creations. Rick wants to see Ivy suffer.

7041 :29x03 - Ep. #7041

Bill is not happy to see Ridge's nude painting of Caroline. Rick wants to know why Maya is giving her sister the cold shoulder.

7042 :29x04 - Ep. #7042

Brooke talks to her sister about the feelings for Deacon. Rick surprised after Maya changes her mind about Nicole's living arrangements.

7043 :29x05 - Ep. #7043

Rick's business proposition surprises Quinn. Deacon admits to Brooke how he really feels about her.

7044 :29x06 - Ep. #7044

Brooke admits to Deacon that she's developed feelings towards him. Rick calls a meeting at Forrester Creations to announce Quinn's return to the company.

7045 :29x07 - Ep. #7045

Katie wants to know what her sisters intentions are. Deacon is confronted by Quinn.

7046 :29x08 - Ep. #7046

Quinn's suspicions end up being confirmed after she finds out that Deacon's AA friend is Brooke. Rick attempts to keep the peace between Nicole and Maya.

7047 :29x09 - Ep. #7047

Brooke finds herself in a difficult situation. Maya wants answers from her sister about the threats made against her.

7048 :29x10 - Ep. #7048

Brooke and Deacon are confronted by Wyatt about a conversation he witnessed. Tensions increase as Nicole blackmails Maya.

7049 :29x11 - Ep. #7049

Maya is confronted by Carter. Deacon is quizzed by Quinn. Maya attempts to extract a promise. Wyatt is concerned that his mother is scheming once again. Carter thinks about his morality.

7050 :29x12 - Ep. #7050

Deacon receives an ultimatum from Quinn. Rick becomes defensive after he thinks that somebody is attempting to alienate him from Maya.

7051 :29x13 - Ep. #7051

Nicole is determined to become the new face of Forrester Creations. Deacon attempts to reassure Wyatt.

7052 :29x14 - Ep. #7052

Ivy feels hesitate after Quinn attempts to make piece with her. Rick wants his mother back at work at the company to help deal with Ridge.

7053 :29x15 - Ep. #7053

Brooke and Ridge talk about the past that they shared together. Maya and Nicole can not agree over the results of a photo shoot.

7054 :29x16 - Ep. #7054

Maya is questioned by Rick. Nicole and Carter talk about Maya. Ivy and Quinn hash out things at Forrester Creations.

7055 :29x17 - Ep. #7055

Nicole goes behind her sister's back in an effort to make her dream a reality.

7056 :29x18 - Ep. #7056

Deacon makes it clear to Brooke not to interfere with his and Quinn's wedding.

7057 :29x19 - Ep. #7057

Wyatt attempts to charm Nicole hoping to get some dirt on Rick and Maya that he and the Spencer family can use in their takeover effort.

7058 :29x20 - Ep. #7058

Nicole admits that she has a crush on Wyatt.

7059 :29x21 - Ep. #7059

Hope attempts to stop her father from marrying Quinn. Liam lets his presence known to Nicole. Bill discusses the secret.

7060 :29x22 - Ep. #7060

Nicole receives a proposal from Wyatt. Ivy and Liam wants to know what Rick is planning.

7061 :29x23 - Ep. #7061

Ivy and Liam secretly take a look around Rick's office. Wyatt attempts to get information from Nicole about her sister.

7062 :29x24 - Ep. #7062

Liam is worried that Wyatt will not stick to the plan. Rick is rewarded by his father for his efforts as CEO.

7063 :29x25 - Ep. #7063

Rick tells his parents intends to be with Maya forever. Nicole is offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience by Wyatt.

7064 :29x26 - Ep. #7064

Carter wonders what Nicole's true motives concerning Wyatt. Rick tells Maya that she is different than anybody he has ever met before. Wyatt attempts to reassure Rick. Pam tells Charlie there's a huge secret concerning Maya.

7065 :29x27 - Ep. #7065

Maya is concerned about her sister's bond with Wyatt. Pam and Charlie are unable to agree about what to do with the information they have discovered.

7066 :29x28 - Ep. #7066

Katie wants the Spencer men to act with integrity as they attempt to bring Rick down. Rick looks at getting an engagement ring. Rick and Ridge clash.

7067 :29x29 - Ep. #7067

Ridge attempts to convince Eric to remove Rick as CEO of Forrester Creations.

7068 :29x30 - Ep. #7068

Brooke and Eric attempt to convince Ridge not to resign. Rick and Maya share a heart-to-heart.

7069 :29x31 - Ep. #7069

Brooke and Eric are unable to agree about Rick. Carter reveals to Ridge that Maya is transgender.

7070 :29x32 - Ep. #7070

Bill and Liam want Wyatt to work harder to gain information they can use against Rick. Ridge tells Eric and Brooke that he needs to meet with them.

7071 :29x33 - Ep. #7071

Oliver and Maya attempt to help her sister become Forrester Creations's latest model. Ridge is confronted by Rick.

7072 :29x34 - Ep. #7072

Brooke offers Maya some advise. Wyatt makes the next move in his plan to get information needed.

7073 :29x35 - Ep. #7073

Wyatt's plan pays off in an unexpected way; Rick tells Ridge exactly what part Maya will be playing in the company and his life.

7074 :29x36 - Ep. #7074

Wyatt gives Liam the ammunition he was looking for. Brooke feels that Ridge is to blame for her son's current situation. Carter learns from Nicole that she revealed her sister's secret to Wyatt.

7075 :29x37 - Ep. #7075

Liam and Wyatt's plan is ruined by Bill's involvement. Rick and Maya decide to take a trip.

7076 :29x38 - Ep. #7076

Bill and Justin talk about how Spencer Publications can capitalize on a rumor. Nicole starts to wonder if Wyatt can be trusted.

7077 :29x39 - Ep. #7077

Rick and Maya enjoy some romance. Bill and Katie argue.

7078 :29x40 - Ep. #7078

The staff at Forrester Creations get ready for some backlash. Bill decides to take matters into his own hands.

7079 :29x41 - Ep. #7079

Bill shows just how ruthless he can be to Justin. Somebody connected to Maya's past offers Ridge an insight. Rick reacts to Maya's revelation that she used to be a boy.

7080 :29x42 - Ep. #7080

Bill's broken promise really upsets Katie. Nicole finds out the extent of Wyatt's betrayal.

7081 :29x43 - Ep. #7081

Maya comes to a decision about the future. Brooke does something that she believes will be in Rick's best interest.

7082 :29x44 - Ep. #7082

A misunderstanding causes problems. Ridge attempts to convince Eric to make a change.

7083 :29x45 - Ep. #7083

Caroline returns to town and explains why she was gone. Wyatt has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

7084 :29x46 - Ep. #7084

Rick wants his father to ignore Ridge's manipulative tactics. Bill stands by his business decision despite his son's concerns.

7085 :29x47 - Ep. #7085

Steffy returns to town at the urgent request of her father. Rick receives an unexpected visit from somebody who supports him.

7086 :29x48 - Ep. #7086

Ridge wants Steffy's help so that he can achieve his goal. Rick plays the blame game.

7087 :29x49 - Ep. #7087

Forrester Creations goes through a difficult period. Ridge makes Liam a tempting offer but it includes an important stipulation.

7088 :29x50 - Ep. #7088

Ivy is worried after she learns that Liam and Steffy will be working together. Nicole discovers the truth about Rick and her sister.

7089 :29x51 - Ep. #7089

Eric is not pleased about Ridge and Steffy's idea to try and overthrow Rick as CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric tells Ridge he wishes he was more like Stephanie. Rick receives a chance to tell Maya how he feels.

7090 :29x52 - Ep. #7090

Ivy sets some boundaries with Steffy regarding Liam. Rick and Eric make Bill an offer he finds hard to refuse.

7091 :29x53 - Ep. #7091

The takeover attempt at Forrester Creations becomes violent. Ivy and Steffy wait for Liam's answer.

7092 :29x54 - Ep. #7092

Maya is uncertain about her future. Bill gives Ridge the chance to put his plan back into action.

7093 :29x55 - Ep. #7093

The CEO of Forrester Creations is selected in an unexpected way. Ivy encourages Wyatt to ask Steffy out a date.

7094 :29x56 - Ep. #7094

An announcement is made by Steffy concerning her future. Ivy attempts to convince Wyatt to pursue Steffy. Aly tells Ivy what she witnessed.

7095 :29x57 - Ep. #7095

An unexpected visitor has some bad news for Ivy. Ridge helps Caroline move forward with her recovery.

7096 :29x58 - Ep. #7096

Bill pushes Liam in the same direction that Quinn is pushing Wyatt. Ivy opens up to Quinn.

7097 :29x59 - Ep. #7097

Bill is confronted by Quinn about playing favorites. As Steffy and Liam talk Ivy listens in.

7098 :29x60 - Ep. #7098

Quinn meddles on Ivy's behalf. Ivy has some big news to share with Liam.

7099 :29x61 - Ep. #7099

Quinn needs a favor from Carter. Steffy approaches her father and Caroline with an apology.

7100 :29x62 - Ep. #7100

Liam thinks about making a sacrifice to try and help Ivy. Quinn is hoping that her plan to help Wyatt has worked.

7101 :29x63 - Ep. #7101

Steffy hopes that the surprise she has arranged for Liam will make him see that they are meant to be together. Ridge tries to discourage Wyatt from his pursuit.

7102 :29x64 - Ep. #7102

Steffy is furious that Liam has created a situation that has kept them apart. Quinn manages to manipulate Ivy.

7103 :29x65 - Ep. #7103

Steffy manages to assert herself with Liam. Quinn gives her son permission to go after what he really wants.

7104 :29x66 - Ep. #7104

Ivy thinks again about her plans with Liam after witnessing a moment between Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn is in a manipulative mode.

7105 :29x67 - Ep. #7105

Wyatt admits to his father and Katie Quinn was involved in Liam's latest move. Deacon wonders why Quinn is so invested in Ivy and Liam's relationship.

7106 :29x68 - Ep. #7106

Eric, Pam, Carter and Charlie make plans for a party. Maya hears a request from Ridge.

7107 :29x69 - Ep. #7107

Maya wants Rick involved if she agrees to Ridge's request. Ivy finds her decision about Liam hard to deal with.

7108 :29x70 - Ep. #7108

Ridge supports Caroline. Ivy surprises Liam when she tells him the truth.

7109 :29x71 - Ep. #7109

John offers Ivy some advise with regard to Liam. Zende Forrester Dominguez returns to town and runs into Nicole whilst applying for an internship at Forrester Creations.

7110 :29x72 - Ep. #7110

Caroline and Maya discuss their grievances and manage to reach an understanding. Aly sees Liam and Steffy sharing a close moment and reacts badly.

7111 :29x73 - Ep. #7111

Aly talks about Taylor, and her mother's accident with Steffy. Wyatt makes a confession that gives Ivy some hope.

7112 :29x74 - Ep. #7112

A big announcement is made by Ridge and Steffy. Ivy and Liam decide to alter their relationship.

7113 :29x75 - Ep. #7113

The Forrester and the Spencer families celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. Maya's mother, Vivienne Avant, shows up looking for Nicole.

7114 :29x76 - Ep. #7114

Vivienne and Maya clash. Wyatt offers Ivy some advice regarding Liam. Aly is still not happy with Maya, Rick, and Steffy.

7115 :29x77 - Ep. #7115

Ivy sees a close moment between Liam and Steffy. Aly is not happy with Steffy and Maya being seen as the faces of the company.

7116 :29x78 - Ep. #7116

Maya talks to Nick about her and her mother's relationship. Aly's new attitude surprises Steffy.

7117 :29x79 - Ep. #7117

Maya and Nicole's father shows up in town. Wyatt wants Liam to treat Ivy better.

7118 :29x80 - Ep. #7118

Julius refuses to acknowledge Maya as a woman. Maya opens up to Rick.

7119 :29x81 - Ep. #7119

Julius ends up making a commitment to Maya. Nicole and Zende grow closer as they talk about childhood memories.

7120 :29x82 - Ep. #7120

Vivienne and Nicole confront Julius regarding his change of heart. Ridge decides that he wants Maya to be the face of the California Freedom line.

7121 :29x83 - Ep. #7121

Rick's commitment to Maya is tested by Julius. Aly wants her mother's help for guidance.

7122 :29x84 - Ep. #7122

Caroline and Ridge get ready for the fashion show. Maya's parents get to see the real her.

7123 :29x85 - Ep. #7123

Wyatt attempts to comfort Ivy after she sees Steffy and Liam together at the fashion show. The applause at the fashion show leaves Aly feeling upset.

7124 :29x86 - Ep. #7124

Rick and Maya enjoy their moment. Vivienne and Julius fall out over Maya.

7125 :29x87 - Ep. #7125

Maya and Steffy start to understand Aly's strange behavior. A shocking discovery is made by Ivy.

7126 :29x88 - Ep. #7126

Thorne makes plans to take his daughter to Paris for the help she needs. Maya and Rick discuss their love story.

7127 :29x89 - Ep. #7127

Zende attempts to encourage Nicole to live out her dreams. Wyatt hears an admission from Ivy.

7128 :29x90 - Ep. #7128

Thomas returns from France and informs Caroline that he's back for good. Ivy notices Steffy and Liam growing closer.

7129 :29x91 - Ep. #7129

Thomas lets his father know that he doesn't want the executive office. Liam decides between Ivy and Steffy.

7130 :29x92 - Ep. #7130

Wyatt attempts to comfort Ivy. Caroline shows her loyalty to Ridge in front of Thomas.

7131 :29x93 - Ep. #7131

Thomas draws a picture of Caroline. Ivy finds herself being drawn to Wyatt.

7132 :29x94 - Ep. #7132

Quinn discovers Deacon and Brooke spending time together. Thomas receives some unexpected feedback from his father.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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