Top Chef

Season 13

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Season 13

185 :13x01 - Stop the Presses

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186 :13x02 - Pop Up Pandemonium

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187 :13x03 - Spines and Vines

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188 :13x04 - It's a Dry Heat

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189 :13x05 - Big Gay Wedding

In Palm Springs, model Chrissy Teigen entices the contestants to make their best ``date'' dishes; the chefs cater a wedding for 25 gay couples in an elimination challenge.

Source: Bravo

190 :13x06 - Banannaise

In San Diego, the chefs cook up high-end tacos for Mexican chef Javier Plascencia; at Juniper and Ivy, the contestants serve up mouthwatering dishes to complement their handcrafted microbrews.

192 :13x08 - Where's the Beef?

The chefs have to make some visually appealing 'food porn' using only snack food.

194 :13x10 - Restaurant Wars, Part 2

Having prepared a full lunch service, the chefs then have to clean up and do it all over again for dinner customers.

195 :13x11 - Hammer Time

After landing in the Bay Area, the chefs head to Oakland to channel their inner rapper as they prepare a dish for Oakland native MC Hammer. He will decide which funky fresh dishes are too legit to quit. Then, Top Chef Master Jonathan Waxman enlightens the cheftestants with a history lesson, asking them to step into a culinary time machine and cook from significant and influential international food eras.

Source: Bravo TV

196 :13x12 - Wok This Way

The chefs are in San Francisco's Chinatown, ending up at at chef Martin Yan's M.Y. China restaurant, where they use woks. Umami Burger restaurateur Adam Fleischman wants the chefs to come up with their own fast-casual restaurant concept.

197 :13x13 - Back Where It All Started

In San Francisco, the five remaining Chefs face the ultimate Sudden Death Quickfire cooking for Top Chef Master Traci Des Jardins. Then, in the elimination challenge, the Chefs cook where Top Chef first began, at Hubert Keller's legendary restaurant Fleur de Lys, and are tasked to prepare a Fleur-inspired dish for the incomparable Keller, the judges and San Francisco culinary elite.

Source: Bravo TV

198 :13x14 - Magic Hour

The remaining chefs take part in a high stakes challenge in Las Vegas. The winner is whisked off whilst the others move on to cook for David Copperfield.

199 :13x15 - Finale

With the help of mentors and former competitors, the remaining chefs battle it out for the last time.