The Haves and the Have Nots

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 28/May/2013 The Big Surprise
02 01x02 28/May/2013 Playing In The Deep End
03 01x03 04/Jun/2013 Beautifully Dysfunctional
04 01x04 11/Jun/2013 Entering the Race
05 01x05 18/Jun/2013 A Woman's Pride
06 01x06 25/Jun/2013 Angry Sex
07 01x07 02/Jul/2013 A True Friend
08 01x08 09/Jul/2013 The Criminal
09 01x09 16/Jul/2013 The Set Up
10 01x10 23/Jul/2013 Number Nine
11 01x11 30/Jul/2013 Not My Daughter
12 01x12 06/Aug/2013 In Recovery
13 01x13 13/Aug/2013 What Are You Doing Here?
15 01x15 27/Aug/2013 The Truth Will Set You Free
16 01x16 03/Sep/2013 No More Hiding
17 01x17 07/Jan/2014 The Black Sedan
18 01x18 14/Jan/2014 Wyatt's Nightmare
19 01x19 21/Jan/2014 Family Issues
20 01x20 28/Jan/2014 Unanswered Calls
21 01x21 04/Feb/2014 Why Didn't You Tell Me?
22 01x22 11/Feb/2014 Protecting Wyatt
23 01x23 18/Feb/2014 Amanda's Revenge
24 01x24 25/Feb/2014 Maggie's Plan
26 01x26 11/Mar/2014 Starting the Race
27 01x27 27/May/2014 You'll Be Sorry
29 01x29 10/Jun/2014 Donald
30 01x30 17/Jun/2014 The Awakening
34 01x34 15/Jul/2014 Something's Wrong With Amanda
35 01x35 22/Jul/2014 Norman Hewens
36 01x36 29/Jul/2014 Checkmate

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 25/Feb/2014 The Tyler Perry Show: Episode 1
S01 - #2 04/Mar/2014 The Tyler Perry Show: Episode 2
S01 - #3 11/Mar/2014 The Tyler Perry Show: Episode 3

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