The Fosters (2013)


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ABC's The FostersRating: 2 likes, 15 dislikes
If anybody asked me why I was drawn to the television drama series The Fosters, then I would ramble on and on about the show. The people in the show are real, honest to goodness people just like you and me. The actors’ portray the characters on the show as realistically as possible. And then, there are so many things that are dealt with in this television drama. We think about issues like; juvenile detention, fostering, teenage pregnancy, birth control, alcoholism, etc which definitely take centre stage here. Yet, one thing is certain, The Fosters take a positive look at the day to day life of a modern family. Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg utilize their writing style to make us more aware about pertinent issues we come across every day. It goes without saying, that the writing team have never forced a certain type of ideology upon their viewers. Yes, the story revolves around a progressive family with two devoted same sex, multi-cultured moms and their biological and foster children. So, what! This is reality! It is a foregone conclusion though, that you are going meet with opposition from various spheres of society. But, in reality, that is just how life plays itself out. However, in the end, the preservation of human rights and human dignity should always prevail. Then again, if people are going to call themselves real believers, they would know that God does not discriminate against anyone irrespective of your color, creed or sexual orientation. So, fasten your seatbelts and take a ride with ABC’s The Fosters every Monday night at 9pm.

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Strange, normally dont like these...Rating: 2 likes, 21 dislikes
I mean it's a tv show, so soft, slimy and super correct.
the perfect gay-parents, perfect teenagers, perfect ex-husband, perfect foster kids, especially the little boy but I still like it, a great series.

Simply Great - Love It!

Review posted on Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 at 3:48 pm