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Season 5

91 :05x01 - Everything is Ending

Alicia must focus on the firm’s efforts to prevent the execution of a convicted murderer while she secretly plans her exit from the firm with Cary. Meanwhile, Eli helps Peter assemble his staff in the governor’s office.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Malik Yoba as Eddie | Jon Shaver as DEA Agent Franklin | Maddie Corman as Laura | Desmin Borges as Danny | Angela Reed as Joan | Andy Striph as Intern | Molly Price as Lena | Jeffrey Tambor as Judge Kluger | Melissa George as Marilyn | Ben Rappaport as Carey Zepps | Amanda Warren as Monica | Morocco Omari as Greg
Director: Robert King (3)

92 :05x02 - The Bit Bucket

Alicia and Cary sue the NSA on behalf of search engine Chumhum, unaware that Lockhart/Gardner's connection to a former client has resulted in the spy agency monitoring the firm's communications. Meanwhile, Alicia's mom takes steps to support her daughter, and Eli works to secure Diane's Supreme Court nomination.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tobias Segal as Tyler Hopkins | Zach Woods as Jeff Dellinger | Brennan Brown as AUSA Robert Hortense | John Leonard Thompson as NSA General Counsel Garber | Michael Kostroff as Charles Froines | Merwin Goldsmith as Simon | Chester Jones III as Campus Police Officer | Vanessa Wasche as Diane's Assistant | Jeffrey Tambor as Judge Kluger | Ben Rappaport as Carey Zepps | Miriam Shor as Mandy Post | Chris Noth as Peter Florrick | Stockard Channing as Veronica | John Benjamin Hickey as Neil Gross | Jenna Gavigan as Deborah | Jack Carpenter (2) as Patrick Edelstein | Jeffrey DeMunn as Chief Justice Ryvlan | Dreama Walker as Becca | Rachel Hilson as Nisa
Director: Michael Zinberg

93 :05x03 - A Precious Commodity

Will makes Alicia a stunning offer which causes her to reconsider her plans to leave the firm. Also, the partners take action when Diane's Supreme Court candidacy puts her at odds with her colleagues.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jordan Lage as Dr. Tuft | C.J. Wilson (2) as Brian | Christian Borle as Carter | Karen Pittman as Dr. Serling | J.T. O'Connor as Daniel | Rebecca Eichenberger as Amber | P.J. Griffith as Cam | Philip Ettinger as Michael | Genevieve Angelson as Tara | Janel Moloney as Kathy | Talia Balsam as Anne Stevens | Chris Noth as Peter Florrick | Peter Gerety as Judge Stanek | Jerry Adler (1) as Howard Lyman | Jess Weixler as Robyn Burdine | Jeffrey DeMunn as Chief Justice Ryvlan | Ben Rappaport as Carey Zepps | Melissa George as Marilyn Garbanza | Julienne Hanzelka Kim as New Assistant
Director: Brooke Kennedy
Writer: Keith Eisner

94 :05x04 - Outside the Bubble

Alicia represents a surrogate mother who is going against the wishes of the biological parents. However, arguments inside the firm threaten to overshadow those in court when Diane's Supreme Court candidacy puts her at odds with Will. Also, the firm hires Elsbeth Tascioni to represent them in a lawsuit brought on by an employee

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Mellamphy as Man in a Tux | Erin Dilly as Joely | Hallie Cooper-Novack as Jeannie | Matt Wall as Silver Sneakers Instructor | Dan Lauria as Ronnie | Bethany Hotchkiss as Lacey | Robert Klein as Lyle | Helen Carey as Francesca | Tracee Chimo as Chrissy | Bhavesh Patel as Anthony Wright Edelman

95 :05x05 - Hitting the Fan

Alicia and Cary's plans to depart Lockhart/Gardner are suddenly exposed and a desperate battle to retain clients ensues

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tonya Glanz as Candace | Dan Ziskie as Steve

96 :05x06 - The Next Day

Alicia and Cary represent a client who left Lockhart/Gardner and face a problem when Will and Diane purposely delay the case files that they have. Marilyn tries advicing Alicia on Peter's behalf. Will surprises everyone with how intense he is focused on his work.
Guest Stars: Melissa George as Marilyn Garbanza | Vanessa Wasche as Gina | Judge Davies as Richard Kind | Maria Dizzia as Heather | Hannah Leigh Sorenson as Isabel
Director: Michael Zinberg
Writer: Leonard Dick

97 :05x07 - The Next Week

Alicia and Cary have suspicions that either Lockhart or Garner has been spying on them when they find a remote access webcam in Alicia's computer. Will comes to the aid of one of Alicia's older clients, but takes on more then he ever anticipated. Clarke returns with financial advice for Florrick and Agos.
Guest Stars: Flor De Liz Perex as Receptionist | Josh Green as Drew | Joshua Kobak as Anderson | Derek Smith (2) as Jim | Max Von Essen as Stephan | Roderick Hill as Patrolman Harris | Hunter Parrish as Jeffery Grant
Writer: Craig Turk

98 :05x08 - The Next Month

Florrick and Agos finally get to move into their new office space. An illegal immigrant who's life is in danger if he should return to Mexico seeks help from Alicia to block his deportation. Eli catches up with Natalie Flores which concerns Marilyn greatly. Robyn tries to emulate Kalinda.
Guest Stars: AJ Cedeno as Consulate Worker | Christina Rouner as Estelle | James LeGros as Judge Tolkin | Jackie Hoffman as Judge Felletti | Julian Gamble as Judge Reardon | Roxanne Day as Christina | Sean Haberle as Alvin | Dominic Comperatore as DEA Agent Thorburn | Jeremy Shamos as Karl | Adyana De La Torre as Elena | Johnny Garcia (1) as Tomas
Director: Josh Charles
Writer: Ted Humphrey

99 :05x09 - Whack-a-mole

The users of a website accuse a college professor of been a domestic terrorist. When Alicia represents the professor she tries blaming the accusations on the website. Will hires Damian Boyle against Diane's wishes. Damian gets involved in Alicia's case without been asked. A family secret causes a clash between Eli and Jackie.
Guest Stars: Jamie Harrold as Grant | Bill Cwikowski as Ronald | Lesley Shires as Renata | Tim Ewing as Darryl | Mary Stuart Masterson as Rachel | Jason O'Mara as Damian Boyle | T. Ryder Smith as AUSA Figgs | Sean Dougherty as Agent Anderson | Joseph Sikora as Agent Norwich | Haaz Sleiman as Zayeed | Kia Goodwin as Sondra | Leslie Silva as Elizabeth
Director: Kevin Hooks

100 :05x10 - The Decision Tree

Alicia is shocked when she discovers that a former client has left her millions of dollars. But the will is contested by Lockhart and Gardner on behalf of the dead clients wife. Diane asks Kalinda to perform a background check on Damian for her. Eli and Martyn try and do some damage control after Peter was seen at the Florrick and Agos holiday party with some of Alicia's more disreputable clients.
Guest Stars: Jordana Spiro as Det. Jenna Villette | Leigh Ann Larkin as Paula | Kate Hodge as Lila Ashbaugh

101 :05x11 - Goliath and David

Alicia tries to win a case of copyright infringement for a band, but when Will joins the opposing side, the simple case soon becomes psychological warfare. Eli hires Kalinda to do some damage control regarding a potential scandal.
Guest Stars: Flor De Liz Perez as Receptionist | Nicole Roderick as Nora | Talia Balsam as Anne | Stephanie DiMaggio as Liv | Ernie Sabella as Murray | Alan Cox as Douglas | Christopher Fitzgerald as Marshal | Matthew Lillard as Rowby | Kevin Cahoon as Noel | Eric Sheffer Stevens as Pete | Charles Malik Whitfield as Rebel Kane
Director: Brooke Kennedy

102 :05x12 - We, the Juries

Alicia and Will each represent one-half of a couple accused of smuggling drugs, but the courtroom becomes mired in confusion and legal technicalities when they insist on separate jury pools. Meanwhile, Cary attempts to woo a Lockhart/Gardner client, Kalinda tries to repair a damaged relationship and Marilyn begins her investigation into possible voter fraud during the gubernatorial election.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: José Ramón Rosario as Harris the Sheriff | Josh Pais as Howard | Jen Ponton as Emily | Auden Thornton as Darla | Michael McCormick (1) as Al | Tom Skerritt as James Paisley | Daniel Johnson as Benjamin | John Cariani as Stuart | Bernardo Cubria as Abel | Slate Holmgren as Ryan | Carra Patterson as Bartender | Ashley Williams as Christina | Victor Garber as Judge Spencer
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: Keith Eisner

103 :05x13 - Parallel Construction, Bitches

Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner fight to keep Lemond Bishop as a client when he is arrested on a drug-related charge, which possibly resulted from a leak inside Alicia's firm. Meanwhile, the investigation into voter fraud in the gubernatorial election continues to move forward when Marilyn is approached by an agent in the Office of Public Integrity

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Marta Reiman as Gabs | Charlie Pollock as Det. Gifford | Matthew Rauch as DEA Agent Lee Cheswick | Kim Director as Angela Moretti | Kristoffer Cusick as Sheriff | Eric Bogosian as Nelson Dubek | Jack Davenport as AUSA Frank Asher | Maulik Pancholy as Dev Jain | Michael Kostroff as Mr. Charles Froines | Tobias Segal as Tyler Hopkins | Wallace Shawn as Charles Lester | Rosie Benton as AUSA Victoria Alvarez
Director: Matt Shakman

104 :05x14 - A Few Words

When Alicia is asked to be the keynote speaker at the American Bar Association conference in New York City, she looks to her past for inspiration. Meanwhile, the competition with Diane and Will continues as Alicia and Cary battle to align with a powerful New York lawyer. Also, Will turns to an old acquaintance when it becomes clear that Nelson Dubeck's investigation into possible voter fraud isn't going away

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bill De Blasio as Himself | Eric Bogosian as Nelson Dubeck | Nestor Rodriguez as Cute Bear | Tim McGeever as Moderator | Jill Hennessy as Rayna Hecht | Polly Draper as Lorainne Joy | Jeremiah Wiggins as Howard Acocella | Cady Huffman as Marina Vassal
Writer: Leonard Dick

105 :05x15 - Dramatics, Your Honor

Alicia enlists Cary as her lawyer when Nelson Dubeck approaches her to participate in a deposition regarding his investigation into election rigging. Meanwhile, Will continues the difficult defense of Jeffrey Grant as he faces off against a new prosecutor who proves to be a formidable adversary

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Matte Osian as Sheriff Lang | Ross Degraw as Sheriff | Jake O'connor as Brian | Gisela Chipe as Loredana | Barbara Christie as Suzi Grant | Will Vought as Comedian | Kia Goodwin as Sondra | Shauna Miles as Sheriff Hardy | Olivia Oguma as Nurse Yakich | Eisa Davis as Dr. Alison Sugar | Matthew Goode as Finn Polmar | Eric Bogosian as Nelson Dubeck | Max Von Essen as Stephen Delaney | Vincent Curatola as Judge Tommy Politi | Felix Solis as Det. Rodriguez | Peter Wise as Ned Grant | Elliot Villar as Dr. Ian Vail
Director: Brooke Kennedy

106 :05x16 - The Last Call

Alicia searches for answers as she tries to make sense of Will's death in the aftermath of the courthouse shooting. Meanwhile, Diane delivers the somber news to the partners at Lockhart/Gardner who must decide how to move forward

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Matte Osian as Sheriff Hoch | Allie Gallerani as Gail the Intern | Suzy Jane Hunt as Maria | James McDaniel as Det. Lou Johnson | Will Chase (1) as Det. Doug Young | Will Vought as Comedian | Sean Phillips as Guard | Michael Hobbs as Dr. Brian Levine | John Bedford Lloyd as Bob Klepper | Julienne Hanzelka Kim as Diane's Assistant | Matthew Goode as Finn Polmar | Jerry Adler (1) as Howard Lyman | Jordana Spiro as Det. Jenna Villette | Vincent Curatola as Judge Tommy Politi | Tonya Glanz as Candace Frawley | Aaron Lazar as William Sattmann | Becky Ann Baker as Alma Hoff | Joe Urla as Kurt
Director: Jim McKay

107 :05x17 - A Material World

Alicia and Diane consider merging their firms in the wake of Will's death, even as they find themselves on opposite sides of a contentious divorce suit. Meanwhile, Alicia offers assistance to Finn when it becomes clear that the State's Attorney is looking for a scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant case

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Donovan Christie, Jr. as Anthony | Sarah Wynter as Carol Mercer | Reg Rogers as Asher Mercer | Michael Cerveris as James Castro | Donna Murphy as Judge Alice Adelson | Kia Goodwin as Sondra | Charlie Pollock as Det. Gifford | Anne Marsen as Jennifer | Jordana Spiro as Det. Jenna Villette | Peter Wise as Ned Grant | Jason O'Mara as Damian Boyle
Director: Griffin Dunne
Writer: Craig Turk

108 :05x18 - All Tapped Out

Florrick/Agos takes on the case of an NSA whistleblower, only to learn that the agency has been monitoring the firm as well as Alicia's personal life. Meanwhile, Diane faces the difficult task of working alongside Louis Canning when he joins Lockhart/Gardner. Also, Alicia goes after the State's Attorney when he attempts to make Finn a scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant case

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brian Keane as Polygraph Expert | John Leonard Thompson as NSA General Counsel Roger Garber | Marc Price (1) as Administrative Law Judge Sam Leborde | Haynes Thigpen as Jonathan Mattis | Michael Urie as Stephen Dinovera | Michael Cerveris as James Castro

109 :05x19 - Tying The Knot

Alicia finds herself becoming a reluctant witness after a body is discovered in Colin Sweeney's home in her presence. Peter has another public relations nightmare to tackle when a unfortunate picture of Zach surfaces.

110 :05x20 - The Deep Web

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111 :05x21 - What Love Means

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2009
Episode Order: 22
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