Ep. #9206 - Recap

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Sharon tries on the ring the Nick gave Phyllis and begins thinking back on her and Nick planning their future. Sharon spaces out and rushes out of the store stilling wearing the ring. The security guard brings her back and Sharon doesn't understand until the clerk points out she still has the ring on her finger and he has called the cops. Sharon explains her complicated life to him and that she just had a panic attack and didn't realize she was leaving with the ring. When the police arrive, the clerk tells them it was just a misunderstanding but the cop informs him that this isn't the first time Sharon has been in trouble for stealing. The clerk thinks he was being conned and says they will be pressing charges.

Paul is left devastated as Nikki calls off the wedding. Nikki leaves Paul a note. Paul reads the note and calls Heather to come meet him. When Heather arrives he tells her that Nikki called off the wedding but he has to tell her something about Adam.

Ashley lashes out at Victor over lying about the Jabot CEO position, duping her brother and going after Colleen. Ashley decides to take a sedative and go to bed where she has another hallucination of Sabrina. Nikki arrives at the ranch and tells Victor the wedding is off and she is leaving town and doesn't know for how long. Nikki tells Victor that he is the only man that she ever truly loved and knows the same is true for him with her but she understands that he is with Ashley now. Nikki leaves and realizes her cab left without her and calls for a new one telling them to meet her at the main gate and she begins to walk in the rain. Victor goes after Nikki but thinks she already left in her cab. Victor heads to the chapel to see Paul and asks if he knows where Nikki was going. Paul tells him he doesn't know. After Paul leaves, Victor is alone in the chapel and confuses that he still loves Nikki.

Ashley becomes delusional and rushes past Adam downstairs telling him that she has to stop Sabrina from taking Victor back. Adam tries to stop her because the storm is getting worse but he smirks as she leaves. Not to long later, Heather arrives and confronts Adam about being gay. Adam denies it but Heather tells him that Nikki left a note with the information. Heather realizes that Nikki tried to warn her before and Rafe also mentioned Adam being untrustworthy. Heather notes that Rafe has no reason to lie about something like this to her.

Nikki walks to the main gate in the pouring rain as Ashley drives her car. Ashley makes a turn and sees what she thinks is Sabrina and Nikki has a look of horror on her face as a car drives closer to her.