Ep. #9195 - Recap

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Billy calls Mac and leaves a message for her to meet him at the trailer. Mac tells Cane that she dropped off the movies for Lily and they seemed to cheer her up. Mac leaves and heads to work. Billy arrives at the trail or and is shocked to find Cane there and Billy throws Cane out. Billy meets Mac at Jimmy's and tells her he found out she was hiding Cane at the trail or and the two get into an argument.

Olivia tells Lily, Neil and Devon that she got a specialist to come in to do Lily's surgery. Lily informs them that she wants to wait so she can harvest her eggs. Olivia tells her that the hormones she would have to take could make her cancer worse. Lily won't accept no for an answer and after Lily, Neil and Devon leave her room, Lily grabs her stuff and sneaks out. Lily arrives at Jimmy's and talks with Billy about Cane. Billy tells her that Cane is still in town and was staying at Murphy's old trail or until he kicked him out. Lily gets upset but Billy promises to help find Cane when Cane enters the bar and Lily and Cane hug. Tyra offers to talk to Lily but rushes back out and tells Neil and Devon that Lily is gone.

Sharon and Jack are at Crimson Lights when they see the press conference Victor had about offering an award for information on Mary Jane's whereabouts. Sharon and Jack return to the club and Jack tries to get Sharon to move back to the Abbott mansion but she refuses. Jack finds a destroyed baby doll that Mary Jane found in the alley. Jack ends up renting a room across from Sharon's.

Mac runs into Mary Jane in the alley behind Jimmy's where Mary Jane is looking for her "kitty." Mac offers to bring Mary Jane to a shelter.

Nikki tells Victor that she saw Adam kissing Rafe. Rafe visits Adam, where Adam tells him that he does not have any feelings for him and is straight. Rafe realizes that he was being played. Nikki tries to warn Heather about Adam but Heather won't listen. Rafe runs into Heather and tells him that Adam is bad news.