Season 30

7294 :30x01 - Ep. #7294

Rick is determined to find some information to help take Ridge down.

7295 :30x02 - Ep. #7295

Thomas finds Rick and Maya doing something they shouldn't be doing in a place they shouldn't be in. Sasha attempts to take Zende's mind off Nicole.

7296 :30x03 - Ep. #7296

Charlie finds a surprising clue about what could have happened to Liam.

7297 :30x04 - Ep. #7297

Katie becomes hysterical after her imagination gets the better of her. Quinn feels anxious as Liam attempts to regain his memory.

7298 :30x05 - Ep. #7298

Bill stops things from happening when Katie attempts to get amorous, and he is forced to ask her some difficult questions. Wyatt wants his mother to bring her new boyfriend to his wedding.

7299 :30x06 - Ep. #7299

Liam feels suspicious. Katie wants her sister to keep a secret from Bill.

7300 :30x07 - Ep. #7300

Liam draws an image of a face that keeps coming into his mind. Wyatt and Steffy's beach wedding begins.

7301 :30x08 - Ep. #7301

Bill, Ridge, and Quinn give speeches at Wyatt and Steffy's wedding. Liam completes the sketch of the woman he cant stop thinking about.

7302 :30x09 - Ep. #7302

Liam demands some answers. Wyatt and Steffy celebrate being man and wife. Katie plays on her sister's guilt to keep her quiet after she catches her drinking again.

7303 :30x10 - Ep. #7303

Quinn's dark side comes back to the surface.

7304 :30x11 - Ep. #7304

Bill turns to Justin for help in trying to find Liam. Wyatt finds Liam at the cabin.

7305 :30x12 - Ep. #7305

Bill wants Steffy's help with Liam's disappearance. A desperate act is committed by Quinn.

7306 :30x13 - Ep. #7306

Liam feels overwhelmed after his memory returns. Wyatt and Liam manage to turn the tables on Quinn.

7307 :30x14 - Ep. #7307

Liam tells Steffy what happened. Bill is on the warpath. An unexpected person helps Quinn.

7308 :30x15 - Ep. #7308

Wyatt and Steffy realize that Liam still thinks that he and Steffy are engaged.

7309 :30x16 - Ep. #7309

Sasha informs Nicole that she and Zende are in love. Steffy is furious to find out that Wyatt was not honest with her.

7310 :30x17 - Ep. #7310

Katie feels curious after she sees Ridge arguing with someone she doesn't recognize. Brooke and Bill discover Katie's secret stash of alcohol.

7311 :30x18 - Ep. #7311

Bill confronts his wife about her drinking problem. Somebody threatens to reveal Ridge and Caroline's secret. Katie lashes out at her sister.

7312 :30x19 - Ep. #7312

Katie is furious with Bill and and her sister. Ridge and Caroline's problem with Dr. Wolin ends up being resolved in a very unexpected way.

7313 :30x20 - Ep. #7313

Liam asks Steffy to marry him. Zende and Sasha are quizzed about their relationship.

7314 :30x21 - Ep. #7314

Steffy has no choice but to tell Liam the truth. Zende confronts Sasha. Zende clarifies how he feels about her.

7315 :30x22 - Ep. #7315

Liam returns to work at Forrester Creations. Katie wants to speak to her sister alone.

7316 :30x23 - Ep. #7316

Liam is determined to get back what is his. Ridge becomes defensive after Katie tells him about her conversation with his former urologist.

7317 :30x24 - Ep. #7317

Ridge and Katie talk about Dr. Wolin.

7318 :30x25 - Ep. #7318

Bill looks for Quinn. Liam attempts to win Steffy back.

7319 :30x26 - Ep. #7319

A stunning decision is made by Quinn.

7320 :30x27 - Ep. #7320

Liam clashes with Quinn. Steffy and Wyatt talk t their respective fathers.

7321 :30x28 - Ep. #7321

Nicole hopes that she and Zende can have a future together. Sasha is furious after Julius rejects her.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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