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The Young and the Restless

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Chelsea attempts to convince Adam to see Connor. Victor goes free. Phyllis ends up back in Billy's arms.

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Victor is determined to gain his freedom. Phyllis loses her temper. Chelsea is out for revenge.

Robert AdamsonRobert Adamson
As Noah Newman (2012-present)
Peter BergmanPeter Bergman
As Jack Abbott (1989-present/Marco Annicelli 2015)
Eric BraedenEric Braeden
As Victor Newman (1980-present)
Steve BurtonSteve Burton
As Dylan McAvoy (2013-present)
Sean CarriganSean Carrigan
As Stitch Rayburn (2013-present previously recurring)
Sharon CaseSharon Case
As Sharon Newman (1994-present)
Doug DavidsonDoug Davidson
As Paul Wiliams (1978-present)
Eileen DavidsonEileen Davidson
As Ashley Abbott (1982-1988; 1999-2012; 2014-present otherwise recurring)
Melissa Claire EganMelissa Claire Egan
As Chelsea Lawson (2012-present (guest previous))
Daniel GoddardDaniel Goddard
As Cane Ashby (2007-present)


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37x79: Ep. #9188 recap: Jack and Sharon discuss their happiness over Sharon's doctor visit though the mood turns somber when they think of Summer, who is under going an MRI to check for brain damage. Jack tells Sharon that he wants to be at the hospital when the test results come back and they both decide to go. Phyllis talks to Summer and tells her everything will be alright. After they roll Summer away to have the MRI done, Phyllis turns to Nick and says that Summer had a distracted look on her face like she didn't understand anything she said. Nick tells her that it is from the coma and she will be okay. They thank Victor for bringing in the specialist but Victor seems distracted and excuses himself when he receives a text message for Jeff and Gloria of him with Mary Jane. Victor goes out into the hall and calls them telling them to meet him at Crimson Lights. Victor runs into Collen and tells her that she shouldn't be there and demands she leave. Jack and Sharon arrive to offer support. Phyllis asks to speak to Jack alone and tells Nick that she doesn't expect him to keep his promise. When Sharon and Nick are alone, Sharon tells Nick that she doesn't expect him to leave his family now and Nick tells her he meant everything he said and the two hug. In the hall, Phyllis reveals to Jack that Mary Jane is the one that put Summer in the coma. Jack is shocked and Phyllis asks if he notices anything odd about Mary Jane. Jack admits that she could be a little emotional. Sharon and Nick exit the hospital room and Sharon sits next to Phyllis and they hold hands as Sharon tells Phyllis that their little girls need them now. Summer's doctor returns and reveals the results. Dr. Han informs them that Summer has some liaisons on her brain and may have problems with language and anger but with therapy she should be fine. Summer returns to the room and is still disorientated and Phyllis and Nick tell her that she is going to be fine... read more.

37x78: Ep. #9187 recap: Jill apologizes to Billy for not trusting his instincts about Cane. Katherine can't believe that Phillip would make her believe she switched Jill's baby at birth. Jill says they are all to blame for Phillip thinking he need to go to this extreme. Billy begins talking negatively about Phillip and Nina jumps in saying they don't know everything. Jill demands to know what Nina knows but Nina tells her it is not her story to tell. Phillip stops by Jimmy's bar to visit Cane. Cane doesn't want to argue with him and asks him if he has told anyone that he is gay. Phillip tells him that Nina knows now so it is only a matter of time before everyone else knows. Mac shows up clearly still angry at Cane but tells him that she has an obligation. Phillip leaves and Cane asks Mac to buy the bar. Mac asks Cane why he didn't and he tells her that he was looking for a family. Mac believes him and agrees to buy the bar and the two bug as Billy walks in demanding Cane get away from Mac. Billy is surprised to learn that Mac is buying the bar. Jill asks Phillip why he faked his death and sent an impostor. Phillip tells them that he couldn't live a lie anymore and that his drinking was his way of trying to deal. Phillip finally tells them that he did all this because he is gay. Jill and Katherine tells Phillip that he could of told them instead of doing what he did. Phillip tells them that he isn't so sure that they would of understood because it was a different time. Katherine says to Phillip that even if they didn't he should of stayed and tried to make them understand. Phillip tells them that he sent Cane to help them heal and Katherine says that two years didn't make up for the twenty years of hurt he has caused them... read more.

37x77: Ep. #9186 recap: Daniel is trying to unencrypt the flash drive that he found in the office. Amber tells Jana about Deacon and some of the things that happened in Los Angles. Jana thinks Amber should tell Daniel about her past if this Deacon is involved in the death of the impostor. Daniel is able to open the flash drive and finds the picture of the forged painting. Daniel asks Jana if she thinks it is real or fake but Jane can't tell for sure and suggests he talk to Victoria. Victoria meets with Deacon and they discuss the painting. Deacon tells Victoria that he was a victim of buying a forgery because he was hoping to return it to the rightful owner. Daniel arrives and asks Victoria if she could help him with some questions on a painting. Victoria tells Daniel that Deacon is also an art dealer and could help as well and the three sit down to discuss the painting as Amber walks in. When she sees Deacon she tries to turn around by Daniel sees Amber and introduces her to Deacon... read more.

37x76: Ep. #9185 recap: Victor demands to know why Mary Jane has a poster with pictures of Jack, Phyllis and Sharon called My Enemies. Mary Jane tells him that it helps her stay focused on destroying Jack but Victor doesn't believe her and rips the poster up. Mary Jane becomes upset and Victor tells her that she is leaving town. Jack arrives to visit Ashley at the ranch and tells her that he is the father of Sharon's baby. The two discuss that their babies are due around the same time and the discussion turns to Adam. Adam enters the room as he hears his name and he and Jack exchange barbs. Ashley tells the two to knock it off and leaves as Jack warns Adam about trying to get back at him through Ashley. Nikki informs Victoria about what she saw between Rafe and Adam. Victoria can't believe that Adam is gay and wonders what would happen if Victor found out. Victoria goes to sit with Summer and reads her a book as Victor enters. Victoria gets emotional and then tells Victor she was able to track down a piece of art and is meeting the man later. Nikki sees Heather at the hospital and asks her question about a lawyer having a relationship with a client and Heather tells her about ethics and says she would need more information to make a judgment call. Nikki notes to Victor about Victoria's increasing moodiness. Daniel can't get Balfour's cell phone to work but Kevin calls the phone company and the phone starts ringing. Amber tells Daniel not to answer it but he doesn't listen. Daniel asks who is calling but no one responds. The guy on the other end is the mystery man who was upset over Daniel getting bail and not Jana. The man yells at his assistant for hitting the wrong speed dial button and they have to get out of the room before they are tracked down. They grab the painting and anything else that might connect them to the place and leave but a picture falls out and lands on the ground. Daniel arrives at the office and begins snooping around but hides when he hears someone coming. Amber enters the room and Daniel wants to know what she is doing there. Amber tells him that she knew that he would come here and helps him look around when she finds the picture on the floor of Daniel's painting. Mary Jane interrupts the business meeting that Jack is having to tell him that she is leaving town. Mary Jane then professes her feelings for Jack but he tells her that she knew for the start that he wasn't serious about a relationship with her. Mary Jane runs out of the Club crying and passes Sharon. Sharon asks Jack about Mary Jane and he explains that Mary Jane was much more interested in him then he was in her. When Jack tries to bring up getting back together, Sharon tells him that it isn't the right time. Mary Jane breaks free of the person who was supposed to be escorting her to the airport and sneaks onto the Newman Ranch. In Sharon's room, a cleaning lady finds Victor's wallet that Mary Jane planted. Ashley tells Adam that she is worried about the baby because she hasn't felt it kick in awhile. Adam tells Ashley that he will call Dr. Taylor for an ultrasound. Jana and Kevin discuss Kevin continuing to spread the message of the the silver chipmunks and when some girls give Kevin a bunch of money because they are big fans, Kevin takes it but Jana insists he give it back. Victoria arrives at the Club for her meeting about the art piece and the man is the mystery man that called the dead guys phone. He stands up and introduces himself as Deacon Sharpe... read more.

37x75: Ep. #9184 recap: Daniel and Noah arrive to see Summer and are surprised to hear about the allegations made against Phyllis. Rafe arrives at the hospital and tells Victor that Estella is praying for them. Victor tells Rafe he called because he wants Rafe to look into who stuck the needles in Adam's eyes while he was in prison. Rafe promises to look into it and leaves the room running into Noah as he enters and asks Noah if he still wants to file the paper work. Noah tells him that it isn't a good time and will talk to him about it later. Phyllis paces in the hallway and can't stand that Summer can hear her voice and leaves. Sharon tells Nick that she will go check on her and finds Phyllis in the chapel. Phyllis and Sharon talk about their shared experiences with their daughters. Phyllis appreciates Sharon's kind words and puts a hand on her leg but quickly removes it. Victor is shocked that Mary Jane has showed up at the hospital and demands she leave, but not before she emotionally hugs him. Mary Jane returns to the Club where she breaks into Sharon's room and puts Victor's wallet underneath the mattress. Sharon and Phyllis return to the rest of the family in the lobby and when Sharon prepares to leaves Phyllis asks Sharon to do her a favor. Sharon goes into Summer's room and sits by her bed and talks to her then sings the song that Phyllis always sings to Summer as Phyllis and Nick look on from outside. Daniel and Noah meet Amber at Crimson Lights and Daniel asks what Rafe was talking about. Noah tells them that he is planning to file for emancipation from his parents. Daniel and Amber tell Noah that living on your own is expensive and Noah laments that he just wants to see Eden without it being a hassle. Adam tries to practice what he should say to Rafe because he doesn't want to continue what he started about having feelings for Rafe. Rafe arrives but before Adam can say anything, Rafe asks Adam why he didn't report the needle incident. Adam tells him that he was forced to report the other things and didn't want to make things worse for him in prison. Rafe doesn't completely buy the story because guards typically don't force anyone to report anything. Nikki arrives at the ranch to pick up a change of clothes for Victor that Ashley was supposed to leave out in the foyer. Nikki doesn't see them and heads upstairs to ask Adam. Nikki opens his door and is shocked to see Adam and Rafe kissing. Mary Jane arrives back at her room and is greeted by Victor who wants to know what the poster of her enemies he found is about... read more.
Recurring Guests

Tracey E. Bregman as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (617 eps)
Ted Shackelford as Jeff Bardwell (346 eps)
Lauralee Bell as Christine Blair (175 eps)
Michael Fairman as Murphy (162 eps)
Tricia Cast as Nina Webster (138 eps)
Jess Walton as Jill Abbott Fenmore (126 eps)
Hunter Allan as Noah Newman (116 eps)
Kevin G. Schmidt as Noah Newman (112 eps)
Darcy Rose Byrnes as Abby Carlton (111 eps)
Cady McClain as Kelly Andrews (109 eps)

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Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 12:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 26, 1973
• Febbre d'amore (Used In Italy)
• Schatten der Leidenschaft (Used In Germany)
• Tânăr şi neliniştit (Used In Romania)
• Y&R (Used In USA)
• Yalan Rüzgârı (Used In Turkey)
• Żar młodości (Used In Poland)
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