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Ep. #9188 - Recap

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Jack and Sharon discuss their happiness over Sharon's doctor visit though the mood turns somber when they think of Summer, who is under going an MRI to check for brain damage. Jack tells Sharon that he wants to be at the hospital when the test results come back and they both decide to go. Phyllis talks to Summer and tells her everything will be alright. After they roll Summer away to have the MRI done, Phyllis turns to Nick and says that Summer had a distracted look on her face like she didn't understand anything she said. Nick tells her that it is from the coma and she will be okay. They thank Victor for bringing in the specialist but Victor seems distracted and excuses himself when he receives a text message for Jeff and Gloria of him with Mary Jane. Victor goes out into the hall and calls them telling them to meet him at Crimson Lights. Victor runs into Collen and tells her that she shouldn't be there and demands she leave. Jack and Sharon arrive to offer support. Phyllis asks to speak to Jack alone and tells Nick that she doesn't expect him to keep his promise. When Sharon and Nick are alone, Sharon tells Nick that she doesn't expect him to leave his family now and Nick tells her he meant everything he said and the two hug. In the hall, Phyllis reveals to Jack that Mary Jane is the one that put Summer in the coma. Jack is shocked and Phyllis asks if he notices anything odd about Mary Jane. Jack admits that she could be a little emotional. Sharon and Nick exit the hospital room and Sharon sits next to Phyllis and they hold hands as Sharon tells Phyllis that their little girls need them now. Summer's doctor returns and reveals the results. Dr. Han informs them that Summer has some liaisons on her brain and may have problems with language and anger but with therapy she should be fine. Summer returns to the room and is still disorientated and Phyllis and Nick tell her that she is going to be fine.

Heather waits in Adam's room and talks to her boss about the Summer case. Her boss is clearly upset and thinks she has something out for the Newman's. After she hangs up, she wonders where Adam is and is surprised to see Rafe enter the room. Rafe tells her that he stopped by to talk to Noah and was just going to say hi to Adam. Meanwhile, Adam is out at the potting shed bringing Mary Jane something to eat. Mary Jane wants to know when Adam plans on getting her closer to Jack. Adam tells her that she will help him get Jack there when he comes to check on Ashley. Adam returns to his room and initially only see Rafe but Heather makes herself known. When Rafe says he has a client to see and goes to leave but Heather says she thought Rafe came to talk to Noah. Rafe covers by saying that is the client and Adam plays along telling Rafe that Noah is at the hospital with Summer and said he would call him later. Heather laments over her recent case and when she mentions Mary Jane' s name, Adam becomes curious saying he has heard the name before but Heather thinks it must be because Mary Jane worked with Ashley at Jabot.

Victor meets with Jeff and Gloria. They want Victor to repay them for what they loss when he took his money out of the bank. Victor asks them if they want to get back at Jack and Gloria's interest is immediately peaked. Victor tells them that he wants them to discredit Colleen to the rest of the Newman board. Victor calls J.T. and asks if he has found anything about his wallet and to drop any investigation he had going on Colleen. Colleen chats with Rafe at Crimson Lights as Jeff and Gloria eavesdrop on Colleen talking about being lonely. Rafe and Colleen head to Jimmy's bar and Gloria and Jeff go to the Club where Gloria asks a bartender named Aidan to help them trick someone for them. Aidan heads to Jimmy's bar and buys Colleen a drink.

Ashley convinces herself to talk Zapato for a walk and the dog gets away from her running into the shed. Mary Jane throws some of the sandwich Adam bought so the dog runs away. Ashley returns to the house and locks herself in her room. Victor returns home and knocks on Ashley's door telling her that he is worried about her. Later, Ashley comes downstairs and asks Victor if he was at the door earlier and she tells him that she was just soaking in the tub. Victor then asks her to marry him and Ashley happily accepts and goes off to prepare. Adam returns to Mary Jane and tells her that Victor and Ashley are getting married and he found the perfect dress for her. Mary Jane tells him that she can't possibly go to the wedding but Adam tells her that she isn't going as Mary Jane but as someone else and he pulls out the purple dress Sabrina wore the night she died.