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Season 29

7039 :29x01 - Ep. #7039

Katie pays Rick a visit and asks him an important question. Quinn praises Deacon for supporting of his AA friend unaware that it's Brooke. Maya has something important to say about the past to Nicole.

7040 :29x02 - Ep. #7040

Liam continues to try and take over Forrester Creations. Rick wants to see Ivy suffer.

7041 :29x03 - Ep. #7041

Bill is not happy to see Ridge's nude painting of Caroline. Rick wants to know why Maya is giving her sister the cold shoulder.

7042 :29x04 - Ep. #7042

Brooke talks to her sister about the feelings for Deacon. Rick surprised after Maya changes her mind about Nicole's living arrangements.

7043 :29x05 - Ep. #7043

Rick's business proposition surprises Quinn. Deacon admits to Brooke how he really feels about her.

7044 :29x06 - Ep. #7044

Brooke admits to Deacon that she's developed feelings towards him. Rick calls a meeting at Forrester Creations to announce Quinn's return to the company.

7045 :29x07 - Ep. #7045

Katie wants to know what her sisters intentions are. Deacon is confronted by Quinn.

7046 :29x08 - Ep. #7046

Quinn's suspicions end up being confirmed after she finds out that Deacon's AA friend is Brooke. Rick attempts to keep the peace between Nicole and Maya.

7047 :29x09 - Ep. #7047

Brooke finds herself in a difficult situation. Maya wants answers from her sister about the threats made against her.

7048 :29x10 - Ep. #7048

Brooke and Deacon are confronted by Wyatt about a conversation he witnessed. Tensions increase as Nicole blackmails Maya.

7049 :29x11 - Ep. #7049

Maya is confronted by Carter. Deacon is quizzed by Quinn. Maya attempts to extract a promise. Wyatt is concerned that his mother is scheming once again. Carter thinks about his morality.

7050 :29x12 - Ep. #7050

Deacon receives an ultimatum from Quinn. Rick becomes defensive after he thinks that somebody is attempting to alienate him from Maya.

7051 :29x13 - Ep. #7051

Nicole is determined to become the new face of Forrester Creations. Deacon attempts to reassure Wyatt.

7052 :29x14 - Ep. #7052

Ivy feels hesitate after Quinn attempts to make piece with her. Rick wants his mother back at work at the company to help deal with Ridge.

7053 :29x15 - Ep. #7053

Brooke and Ridge talk about the past that they shared together. Maya and Nicole can not agree over the results of a photo shoot.

7054 :29x16 - Ep. #7054

Maya is questioned by Rick. Nicole and Carter talk about Maya. Ivy and Quinn hash out things at Forrester Creations.

7055 :29x17 - Ep. #7055

Nicole goes behind her sister's back in an effort to make her dream a reality.

7056 :29x18 - Ep. #7056

Deacon makes it clear to Brooke not to interfere with his and Quinn's wedding.

7057 :29x19 - Ep. #7057

Wyatt attempts to charm Nicole hoping to get some dirt on Rick and Maya that he and the Spencer family can use in their takeover effort.

7058 :29x20 - Ep. #7058

Nicole admits that she has a crush on Wyatt.

7059 :29x21 - Ep. #7059

Hope attempts to stop her father from marrying Quinn. Liam lets his presence known to Nicole. Bill discusses the secret.

7060 :29x22 - Ep. #7060

Nicole receives a proposal from Wyatt. Ivy and Liam wants to know what Rick is planning.

7061 :29x23 - Ep. #7061

Ivy and Liam secretly take a look around Rick's office. Wyatt attempts to get information from Nicole about her sister.

7062 :29x24 - Ep. #7062

Liam is worried that Wyatt will not stick to the plan. Rick is rewarded by his father for his efforts as CEO.

7063 :29x25 - Ep. #7063

Rick tells his parents intends to be with Maya forever. Nicole is offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience by Wyatt.

7064 :29x26 - Ep. #7064

Carter wonders what Nicole's true motives concerning Wyatt. Rick tells Maya that she is different than anybody he has ever met before. Wyatt attempts to reassure Rick. Pam tells Charlie there's a huge secret concerning Maya.

7065 :29x27 - Ep. #7065

Maya is concerned about her sister's bond with Wyatt. Pam and Charlie are unable to agree about what to do with the information they have discovered.

7066 :29x28 - Ep. #7066

Katie wants the Spencer men to act with integrity as they attempt to bring Rick down. Rick looks at getting an engagement ring. Rick and Ridge clash.

7067 :29x29 - Ep. #7067

Ridge attempts to convince Eric to remove Rick as CEO of Forrester Creations.

7068 :29x30 - Ep. #7068

Brooke and Eric attempt to convince Ridge not to resign. Rick and Maya share a heart-to-heart.

7069 :29x31 - Ep. #7069

Brooke and Eric are unable to agree about Rick. Carter reveals to Ridge that Maya is transgender.

7070 :29x32 - Ep. #7070

Bill and Liam want Wyatt to work harder to gain information they can use against Rick. Ridge tells Eric and Brooke that he needs to meet with them.

7071 :29x33 - Ep. #7071

Oliver and Maya attempt to help her sister become Forrester Creations's latest model. Ridge is confronted by Rick.

7072 :29x34 - Ep. #7072

Brooke offers Maya some advise. Wyatt makes the next move in his plan to get information needed.

7073 :29x35 - Ep. #7073

Wyatt's plan pays off in an unexpected way; Rick tells Ridge exactly what part Maya will be playing in the company and his life.

7074 :29x36 - Ep. #7074

Wyatt gives Liam the ammunition he was looking for. Brooke feels that Ridge is to blame for her son's current situation. Carter learns from Nicole that she revealed her sister's secret to Wyatt.

7075 :29x37 - Ep. #7075

Liam and Wyatt's plan is ruined by Bill's involvement. Rick and Maya decide to take a trip.

7076 :29x38 - Ep. #7076

Bill and Justin talk about how Spencer Publications can capitalize on a rumor. Nicole starts to wonder if Wyatt can be trusted.

7077 :29x39 - Ep. #7077

Rick and Maya enjoy some romance. Bill and Katie argue.

7078 :29x40 - Ep. #7078

The staff at Forrester Creations get ready for some backlash. Bill decides to take matters into his own hands.

7079 :29x41 - Ep. #7079

Bill shows just how ruthless he can be to Justin. Somebody connected to Maya's past offers Ridge an insight. Rick reacts to Maya's revelation that she used to be a boy.

7080 :29x42 - Ep. #7080

Bill's broken promise really upsets Katie. Nicole finds out the extent of Wyatt's betrayal.

7081 :29x43 - Ep. #7081

Maya comes to a decision about the future. Brooke does something that she believes will be in Rick's best interest.

7082 :29x44 - Ep. #7082

A misunderstanding causes problems. Ridge attempts to convince Eric to make a change.

7083 :29x45 - Ep. #7083

Caroline returns to town and explains why she was gone. Wyatt has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

7084 :29x46 - Ep. #7084

Rick wants his father to ignore Ridge's manipulative tactics. Bill stands by his business decision despite his son's concerns.

7085 :29x47 - Ep. #7085

Steffy returns to town at the urgent request of her father. Rick receives an unexpected visit from somebody who supports him.

7086 :29x48 - Ep. #7086

Ridge wants Steffy's help so that he can achieve his goal. Rick plays the blame game.

7087 :29x49 - Ep. #7087

Forrester Creations goes through a difficult period. Ridge makes Liam a tempting offer but it includes an important stipulation.

7088 :29x50 - Ep. #7088

Ivy is worried after she learns that Liam and Steffy will be working together. Nicole discovers the truth about Rick and her sister.

7089 :29x51 - Ep. #7089

Eric is not pleased about Ridge and Steffy's idea to try and overthrow Rick as CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric tells Ridge he wishes he was more like Stephanie. Rick receives a chance to tell Maya how he feels.

7090 :29x52 - Ep. #7090

Ivy sets some boundaries with Steffy regarding Liam. Rick and Eric make Bill an offer he finds hard to refuse.

7091 :29x53 - Ep. #7091

The takeover attempt at Forrester Creations becomes violent. Ivy and Steffy wait for Liam's answer.

7092 :29x54 - Ep. #7092

Maya is uncertain about her future. Bill gives Ridge the chance to put his plan back into action.

7093 :29x55 - Ep. #7093

The CEO of Forrester Creations is selected in an unexpected way. Ivy encourages Wyatt to ask Steffy out a date.

7094 :29x56 - Ep. #7094

An announcement is made by Steffy concerning her future. Ivy attempts to convince Wyatt to pursue Steffy. Aly tells Ivy what she witnessed.

7095 :29x57 - Ep. #7095

An unexpected visitor has some bad news for Ivy. Ridge helps Caroline move forward with her recovery.

7096 :29x58 - Ep. #7096

Bill pushes Liam in the same direction that Quinn is pushing Wyatt. Ivy opens up to Quinn.

7097 :29x59 - Ep. #7097

Bill is confronted by Quinn about playing favorites. As Steffy and Liam talk Ivy listens in.

7098 :29x60 - Ep. #7098

Quinn meddles on Ivy's behalf. Ivy has some big news to share with Liam.

7099 :29x61 - Ep. #7099

Quinn needs a favor from Carter. Steffy approaches her father and Caroline with an apology.

7100 :29x62 - Ep. #7100

Liam thinks about making a sacrifice to try and help Ivy. Quinn is hoping that her plan to help Wyatt has worked.

7101 :29x63 - Ep. #7101

Steffy hopes that the surprise she has arranged for Liam will make him see that they are meant to be together. Ridge tries to discourage Wyatt from his pursuit.

7102 :29x64 - Ep. #7102

Steffy is furious that Liam has created a situation that has kept them apart. Quinn manages to manipulate Ivy.

7103 :29x65 - Ep. #7103

Steffy manages to assert herself with Liam. Quinn gives her son permission to go after what he really wants.

7104 :29x66 - Ep. #7104

Ivy thinks again about her plans with Liam after witnessing a moment between Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn is in a manipulative mode.

7105 :29x67 - Ep. #7105

Wyatt admits to his father and Katie Quinn was involved in Liam's latest move. Deacon wonders why Quinn is so invested in Ivy and Liam's relationship.

7106 :29x68 - Ep. #7106

Eric, Pam, Carter and Charlie make plans for a party. Maya hears a request from Ridge.

7107 :29x69 - Ep. #7107

Maya wants Rick involved if she agrees to Ridge's request. Ivy finds her decision about Liam hard to deal with.

7108 :29x70 - Ep. #7108

Ridge supports Caroline. Ivy surprises Liam when she tells him the truth.

7109 :29x71 - Ep. #7109

John offers Ivy some advise with regard to Liam. Zende Forrester Dominguez returns to town and runs into Nicole whilst applying for an internship at Forrester Creations.

7110 :29x72 - Ep. #7110

Caroline and Maya discuss their grievances and manage to reach an understanding. Aly sees Liam and Steffy sharing a close moment and reacts badly.

7111 :29x73 - Ep. #7111

Aly talks about Taylor, and her mother's accident with Steffy. Wyatt makes a confession that gives Ivy some hope.

7112 :29x74 - Ep. #7112

A big announcement is made by Ridge and Steffy. Ivy and Liam decide to alter their relationship.

7113 :29x75 - Ep. #7113

The Forrester and the Spencer families celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. Maya's mother, Vivienne Avant, shows up looking for Nicole.

7114 :29x76 - Ep. #7114

Vivienne and Maya clash. Wyatt offers Ivy some advice regarding Liam. Aly is still not happy with Maya, Rick, and Steffy.

7115 :29x77 - Ep. #7115

Ivy sees a close moment between Liam and Steffy. Aly is not happy with Steffy and Maya being seen as the faces of the company.

7116 :29x78 - Ep. #7116

Maya talks to Nick about her and her mother's relationship. Aly's new attitude surprises Steffy.

7117 :29x79 - Ep. #7117

Maya and Nicole's father shows up in town. Wyatt wants Liam to treat Ivy better.

7118 :29x80 - Ep. #7118

Julius refuses to acknowledge Maya as a woman. Maya opens up to Rick.

7119 :29x81 - Ep. #7119

Julius ends up making a commitment to Maya. Nicole and Zende grow closer as they talk about childhood memories.

7120 :29x82 - Ep. #7120

Vivienne and Nicole confront Julius regarding his change of heart. Ridge decides that he wants Maya to be the face of the California Freedom line.

7121 :29x83 - Ep. #7121

Rick's commitment to Maya is tested by Julius. Aly wants her mother's help for guidance.

7122 :29x84 - Ep. #7122

Caroline and Ridge get ready for the fashion show. Maya's parents get to see the real her.

7123 :29x85 - Ep. #7123

Wyatt attempts to comfort Ivy after she sees Steffy and Liam together at the fashion show. The applause at the fashion show leaves Aly feeling upset.

7124 :29x86 - Ep. #7124

Rick and Maya enjoy their moment. Vivienne and Julius fall out over Maya.

7125 :29x87 - Ep. #7125

Maya and Steffy start to understand Aly's strange behavior. A shocking discovery is made by Ivy.

7126 :29x88 - Ep. #7126

Thorne makes plans to take his daughter to Paris for the help she needs. Maya and Rick discuss their love story.

7127 :29x89 - Ep. #7127

Zende attempts to encourage Nicole to live out her dreams. Wyatt hears an admission from Ivy.

7128 :29x90 - Ep. #7128

Thomas returns from France and informs Caroline that he's back for good. Ivy notices Steffy and Liam growing closer.

7129 :29x91 - Ep. #7129

Thomas lets his father know that he doesn't want the executive office. Liam decides between Ivy and Steffy.

7130 :29x92 - Ep. #7130

Wyatt attempts to comfort Ivy. Caroline shows her loyalty to Ridge in front of Thomas.

7131 :29x93 - Ep. #7131

Thomas draws a picture of Caroline. Ivy finds herself being drawn to Wyatt.

7132 :29x94 - Ep. #7132

Quinn discovers Deacon and Brooke spending time together. Thomas receives some unexpected feedback from his father.

7133 :29x95 - Ep. #7133

Caroline is warned by Brooke not to get ahead of herself with Ridge and Thomas. Ridge and Thomas have varying thoughts on Thomas' designs.

7134 :29x96 - Ep. #7134

Caroline ponders about her divorce. Thomas quizzes Zende about his relationship with his father.

7135 :29x97 - Ep. #7135

Zende ends up joining Nicole on the catwalk. Caroline makes an unexpected request.

7136 :29x98 - Ep. #7136

Brooke informs Eric that she's unsure of Julius' motives regarding Maya. Nicole and Zende talk.

7137 :29x99 - Ep. #7137

Bridget attempts to help Maya. An unexpected apology is made by Bill.

7138 :29x100 - Ep. #7138

Maya reacts to hearing a conversation between her parents on her wedding day that leaves her feeling upset. Nicole and Maya's bond grows stronger.

7139 :29x101 - Ep. #7139

The Avant family attempt to deal with an inconvenient family crisis. Steffy confides in her brother.

7140 :29x102 - Ep. #7140

Maya feels overwhelmed by the amount of emotion around her. Wyatt attempts to woo Ivy.

7141 :29x103 - Ep. #7141

Nicole and Zende's connection grows stronger. Ivy and Wyatt consider the positive that have come out of her breakup.

7142 :29x104 - Ep. #7142

Ivy decides that she wants to have a more prominent place in the company. Bill and Katie reflect on the positive things in their lives.

7143 :29x105 - Ep. #7143

Steffy refuses ti allow Ivy to threaten her. Steffy wants her brother to delete the video. Ridge wonders why Thomas didn't support his sister. Lt. Baker pays a visit to Forrester Creations regarding Aly's death. Ivy catches Wyatt out.

7144 :29x106 - Ep. #7144

Ivy seduces Wyatt in an effort to make sure that he stays loyal to her. Steffy refuses change to her story when questioned by Lt. Baker.

7145 :29x107 - Ep. #7145

Ivy ends up having a revealing conversation with Liam. Thomas finds it hard to deal with his feelings for Caroline.

7146 :29x108 - Ep. #7146

Liam demands some answers. Katie and Ridge think about the past.

7147 :29x109 - Ep. #7147

Steffy defends herself after Ivy reveals her side of the story. Caroline opens up to Thomas.

7148 :29x110 - Ep. #7148

Ivy is certain that she has the upper hand over Steffy. Ivy clashes with Quinn. Aly's accident haunts Steffy.

7149 :29x111 - Ep. #7149

Thomas tells Liam about what happened between Ivy and Steffy. Ivy makes an accusation regarding Steffy.

7150 :29x112 - Ep. #7150

Liam issues Ivy with an ultimatum. Thomas attempts to plant some seeds of doubt in Caroline's mind.

7151 :29x113 - Ep. #7151

Wyatt and Ivy formulate a plan to move up the ranks at Forrester Creations. Ridge sees Caroline and Thomas flirting.

7152 :29x114 - Ep. #7152

Rick and Maya return back home. Brooke and Ridge discuss the future.

7153 :29x115 - Ep. #7153

Ridge and Caroline share an important conversation. Brooke talks to Thomas about Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Rick and Maya return home from their honeymoon.

7154 :29x116 - Ep. #7154

Caroline receives some comfort from an unexpected area.

7155 :29x117 - Ep. #7155

Caroline finds out the truth about what led to her current situation. Steffy is determined to get Wyatt on her and Liam's side.

7156 :29x118 - Ep. #7156

Ivy likes being the new face of Forrester at Steffy's expense. Caroline receives a significant gift from Ridge.

7157 :29x119 - Ep. #7157

Ridge gives his son some unexpected news about his future. Wyatt's inability to make a decision about what's right to do annoys Steffy.

7158 :29x120 - Ep. #7158

Ridge never wants to be without Caroline again. Brooke talks to Thomas about his father's plans. Wyatt attempts to sort out the situation between Steffy and Ivy.

7159 :29x121 - Ep. #7159

Ridge needs a favor from his son. Ivy has second-thoughts about her decision concerning the video.

7160 :29x122 - Ep. #7160

An announcement at Forrester Creations does not go down well with many people. Steffy is suspicious about her brother's sudden change of heart.

7161 :29x123 - Ep. #7161

Ridge and Brooke talk about her role in his personal decisions. Caroline ends up opening up to Thomas.

7162 :29x124 - Ep. #7162

Ivy’s photo shoot doesn’t go the way she planned. Bill disapproves of Caroline’s plan.

7163 :29x125 - Ep. #7163

Pam and Charlie are blinded by their love for each other as they prepare for a contest that could garner them a coveted prize. Ridge and Caroline blow off their responsibilities at work for a day of romance on the Malibu shore. Ivy learns the hard way not to blackmail the president of the company that employs her.

Source: CBS

7164 :29x126 - Ep. #7164

Confused by her earlier interaction with Thomas, Nicole confronts him about the reason behind his unusual behavior. Irate over Steffy’s betrayal of Ivy, Wyatt vows to exact revenge against her and Liam.

Source: CBS

7165 :29x127 - Ep. #7165

With vengeance on his mind, Wyatt attempts to get Bill to go along with his plan to give Liam and Steffy some competition. Having an agenda of her own, Katie gives Wyatt her support and joins in on the persuasion. Liam displays the tough position he is in when questioned about the current situation between Steffy and Ivy. Any chance of reconciliation between Steffy and Ivy is lost when words exchanged become personal.

Source: CBS

7166 :29x128 - Ep. #7166

Gossip spreads throughout Forrester Creations regarding the recent turn of events between Steffy and Ivy. Wyatt calms Ivy’s worries that his job is in jeopardy because of her conflict with Steffy. Rick and Maya are faced with the reality of how some people are intolerant of their marriage.

Source: CBS

7167 :29x129 - Ep. #7167

Wyatt begins to make headway in his attempt to get Bill to go along with opening a fashion house that will compete with Forrester Creations. Bill worries that agreeing to Wyatt’s proposition would cause an even greater divide between his two sons.

Source: CBS

7168 :29x130 - Ep. #7168

Still uneasy about Ridge withholding the information about his vasectomy from Caroline, Brooke urges him to come clean. While still keeping his secret, Brooke is forced to come up with a false excuse for her chilly attitude towards Ridge and Caroline.

Source: CBS

7169 :29x131 - Ep. #7169

Zende is fuming with anger and a bit of jealousy when he learns that Thomas kissed Nicole. To defuse the situation with Zende, Nicole tells him the true reason why Thomas kissed her and who she was really thinking about at the time.

Source: CBS

7170 :29x132 - Ep. #7170

During a candid conversation, Thomas catches Caroline off-guard when he confesses that he kissed Nicole. Caroline becomes concerned when Thomas tells her why he kissed Nicole. Prompted by her kiss with Thomas, Zende admits to Nicole that he has feelings for her and asks her on what would be their very first date.

Source: CBS

7171 :29x133 - Ep. #7171

Zende and Nicole make an announcement to Rick about the current state of their relationship. Thomas is eager to show Ridge the new designs that he and Caroline have been working on, hoping to get the approval he’s been greatly seeking.

Source: CBS

7172 :29x134 - Ep. #7172

Sensing that Caroline is moving forward with starting a family with Ridge, Brooke urges him to tell her about his vasectomy right away. Ivy comes up with a plan to get her job at Forrester Creations back. Thomas suppresses his true feelings when Steffy questions him about working with Caroline so closely.

Source: CBS

7173 :29x135 - Ep. #7173

Still reeling from Ridge’s unexpected news, Caroline sees the future of her marriage in a completely different light. Quinn becomes upset when Wyatt tells her about Bill turning down his idea to establish a competing fashion house to Forrester Creations.

Source: CBS

7174 :29x136 - Ep. #7174

Tired of Wyatt always being overlooked by Bill, Quinn interrogates him as to whether or not he loves his son. Having been pushed to his limit, Bill is blunt with Quinn about why he favors Liam over Wyatt. Steffy surprises Liam with the attitude that she has towards Ridge and Caroline’s marriage.

7175 :29x137 - Ep. #7175

Thomas is a bit too preoccupied by a previous distraction to have a serious conversation with Caroline about an important matter. Brooke is faced with mixed feelings when Ridge reveals that he confessed to Caroline about his vasectomy.

7176 :29x138 - Ep. #7176

While recollecting the recent series of events in her life, Caroline contemplates the future of her relationship with Ridge. Thomas and Ridge clash over who deserves respect versus who is not receiving enough of it from the other. Liam anxiously turns to Wyatt with his fear that Quinn may physically lash out at him.

Source: CBS

7177 :29x139 - Ep. #7177

While comforting Ivy over her recent bad luck, Wyatt assures her that he will always support her and not hurt her like Liam did. Steffy confronts Thomas about his surprising and sudden negative attitude towards Ridge.

Source: CBS

7178 :29x140 - Ep. #7178

Steffy chides Thomas for punching their father and insists that he apologize to Ridge for his bad behavior. At wits end over her failed attempt to get her job back, Ivy turns to the one person she knows can help her, Eric.

Source: CBS

7179 :29x141 - Ep. #7179

As Ivy confesses to Eric about the reason she was fired, she purposefully omits one important detail. Having witnessed Thomas’ inappropriate behavior in person, Steffy calls him out demanding to know the reason for his sudden change. Caroline and Ridge have a vast difference of opinion regarding Thomas’ intentions.

Source: CBS

7180 :29x142 - Ep. #7180

Thomas purposely avoids the topic as Steffy pressures him to settle his differences with Ridge and apologize for his recent behavior. Eric agrees to speak with Steffy on Ivy’s behalf in an attempt to get her job back at Forrester Creations.

Source: CBS

7181 :29x143 - Ep. #7181

Stunned by Ridge’s unexplained and rash decision, Thomas desperately pleads with his father to change his mind. Hoping that she can help him get through to Ridge, Thomas turns to Caroline for support.

Source: CBS

7182 :29x144 - Ep. #7182

Feeling settled in wedded bliss, Maya shares with Rick the next step that she would like to take in their marriage. Uneasy with Steffy’s assignment, Ivy reluctantly goes along with the idea knowing that her job at Forrester Creations depends on it.

Source: CBS

7183 :29x145 - Ep. #7183

Knowing that Zende has a date with Nicole, Pam and Charlie give him advice on what kind of activities they should do that evening. Steffy gets a mixed reaction from Bill and Katie when she tells them about the new position she assigned to Ivy.

Source: CBS

7184 :29x146 - Ep. #7184

Nicole anticipates the worst case scenario when telling Zende an idea that she is contemplating regarding her future. Steffy explains to Bill and Katie her reasoning for hiring Ivy back in a capacity other than as a jewelry designer.

Source: CBS

7185 :29x147 - Ep. #7185

Zende gives a revealing response when Carter enquires about his and Nicole’s burgeoning relationship. Ridge firmly puts his foot down about his decision when asked about reassigning Thomas to another position within the company.

Source: CBS

7186 :29x148 - Ep. #7186

Knowing that Brooke has a vital piece of information, Caroline worries that she will not be able to keep her secret much longer. Fearing that her relationship could soon be doomed, Nicole straightforwardly asks Zende about the strength of their bond.

Source: CBS

7187 :29x149 - Ep. #7187

Zende attempts to be sensitive and understanding with Nicole when he honestly tells her about what he wants out of their relationship. Feeling as though she is getting the runaround, Steffy demands that Ridge tell her the truth about Thomas.

Source: CBS

7188 :29x150 - Ep. #7188

Out of spite towards Steffy, Ivy tries her hardest to get through her first lingerie photo shoot without showing just how uncomfortable she is feeling. Surprised by his sudden change in attitude towards his son, Katie questions Ridge about suddenly sending Thomas off to Forrester International.

Source: CBS

7189 :29x151 - Ep. #7189

As word gets out about Caroline’s pregnancy, Ridge stresses the need for privacy regarding the blessed event. Prompted by Liam’s diatribe about their rivalry, Ivy and Steffy sit down to hash out their differences.

Source: CBS

7190 :29x152 - Ep. #7190

Knowing that Ridge had told her about his vasectomy, Brooke bluntly confronts him about the paternity of Caroline’s baby. Caroline becomes riddled with anxiety when Pam informs her that Brooke knows about the pregnancy.

Source: CBS

7191 :29x153 - Ep. #7191

Nicole plans to have a heart-to-heart talk with Zende about a topic that she hopes will not affect their burgeoning relationship. Ridge and Caroline wonder about Brooke’s true intent when she offers congratulatory wishes and pregnancy tips.

Source: CBS

7192 :29x154 - Ep. #7192

Bill is less than thrilled and doesn’t approve when he learns that his niece, Caroline, is having a child with his nemesis, Ridge. Knowing that Bill is upset by this recent development, Ridge assures him that he loves Caroline and is excited to build a family with her.

Source: CBS

7193 :29x155 - Ep. #7193

The Avant family reunion is off to a rocky start as Julius and Vivienne are updated on Nicole and Maya’s lives since the wedding. Zende turns to Carter for advice about his relationship with Nicole and how to deal with her decision.

Source: CBS

7194 :29x156 - Ep. #7194

Thomas isn’t completely convinced by Caroline’s apprehensive response to his question regarding the paternity of her baby. Sensing that there is more tension than usual between Ridge and Thomas, Brooke is determined to find out why.

Source: CBS

7195 :29x157 - Ep. #7195

Thomas resists the urge to reconnect with the intern, Charlotte, out of fear of upsetting Ridge once again. Julius attempts to recruit an unsuspecting pawn in his back-up plan to fight against what he feels is wrong.

Source: CBS

7196 :29x158 - Ep. #7196

Julius’ confession to Maya about his actions drives an even greater wedge between father and daughter. Still unable to get a direct answer from an unwavering Wyatt about his relationship, Quinn bluntly asks him if he is in love.

Source: CBS

7197 :29x159 - Ep. #7197

Dr. March looks for ascertain if Nicole had thought the surrogacy through. Rick said there was no pressure but the doctor said there is some urgency due to the procedure's potential start date.

7198 :29x160 - Ep. #7198

Julian makes an emotional and heartfelt plea to Maya and Rick to find someone, other than Nicole, to be their surrogate. Maya is taken aback when she learns of the others that share Julian’s opinion about her decision to have Nicole carry her child.

Source: CBS

7199 :29x161 - Ep. #7199

Still vehemently against Nicole going through with the surrogacy, Julius attempts to recruit Eric and Brooke as his allies. Knowing that her parents are not happy with her plan, Maya keeps a vital piece of information from them.

Source: CBS

7200 :29x162 - Ep. #7200

Having shared such an extensive history together, Brooke and Eric discuss the choices they have made throughout the years that brought them to where they are today. Nicole’s assurance in her decision starts to vacillate by the wise words of someone whom she most loves and respects.

Source: CBS

7201 :29x163 - Ep. #7201

Katie notices and appreciates Bill’s new attitude in regards to work versus their personal time together. Ridge is concerned that Caroline’s pregnancy will become a greater focus in the media than their current designs.

Source: CBS

7202 :29x164 - Ep. #7202

Liam and Wyatt’s usually tense relationship is pushed aside as the brothers bond over possibly having a common rivalry with Thomas. Both brothers are outraged when Ivy appears to defend Thomas’ actions.

Source: CBS

7203 :29x165 - Ep. #7203

Liam questions Thomas’ motives when Steffy informs him that her brother has developed a sudden interest in Ivy. Wyatt begrudgingly admits to Ivy that he is concerned about Thomas becoming a problem in their relationship.

Source: CBS

7204 :29x166 - Ep. #7204

Despite having told Nicole that he supports her decision to carry Maya and Rick’s baby, Zende still has reservations. Knowing that Zende’s support is so important to Nicole, Maya and Rick fear that a change in his opinion could jeopardize their chances of having a baby.

Source: CBS

7205 :29x167 - Ep. #7205

Caroline scrambles for the correct answers when Liam interrogates her about how she was able to become pregnant so quickly. Maya becomes concerned that Nicole is having second thoughts about the surrogacy after she witnesses an intimate moment between her sister and Zende.

Source: CBS

7206 :29x168 - Ep. #7206

Liam becomes more observant about the interactions taking place during a Forrester Creations’ staff meeting, especially after announcing that he is writing an article about Ridge and Caroline’s baby.

Source: CBS

7207 :29x169 - Ep. #7207

Eric knew it wouldn't be long before they found out if Rick and Maya were having a baby.

7208 :29x170 - Ep. #7208

Overhearing a private conversation between Ridge and Caroline where his name was mentioned, Thomas demands to know what they were saying about him. Being privy to information about Ivy, Steffy questions Wyatt regarding the intensity of their relationship.

Source: CBS

7209 :29x171 - Ep. #7209

Wyatt calls Steffy out on the reason behind her sudden change from being an ambitious extrovert to someone content with quiet evenings at home. When Bill presents Liam with an international work assignment, he denies the request due to a more pressing matter.

Source: CBS

7210 :29x172 - Ep. #7210

Knowing that the stakes are extremely high, Steffy contemplates taking Thomas up on his proposed bet. While planning to go on a business trip with Quinn, Wyatt asks a significant favor of Ivy while he is away.

Source: CBS

7211 :29x173 - Ep. #7211

Steffy’s distracted attention puts a damper on the romantic evening Liam has planned for them. Despite Thomas’ best efforts to woo her, Ivy remains determined to abide by her commitment to Wyatt.

Source: CBS

7212 :29x174 - Ep. #7212

Well aware of what her brother is up to, Steffy gives Wyatt a heads-up that he should be concerned about Thomas and Ivy. With the intention of keeping the momentum in their romantic evening going, Steffy refrains from telling Liam about what is going on at the Forrester mansion.

Source: CBS

7213 :29x175 - Ep. #7213

Nicole senses that something has changed for Zende when she sees him for the first time since her big announcement. Ivy sets Thomas straight that what transpired between them the night before will never happen again.

Source: CBS

7214 :29x176 - Ep. #7214

Being so far away from their home in Chicago, Vivienne feels lonely, detached, and unknowing of how they are going to spend their first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. Wanting an update on their proposed bet, Steffy grills Thomas about whether his evening with Ivy was a success.

Source: CBS

7215 :29x177 - Ep. #7215

Family and friends gather together at the Forrester mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. When Steffy witnesses a moment between Thomas and Ivy, she wonders if her brother has been completely honest with her.

Source: CBS

7216 :29x178 - Ep. #7216

Unaware of what she knows, Liam wonders why Steffy has suddenly taken an interest in Wyatt and Ivy’s relationship. Carter senses that Thomas is genuinely interested in someone when he unusually dismisses the flirtations of interested ladies.

Source: CBS

7217 :29x179 - Ep. #7217

Without telling him about her night with Thomas, Ivy assures Wyatt that he is the only man for her. Steffy isn’t completely convinced when Thomas tells her that nothing further will happen between him and Ivy. Bill and Katie revel in the happiness within their marriage and families.

Source: CBS

7218 :29x180 - Ep. #7218

Ivy is put on the spot when Steffy confronts her about her fling with Thomas and how Wyatt needs to be told. Still thinking that Thomas has eyes for Ivy, Wyatt warns him to back off and respect his relationship.

Source: CBS

7219 :29x181 - Ep. #7219

Ivy is embarrassed when Liam admits that he knows she cheated with Thomas when Wyatt was out of town. Thomas is caught off-guard when Quinn comes to see him about jewelry, but instead, confronts him about his attraction to Ivy. Quinn further surprises Thomas with a confession of her own.

Source: CBS

7220 :29x182 - Ep. #7220

Liam is particularly irritated when Steffy reveals that she went against his advice and told Wyatt about Ivy and Thomas. A heartbroken Wyatt questions Ivy about what would drive her into the arms of another man, especially Thomas. Quinn and Thomas’ scheming is interrupted by a minor crisis in the Forrester showroom.

Source: CBS

7221 :29x183 - Ep. #7221

Rumors fly throughout Forrester Creations following an unfortunate interaction between Steffy and Ivy. Still fuming from the news of Ivy’s betrayal, Wyatt angrily vents to Liam while receiving consolation in return.

Source: CBS

7222 :29x184 - Ep. #7222

Wyatt and Thomas attempt to set aside their disdain for each other while awaiting word on Ivy’s prognosis. Thomas can’t help but feel a tinge of guilt when the topic of who is to blame is brought up.

Source: CBS

7223 :29x185 - Ep. #7223

Steffy realizes that Liam does not fully believe her when she tells him that she did not intentionally mean to cause Ivy harm. Wyatt puts Thomas in his place when he interrupts a private moment between him and Ivy.

Source: CBS

7224 :29x186 - Ep. #7224

At the hospital, the doctor is surprised by Ivy's progress. Ivy asked where Wyatt is and grimaces after the doctor informs her that Wyatt was in the lobby with Thomas.

7225 :29x187 - Ep. #7225

Jake and the electrician assure Steffy, Ridge, and Caroline that the electrical panel has been fixed.

7226 :29x188 - Ep. #7226

Julius has suspicions about ulterior motives when he learns from Vivienne that Sasha, a former neighbor and Nicole’s best friend, is coming to Los Angeles for a visit. Soon after her arrival, Sasha is insistent about being introduced to the Forrester family.

Source: CBS

7227 :29x189 - Ep. #7227

A frustrated Zende confides in Carter how much Nicole’s pregnancy has negatively affected their relationship. Sasha is intrigued when Nicole fills her in on her life since moving to Los Angeles and working for Forrester Creations.

Source: CBS

7228 :29x190 - Ep. #7228

Liam and Wyatt talk about how Ivy was truly afraid of Steffy. Liam wants Wyatt to talk to Ivy about lifting the restraining order.

7229 :29x191 - Ep. #7229

Ivy encourages Wyatt to return to work.

7230 :29x192 - Ep. #7230

Steffy angrily packs up boxes and asks Wyatt how Ivy had begun controlling her life.

7231 :29x193 - Ep. #7231

Maya wants Nicole to open up to her.

7232 :29x194 - Ep. #7232

Wyatt kisses Ivy and as he holds mistletoe over their heads.

7233 :29x195 - Ep. #7233

Liam and Ivy talk about how she isn't over him.

7234 :29x196 - Ep. #7234

Eric hosts a Christmas party.

7235 :29x197 - Ep. #7235

The holidays have caused Katie to reflect upon how grateful she was that her sister had been there to support her and protect her.

7236 :29x198 - Ep. #7236

Wyatt proposes to Ivy as Steffy and Liam watch on.

7237 :29x199 - Ep. #7237

Wyatt sits alone with Steffy and Quinn and wonders if Steffy had known about Ivy's love for Liam.

7238 :29x200 - Ep. #7238

Bill is confused by Brooke's kiss and she explains that she was showing him why things wouldn't work at Spencer.

7239 :29x201 - Ep. #7239

Steffy attempts to explain the circumstances about Ivy’s fall. Quinn offers some advice to her son.

7240 :29x202 - Ep. #7240

Quinn is honest with Ivy. Ivy wants to return to Australia. Steffy is concerned about the future of her relationship with Liam.

7241 :29x203 - Ep. #7241

Things do not to got plan as Liam attempts to help Ivy. Julius returns from Hawaii and learns that Sasha has a list of demands.

7242 :29x204 - Ep. #7242

Nicole is temporarily incapacitated and Sasha attempts to support Zende. Steffy wonders if her engagement to Liam is off.

7243 :29x205 - Ep. #7243

Wyatt comforts Steffy. Nicole realizes there are more issues with Zende than just the pregnancy.

7244 :29x206 - Ep. #7244

Wyatt attempts to to convince Steffy that they share a connection. Liam tells a passenger on the flight home, that he hopes to marry Steffy straight away.

7245 :29x207 - Ep. #7245

Liam comes to a decision about his future with Steffy. Brooke shows up at Spencer Publications to begin work.

7246 :29x208 - Ep. #7246

Brooke attempts to keep things professional as she works with Bill. Sasha has her eyes set on something at Forrester Creations.

7247 :29x209 - Ep. #7247

Nicole confronts Rick about a recent employment decision. Brooke sets some boundaries for herself at work.

7248 :29x210 - Ep. #7248

Nicole uses her influence over Rick. One woman sees her dreams being realized before they are then crushed.

7249 :29x211 - Ep. #7249

Sasha fills in Julius on Nicole’s actions. Carter offers his opinion on Zende’s life.

7250 :29x212 - Ep. #7250

Zende discovers Nicole’s malicious side. Steffy ends up getting an unexpected response after she asks Liam for another chance.

7251 :29x213 - Ep. #7251

Wyatt is give some surprising news. Liam and Steffy’s relationship suffers because of miscommunication.

7252 :29x214 - Ep. #7252

Wyatt attempts to support Steffy. Bill and Brooke continue to try and keep their distance from one another at work.

7253 :29x215 - Ep. #7253

Quinn attempts to manipulate a relationship whilst keeping a huge secret. Wyatt attempts to distract Steffy from thinking about Liam.

7254 :29x216 - Ep. #7254

Brooke issues Bill with a warning. Brooke and Bill attempt to fight their feelings. Wyatt grow closer whilst they spend time surfing.

7255 :29x217 - Ep. #7255

Katie collapses following Bill and Brooke’s most recent betrayal. Quinn makes her next move.

7256 :29x218 - Ep. #7256

Katie physically attacks Brooke as they argue.

7257 :29x219 - Ep. #7257

Wyatt gives Steffy a gift and attempts to convince her to move on with her life. Katie tells Bill exactly what needs to happen if they are to save their marriage.

7258 :29x220 - Ep. #7258

Eric goes to see Bill to talk about the current situation with Katie and Brooke.

7259 :29x221 - Ep. #7259

Quinn wants her son hurry things along with Steffy. Steffy is finding it hard to get over Liam.

7260 :29x222 - Ep. #7260

Bill unsuccessfully attempts to play peacemaker between Brooke and Katie. Sasha confronts Julius about the way he’s treated her.

7261 :29x223 - Ep. #7261

Sasha attempts to take advantage of an evening spent alone with Zende. Brooke manages to bring some past anguish to the surface for her sister.

7262 :29x224 - Ep. #7262

Zende thinks about accepting a tempting offer. Bill assures Brooke she’s not to blame for her sister's behavior.

7263 :29x225 - Ep. #7263

Liam is left feeling confused by Quinn’s version of events. Steffy is swept off her feet by Wyatt.

7264 :29x226 - Ep. #7264

Quinn shares something about her childhood. Steffy finds it hard to give Wyatt an answer whilst still having some unfinished business with Liam.

7265 :29x227 - Ep. #7265

Quinn and Deacon discuss Liam’s kidnapping. Quinn presses her son to elope with Steffy.

7266 :29x228 - Ep. #7266

Quinn thinks of way to deal with Steffy’s need to hear from Liam. Caroline quizzes Thomas about his issues between Liam and Wyatt.

7267 :29x229 - Ep. #7267

Steffy ends up receiving the call she’s been waiting to get. Thomas opens up to Caroline.

7268 :29x230 - Ep. #7268

Two couples get ready to take their relationships to the next level. Thomas takes Caroline to the emergency room.

7269 :29x231 - Ep. #7269

Liam attempts to deal with the mental and emotional complexities of his situation. Katie discovers something of Brooke’s that is connected to Bill. Brooke attempts to reassure her sister.

7270 :29x232 - Ep. #7270

Caroline sees a nicer side to Thomas. Katie warns her sister.

7271 :29x233 - Ep. #7271

Katie is confronted by Bill. Bridget attempts to support her mother.

7272 :29x234 - Ep. #7272

Ridge wants the Forrester mansion back. Ridge and Rick clash forcing Eric to intervene.

7273 :29x235 - Ep. #7273

Katie overhears a conversation that dredges up some painful memories. Guests at a cocktail party remember Stephanie.
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