Ep. #9186 - Recap

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Daniel is trying to unencrypt the flash drive that he found in the office. Amber tells Jana about Deacon and some of the things that happened in Los Angles. Jana thinks Amber should tell Daniel about her past if this Deacon is involved in the death of the impostor. Daniel is able to open the flash drive and finds the picture of the forged painting. Daniel asks Jana if she thinks it is real or fake but Jane can't tell for sure and suggests he talk to Victoria. Victoria meets with Deacon and they discuss the painting. Deacon tells Victoria that he was a victim of buying a forgery because he was hoping to return it to the rightful owner. Daniel arrives and asks Victoria if she could help him with some questions on a painting. Victoria tells Daniel that Deacon is also an art dealer and could help as well and the three sit down to discuss the painting as Amber walks in. When she sees Deacon she tries to turn around by Daniel sees Amber and introduces her to Deacon.

Nikki, Paul, Nick and Phyllis all our at Nick and Phyllis house discussing the accusation when Paul points out how strange Mary Jane is and Phyllis at first defends Mary Jane saying she is just an intense person. Paul tells Nick and Phyllis that she filled a restraining order against him recently but dropped it after a few days. Phyllis starts thinking and gets suspicious and Nikki, Phyllis and Nick decide to go find out more about Mary Jane. Victor visits with Summer and later talks to Paul. Paul tells him about their suspicious over Mary Jane. Victor tells Paul that he will take care of the Mary Jane situation but Paul tells him that this is what he does for a living. Nick, Phyllis and Nick arrive at Mary Jane's room where the maid tells them that Mary Jane checked out in a hurry. Nick gives the maid a nice tip and the three look around the room. Phyllis is shocked when she finds a picture of Summer and the three rush to inform Heather of what they found. Heather visits with Adam and wonders why Rafe is calling him since he is no longer his client. Heather leaves to meet up with Paul at the hospital where they show her the picture they found in Mary Jane's room. Heather tells them she can't confirm who made the accusation but it is obvious to all of them that it is Mary Jane. Paul reminds Heather that she was there when Mary Jane flipped out on him and got the restraining order. Suddenly, they hear Summer call out for Phyllis and Heather tells the guard to allow them in. The doctor checks Summer out and it appears that she will be okay.

Adam is downstairs when he is able to make out Mary Jane lurking outside and he recognizes her from seeing her with Victor. Mary Jane tries to make a run for it but she trips. Adam finds her and invites her inside. Mary Jane starts going on and on about how horrible Victor was to her and Adam relates to her. Adam offers to give Mary Jane the keys to the shed on the ranch that isn't used until she can figure something else out.