True Life

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 31/Mar/1998 Fatal Dose
2 1x02 07/Apr/1998 No Money, Mo' Problems
3 1x03 14/Apr/1998 Freaknik
4 1x04 21/Apr/1998 I'm a Porn Star
5 1x05 11/Nov/1998 Matthew's Murder
6 1x06 01/Dec/1998 It Could Be You

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
7 2x01 13/Oct/1999 I'm a Hacker
8 2x02 20/Oct/1999 I Need Sex Rx
9 2x03 27/Oct/1999 I Am Driving While Black
10 2x04 24/Nov/1999 I'm a Model
11 2x05 19/Jan/2000 I'm a Football Hero
12 2x06 09/Feb/2000 I'm on Crystal Meth
13 2x07 16/Feb/2000 I'm a Star At Sundance
14 2x08 23/Feb/2000 I'm The Youngest Tycoon In The World
15 2x09 01/Mar/2000 I'm A Comic
16 2x10 08/Mar/2000 I'm On The Runway
17 2x11 15/Mar/2000 I'm Horny In Miami
18 2x12 29/Mar/2000 I'm Going To Mardi Gras
19 2x13 05/Apr/2000 I Live In A Brothel

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
20 3x01 30/Nov/2000 I'm on Ecstasy
21 3x02 07/Dec/2000 I'm a Backyard Wrestler
22 3x03 03/Apr/2001 I Drive Race Cars
23 3x04 10/Apr/2001 I'm a Cheerleader
24 3x05 17/Apr/2001 I'm a Beauty Queen
25 3x06 02/Jan/2002 The Aftermath of Terror
26 3x07 06/Jan/2002 I'm a Private Wrestler
27 3x08 08/Jan/2002 I'm a True Life VIP
28 3x09 07/Feb/2002 I'm Getting Plastic Surgery
29 3x10 27/Jun/2002 I'm Coming Out
30 3x11 11/Jul/2002 I Have Embarrassing Parents
31 3x12 18/Jul/2002 I'm in Therapy
32 3x13 07/Dec/2002 I'm Going to Fat Camp
33 3x14 22/Dec/2002 I'm a Heisman Trophy Candidate
34 3x15 29/Dec/2002 I'm Getting Breast Implants
35 3x16 05/Jan/2003 Sex2k

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
36 4x01 01/Feb/2003 I Was Famous for 15 Minutes
37 4x02 06/Feb/2003 I Have a Phobia
38 4x03 13/Feb/2003 I'm Adopted
39 4x04 20/Feb/2003 I've Got Baby Mama Drama
40 4x05 27/Feb/2003 I Live in the Terror Zone
41 4x06 06/Mar/2003 I'm a Binge Drinker
42 4x07 13/Mar/2003 I'm a Gamer
43 4x08 20/Mar/2003 I'm a College Baller
44 4x09 27/Mar/2003 I'm Breaking Up
45 4x10 03/Apr/2003 I Have an Eating Disorder
46 4x11 10/Apr/2003 I'm Shipping Out
47 4x12 17/Apr/2003 School's Out: The Life of a Gay High School in Texas
48 4x13 24/Apr/2003 I'm Wasted
49 4x14 01/May/2003 I'm Going to the Prom
50 4x15 12/Jun/2003 First Year
51 4x16 10/Jul/2003 I'm a Fanatic
52 4x17 17/Jul/2003 I'm in a Wheelchair
53 4x18 24/Jul/2003 I'm a Neglected Girlfriend
54 4x19 31/Jul/2003 I'm Getting Divorced
55 4x20 07/Aug/2003 I Want the Perfect Body
56 4x21 21/Sep/2002 I'm Getting Married
57 4x22 14/Aug/2003 I'm Obsessed with My Dog
58 4x23 04/Sep/2003 I'm a Street Racer
59 4x24 16/Oct/2003 I'm Hooked on OxyContin
60 4x25 23/Oct/2003 I'm a Little Person
61 4x26 18/Sep/2003 I Live with My Parents
62 4x27 25/Sep/2003 I'm a Girlfriend (Boyfriend)
63 4x28 02/Oct/2003 I'm an Urban Cheerleader
64 4x29 06/Nov/2003 I Have a Friend with Benefits
65 4x30 08/Jan/2004 I'm in a Summer Share
66 4x31 15/Jan/2004 I'm in the System
67 4x32 22/Jan/2004 I'm an Identical Twin
68 4x33 29/Jan/2004 I'm a Big Wave Surfer
69 4x34 05/Feb/2004 I Live in Iraq

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
70 5x01 24/Jun/2004 I'm Gay and I'm Getting Married
71 5x02 01/Jul/2004 I'm Obese
72 5x03 08/Jul/2004 I'm Surviving High School
73 5x04 15/Jul/2004 I Live a Double Life
74 5x05 22/Jul/2004 I'm a Muay Thai Fighter
75 5x06 29/Jul/2004 I'm in an Interracial Relationship
76 5x07 05/Aug/2004 I'm on Adderall
77 5x08 12/Aug/2004 I'll Do Anything For Money
78 5x09 19/Aug/2004 I Live to Ride

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
79 6x01 07/Oct/2004 I'm Backpacking Through Europe
80 6x02 14/Oct/2004 I'm a Jersey Shore Girl
81 6x03 21/Oct/2004 I'm Rallying to L.A.

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
82 7x01 19/May/2005 I'm On a Diet
83 7x02 02/Jun/2005 I'm Dead Broke
84 7x03 16/Jun/2005 I'm Moving Back in with My Parents
85 7x04 30/Jun/2005 I'm Coming Home From Iraq
86 7x05 07/Jul/2005 I Want the Perfect Body II
87 7x06 14/Jul/2005 I'm A Battle Rapper
88 7x07 20/Nov/2005 I'm a Professional Gamer

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
89 8x01 15/Dec/2005 I'm Jealous
90 8x02 22/Dec/2005 I Have OCD
91 8x03 29/Dec/2005 I'm a Gun Owner
92 8x04 05/Jan/2006 I'm Moving to NY
93 8x05 12/Jan/2006 I'm on Steroids
94 8x06 19/Jan/2006 I Live on the Edge
95 8x07 26/Jan/2006 I Have Gay Parents
96 8x08 15/Mar/2006 I'm a Competitive Eater
97 8x09 22/Mar/2006 I'm on Trial by Fire
98 8x10 29/Mar/2006 I'm a Reality TV Star
99 8x11 04/May/2006 I'm Getting My Big Break
100 8x12 11/May/2006 I Don't Fit In
101 8x13 29/Aug/2006 I'm Returning to the Gulf Coast
102 8x14 03/Oct/2006 I'm Addicted to Crystal Meth
103 8x15 10/Oct/2006 I Have Tourette's Syndrome
104 8x16 17/Oct/2006 I'm a Staten Island Girl
105 8x17 24/Oct/2006 I'm a Civilian Again
106 8x19 07/Nov/2006 I'm Jealous of My Sibling
107 8x20 14/Nov/2006 I'm Moving to Vegas

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
108 9x01 21/Nov/2006 I'm Out
109 9x02 28/Nov/2006 I'm On Vacation
110 9x03 14/Jan/2007 I'm in an Interfaith Relationship
111 9x04 26/Jan/2007 I'm a Sumo Wrestler
112 9x05 18/Feb/2007 I'm Stepping
113 9x06 25/Feb/2007 I'm In Debt
114 9x07 04/Mar/2007 I'm Dating Someone Older
115 9x08 11/Mar/2007 I'm a Genius
116 9x09 15/Mar/2007 I'm Autistic
117 9x10 22/Mar/2007 I Self-Injure

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
118 10x01 25/Jul/2007 I Am Celibate
119 10x02 29/Sep/2007 This Is Me Now
120 10x03 29/Sep/2007 I'm in a Long Distance Relationship
121 10x04 29/Sep/2007 I'm Graduating High School
122 10x05 29/Sep/2007 I Live on the Border
123 10x06 04/Nov/2007 I'm the New Kid in Town
124 10x07 04/Nov/2007 I'm Supporting My Family
125 10x08 04/Nov/2007 I Stutter
126 10x09 12/Nov/2007 I'm Pregnant
127 10x10 19/Nov/2007 I'm Having a Summer Romance
128 10x11 01/Dec/2007 I Live In The Projects
129 10x12 01/Dec/2007 I'm Going to Rehab
130 10x13 01/Dec/2007 I'm Looking for My Father
131 10x14 07/Dec/2007 I'm in an Arranged Marriage
132 10x15 05/Jan/2008 I'm an Alcoholic
133 10x16 05/Jan/2008 I'm the Black Sheep
134 10x17 05/Jan/2008 I Panic
135 10x18 14/Jan/2008 I'm Getting Out of Prison
136 10x19 21/Jan/2008 I'm Happy to be Fat
137 10x20 02/Feb/2008 I'm Coming To America
138 10x21 02/Feb/2008 I Need Anger Management
139 10x22 02/Feb/2008 I Have a Husband In Iraq
140 10x23 27/Feb/2008 I'm in the Sex Industry
141 10x24 01/Mar/2008 A Map for Saturday

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
142 11x01 05/Apr/2008 I'm Going to Fashion Week
143 11x02 05/Apr/2008 I'm Under Peer Pressure
144 11x03 05/Apr/2008 I'm a Southern Belle
145 11x04 15/May/2008 I Have Embarrassing Parents 2
146 11x05 22/May/2008 I Have Schizophrenia
147 11x06 29/May/2008 I Live Another Life On The Web
148 11x07 20/Jul/2008 I'm a Compulsive Shopper
149 11x08 20/Jul/2008 I'm Deaf
150 11x09 03/Aug/2008 I Don't Trust My Partner
151 11x10 03/Aug/2008 I Can't Stay Thin
152 11x11 20/Aug/2008 I'm Graduating High School
153 11x12 13/Sep/2008 I'm Looking For My Mother
154 11x13 13/Sep/2008 I Have Acne
155 11x14 05/Oct/2008 I'm A Single Parent
156 11x15 05/Oct/2008 I'm a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
157 11x16 05/Oct/2008 I'm Living Off the Grid
158 11x17 30/Oct/2008 I'm Getting Married 2
159 11x18 01/Nov/2008 I Have a Summer Share 2
160 11x19 26/Nov/2008 I'm In a Love Triangle
161 11x20 06/Dec/2008 I'm Competitive With Friends
162 11x21 03/Jan/2009 Camp'd Out: I'm Going to Cheer Camp
163 11x22 03/Jan/2009 Camp'd Out: I'm Going to Snowboarding Camp

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
164 12x01 03/Jan/2009 Camp'd Out: I'm Going to Rock Camp
165 12x02 07/Jan/2009 I Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
166 12x03 14/Jan/2009 I'm Addicted To Meds
167 12x04 25/Jan/2009 I'm Nuyorican
168 12x05 31/Jan/2009 I'm a College Freshman
169 12x06 01/Feb/2009 I Can't Sleep
170 12x07 14/Mar/2009 I'm a High School Freshman
171 12x08 21/Mar/2009 I'm Placing My Baby for Adoption
172 12x09 21/Mar/2009 I'm Eloping
173 12x10 28/Mar/2009 I'm Addicted to Porn
174 12x11 25/Apr/2009 Camp'd Out: I'm Going to Performing Arts Camp
175 12x12 02/May/2009 I'm Uncomfortable With My New Body
176 12x13 02/May/2009 I Don't Like My Small Breasts
177 12x14 02/May/2009 I'm Losing My Hair
178 12x15 16/May/2009 I'm Stuck At Home
180 12x17 06/Jun/2009 I'm Bisexual
181 12x18 06/Jun/2009 I Don't Like My Large Breasts
182 12x19 25/Jun/2009 I'm Having Twins
183 12x20 25/Jul/2009 Best and Worst Moments
184 12x21 31/Aug/2009 I'm Ending My Marriage
185 12x22 07/Sep/2009 I Hate My Tattoos
186 12x23 14/Sep/2009 I'm Polyamorous
187 12x24 19/Sep/2009 I'm Changing My Sex
188 12x25 19/Sep/2009 I'm a Fanboy
189 12x26 19/Sep/2009 I'm a Sports Fanatic
190 12x27 19/Sep/2009 I'm Rehabbing My Injury
191 12x28 23/Sep/2009 The True Adventures of True Life: 200th Episode
192 12x29 19/Oct/2009 I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle
193 12x30 15/Nov/2009 I'm Clashing With My Parents
194 12x31 15/Nov/2009 I Have Broke Parents
195 12x32 15/Nov/2009 I'm Homeless
196 12x33 16/Nov/2009 I Can't Leave My Boyfriend

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
197 13x01 09/Jan/2010 I'm Homeschooled
198 13x02 09/Jan/2010 I'm a Gambler"
199 13x03 25/Jan/2010 I'm Addicted to Video Games
200 13x04 01/Feb/2010 I'm at a Crossroads in my Relationship
201 13x05 08/Mar/2010 I'm Ex Amish
202 13x06 15/Mar/2010 I Need a Transplant
203 13x07 22/Mar/2010 I Have Digital Drama
204 13x08 29/Mar/2010 I Have a Parent in Prison
205 13x09 05/Apr/2010 I'm Relocating for Love
206 13x10 12/Apr/2010 Have Neurofibromatosis
207 13x11 19/Apr/2010 I Hate My Face
208 13x12 26/Apr/2010 I'm Hustling in the Hamptons
209 13x13 03/May/2010 I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury
210 13x14 10/May/2010 I Hate My Plastic Surgery
211 13x15 17/May/2010 I'm a Newlywed
212 13x16 24/May/2010 Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia
213 13x17 06/Dec/2010 I Can't Have Sex
214 13x18 13/Dec/2010 I Have a Paranormal Ability
215 13x19 20/Dec/2010 I'm an Albino
216 13x20 27/Dec/2010 I'm Addicted to Food

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
217 14x01 03/Jan/2011 I Have a Fetish
218 14x02 10/Jan/2011 True Life Goes On: Where Are Your Favorites Now?
219 14x03 24/Feb/2011 The Theriot Family: The Riot in the Bayou
220 14x04 11/Apr/2011 I'm Too Young For My Boyfriend
221 14x05 19/Apr/2011 I Have Too Many Siblings
222 14x06 27/Apr/2011 I'm Passing As Someone I'm Not
223 14x07 03/May/2011 I Have an Embarrassing Medical Condition
224 14x08 09/May/2011 I'm Going To Skatopia
225 14x09 30/Jun/2011 I Hate My Roomate
226 14x10 23/Jun/2011 I'm Allergic To Everything
227 14x11 30/Jun/2011 I Can't Get Over My First Love
228 14x12 30/Jun/2011 I'm The Big Girl
229 14x13 07/Jul/2011 I'm Being Sent Away By My Parents
230 14x14 14/Jul/2011 I'm A Sugar Baby
231 14x15 14/Jul/2011 I Want to Be Straight
232 14x16 21/Jul/2011 I'm In The Marijuana Business
233 14x17 18/Oct/2011 I Have Narcolepsy
234 14x18 18/Oct/2011 I'm a Textaholic
235 14x19 25/Oct/2011 I Have a Hot Mom
236 14x20 01/Nov/2011 I'm Addicted to Exercise
237 14x21 05/Nov/2011 I'm Losing My Sight
238 14x22 05/Nov/2011 I'm Being Cut Off By My Parents
239 14x23 05/Nov/2011 I'm Occupying Wall Street

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
240 15x01 28/Dec/2011 The Theriot Family: The Riot in the Bayou 2
241 15x02 04/Jan/2012 On The Mat
242 15x03 11/Jan/2012 I Can't Please My Parents
243 15x04 11/Jan/2012 I'm A Chubby Chaser
244 15x05 18/Jan/2012 I'm a Sex Offender
245 15x06 18/Jan/2012 I Have Diabetes
246 15x07 10/Apr/2012 I'm Addicted To Sex
247 15x08 15/Apr/2012 I Live With My Ex
248 15x09 15/Apr/2012 I'm Supporting My Man
249 15x10 15/Apr/2012 I Have Orthorexia
250 15x11 15/Apr/2012 I'm Getting A Second Chance
251 15x12 22/May/2012 I'm Breaking Up With My Best Friend
252 15x13 14/Jun/2012 I"m Addicted to Marijuana
253 15x14 16/Jun/2012 I'm Working My Way Out Of Poverty
254 15x15 16/Jun/2012 I'm Addicted to Caffeine
255 15x16 16/Jun/2012 I Have A New Step Parent
256 15x17 22/Aug/2012 I'm Working For My Parents
257 15x18 29/Aug/2012 I Work With My Ex
258 15x19 04/Sep/2012 I'm Giving My Boyfriend an Ultimatum
259 15x20 06/Oct/2012 I'm a Boxer in Detroit
260 15x21 06/Oct/2012 I Have A Strange Habit
261 15x22 06/Oct/2012 I Hate My Hair
262 15x23 06/Oct/2012 I'm Addicted To Heroin
263 15x24 10/Oct/2012 I'm Coming Out 2

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
302 16x01 19/Jan/2013 Greatest Moments Ever
303 16x02 19/Jan/2013 I'm Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery
304 16x03 19/Jan/2013 I'm A Bridesmaid
305 16x04 19/Jan/2013 I'm A Surrogate
306 16x05 19/Jan/2013 I Can't Control My Pet
307 16x06 19/Jan/2013 I Hate The Government
308 16x07 05/Mar/2013 I Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend
309 16x08 27/Mar/2013 I'm Addicted to Tanning
310 16x09 03/Apr/2013 I'm Questioning My Gender Again
311 16x10 10/Apr/2013 I'm Living in My Sibling's Shadow
312 16x11 17/Apr/2013 I'm Dating A Mama's Boy
313 16x12 24/Apr/2013 I Need to Leave My Mom
314 16x13 01/May/2013 I Have Social Anxiety
315 16x14 01/May/2013 I'm Too Beautiful
316 16x15 01/Jun/2013 I'm Addicted to the Internet
317 16x16 01/Jun/2013 I"m Starting A Business With My Friends
318 16x17 22/May/2013 Secrets, Lies & Sex
319 16x18 28/Jul/2013 I Hate His Bromance
320 16x19 28/Jul/2013 I Have An Embarrassing Boyfriend
321 16x20 28/Jul/2013 I Have A Family Who Hates My Boyfriend
322 16x21 28/Jul/2013 I"m Saving Detroit
323 16x22 28/Jul/2013 I'm Desperate To Have A Baby
324 16x23 26/Oct/2013 True Life Presents: My Dad Is A Bro
325 16x24 08/Dec/2013 I'm Doing a Tough Mudder
326 16x25 08/Dec/2013 I'm Addicted to Pills
327 16x26 08/Dec/2013 I'm Famous Online
328 16x27 04/Jan/2014 I'm A New Millionaire
329 16x28 04/Jan/2014 I'm Drunkorexic
330 16x29 15/Mar/2014 I'm Preparing for the End of the World
331 16x30 15/Mar/2014 I Want to Be an Obscure Pageant Queen
332 16x31 15/Mar/2014 I'm Part of an Unusual Subculture
333 16x32 26/Apr/2014 The Benjamins
334 16x33 07/May/2014 I'm a Gay Athlete
335 16x34 14/May/2014 I Want a Threesome
336 16x35 21/May/2014 I'm Dating My Best Friend's Ex
337 16x36 28/May/2014 I Want to Change My Man
338 16x37 04/Jun/2014 I Want My Ex Back
339 16x38 11/Jun/2014 I Have A Strange Phobia
340 16x39 25/Jun/2014 I'm in a Mixed Weight Relationship

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
341 17x01 02/Dec/2014 I'm Dating My Opposite
342 17x02 09/Dec/2014 I'm Hooked on Molly
343 17x03 09/Dec/2014 I'm Being Recruited
344 17x04 16/Dec/2014 I'm Breaking Up With My Religion
345 17x05 05/Jan/2015 I'm in a Forbidden Relationship
346 17x06 30/Mar/2015 I'm Being Slut Shammed
347 17x07 06/Apr/2015 I Have Pushy Parents
348 17x08 13/Apr/2015 I'm Obsessed With Staying Young
349 17x09 20/Apr/2015 I Have Epilepsy
350 17x10 04/May/2015 I'm the Black Sheep 2
351 17x11 11/May/2015 True Life: Update Show
352 17x12 18/May/2015 My Parents Love Their Weed
353 17x13 25/May/2015 I Hate My Butt
354 17x14 01/Jun/2015 I'm Having Second Thoughts
355 17x15 08/Jun/2015 Save My Teen Marriage
357 17x17 29/Sep/2015 'm Moving Overseas for Love

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
358 18x01 16/Nov/2015 Hip-Hop Hustlers
359 18x02 23/Nov/2015 I'm Genderqueer
360 18x03 02/Dec/2015 I'm Starting a Religion
361 18x04 09/Dec/2015 I'm a Gay for Pay Pornstar
362 18x05 16/Dec/2015 I'm Living Anime
363 18x06 23/Dec/2015 I'm a Cyborg
364 18x07 30/Dec/2015 I Had My Cousin's Baby
365 18x08 25/Jan/2016 I Have a Trans Parent
366 18x09 01/Feb/2016 I Have a Dangerous Eating Obsession
367 18x10 08/Feb/2016 I'm Fighting My Faith
368 18x11 10/Feb/2016 I'm Dating With HIV
369 18x12 22/Feb/2016 I'm Obsessed With My Ex
370 18x13 29/Feb/2016 My Parents Are in Porn
371 18x14 07/Mar/2016 I'm Married to a Stranger
372 18x15 08/Mar/2016 I'm a Witch
373 18x16 14/Mar/2016 I'm on Smart Drugs

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S16 - #213/Oct/2013True Life Presents: Bachata Nights8
S16 - #308/Dec/2013Updates from the RoadN/A
S16 - #402/Dec/2014True Life Presents: Crazy Young LoveN/A

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Genre: Lifestyle | Teens
Status: Returning Series
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 31, 1998
Episode Order: 17
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