Ep. #9187 - Recap

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Jill apologizes to Billy for not trusting his instincts about Cane. Katherine can't believe that Phillip would make her believe she switched Jill's baby at birth. Jill says they are all to blame for Phillip thinking he need to go to this extreme. Billy begins talking negatively about Phillip and Nina jumps in saying they don't know everything. Jill demands to know what Nina knows but Nina tells her it is not her story to tell. Phillip stops by Jimmy's bar to visit Cane. Cane doesn't want to argue with him and asks him if he has told anyone that he is gay. Phillip tells him that Nina knows now so it is only a matter of time before everyone else knows. Mac shows up clearly still angry at Cane but tells him that she has an obligation. Phillip leaves and Cane asks Mac to buy the bar. Mac asks Cane why he didn't and he tells her that he was looking for a family. Mac believes him and agrees to buy the bar and the two bug as Billy walks in demanding Cane get away from Mac. Billy is surprised to learn that Mac is buying the bar. Jill asks Phillip why he faked his death and sent an impostor. Phillip tells them that he couldn't live a lie anymore and that his drinking was his way of trying to deal. Phillip finally tells them that he did all this because he is gay. Jill and Katherine tells Phillip that he could of told them instead of doing what he did. Phillip tells them that he isn't so sure that they would of understood because it was a different time. Katherine says to Phillip that even if they didn't he should of stayed and tried to make them understand. Phillip tells them that he sent Cane to help them heal and Katherine says that two years didn't make up for the twenty years of hurt he has caused them.

Mary Jane wonders if she should trust Adam, since he is Victor's son. Ashley can't believe Mary Jane was crazy enough to go after Phyllis and Nick like she did and to hurt Summer. Victor calms her down and they wait for Dr. Taylor to arrive for the ultrasound. Adam talks to Dr. Taylor on the phone to see if he has made progress in faking the ultrasound. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he doesn't like the way he is being spoken to and tells Adam that he has reached a point that he wouldn't care if he loss his license. Later, Adam opens the door for Dr. Taylor and Ashley tells Adam that he can stay for the ultrasound if he would like but Adam tells them he has something else to do but he just stands on the stairs as Dr. Taylor prepares. Dr. Taylor puts the detector on Ashley's stomach and the screen shows nothing. Ashley and Victor become worried and Dr. Taylor tells them that he isn't used to the portable equipment. Adam worriedly nearly enters the living room but the screen pops up with a baby. Dr. Taylor tells Ashley that it is a girl and Ashley and Victor rejoice in happiness. Victor escorts Dr. Taylor out after the appointment and Ashley becomes upset with Victor telling him that he is patronizing her. Victor is able to calm Ashley down and takes her upstairs for a nap. Adam visits Mary Jane at the potting shed and reassures her that no one comes out there anymore and drops off some groceries. Adam notices the stuffed cat but with his eyesight thinks that it is a real cat and tells Mary Jane he will bring some cat food next time.