American Idol

Simon Fuller     Creator 
John Bard Manulis     Executive Producer 
Simon Fuller     Executive Producer 
Cécile Frot-Coutaz     Executive Producer 
Ken Warwick     Executive Producer (2002 - 2013) 
Nigel Lythgoe     Executive Producer (2002 - 2013) 
Simon Jones (2)     Executive Producer (2002-2011) 
Per Blankens     Executive Producer (2014 - ?) 
Jesse Ignjatovic     Executive Producer (2014 - ?) 
Evan Prager     Executive Producer (2014 - ?) 
Ken Warwick     Co-Executive Producer 
Nigel Lythgoe     Co-Executive Producer 
Brian Gadinsky     Co-Executive Producer 
David Goffin     Supervising Producer 
Charles Boyd     Supervising Producer 
James Breen     Supervising Producer 
Nicola Gaha     Producer 
Megan Michaels     Producer 
Andy Meyer     Producer 
Beth McNamara     Producer 
Simon Lythgoe     Producer 
Patrick Lynn     Producer 
Tarvenia Jones     Producer 
Jennifer Bresnan     Producer 
Ron De Shay     Producer 
John Entz     Producer 
Billy Cooper     Producer 
Megan Michaels     Associate Producer 
Mike Yurchuk     Associate Producer 
Katie Fennelly     Associate Producer 
Clay Wolflick     Associate Producer 
Patrick Lynn     Associate Producer 
Jessica Kelly     Associate Producer 
Cam Frierson     Associate Producer 
Nikki Boella     Associate Producer 
Esther Frank     Associate Producer 
Mona Grenier     Associate Producer 
Andy Walmsley     Production Designer 
Steve Bass     Production Designer 
Kelly Brock     Casting 
Rocky Brito     Casting 
Amy Kolsky     Casting 
Marc Ambrose     Line Producer 
Simon Fuller     Staff Writer 
Shawn K. Clement     Music 
Jeremy Sweet     Music 
Ashley Irwin     Music 
Chris Walden     Music 
Cathy Waldman     Music Supervisor 
Robin Kaye     Music Supervisor 
Ryan Randall     Hairstylist 
Theraesa Rivers     Hairstylist 
John Dahlstrom     Hairstylist 
Kimberly Hendrickson     Hairstylist 
Klexius Kolby     Make-up 
Tifanie White     Make-up 
Mezhgan     Make-up 
Jeff Guidry     Grip 
Danny Webb (2)     Camera Operator 
George Prince     Camera Operator 
John Repczynski     Camera Operator 
Dave Rutherford     Camera Operator 
Tony Sacco     Camera Operator 
Wade Samul     Camera Operator 
Matt Wicks     Camera Operator 
Alonso Parra     Camera Operator 
Derek Hoffmann     Camera Operator 
Owen A. Smith     Camera Operator 
Thomas Green     Camera Operator 
Kenneth Patterson     Camera Operator 
Allen Merriweather     Camera Operator 
Theodore Ashton     Camera Operator 
Diane Biederbeck     Camera Operator 
Danny Bonilla     Camera Operator 
Manny Bonilla     Camera Operator 
Kary D'Alessandro     Camera Operator 
Dave Eastwood     Camera Operator 
Suzanne Ebner     Camera Operator 
Larry Heider     Camera Operator 
Bob Highton     Camera Operator 
Edwin Horton     Camera Operator 
Steve Martyniuk     Camera Operator 
Michael Percival (1)     Location Manager 
Ramiro Saldivar     Production Assistant 
Christopher Schwein     Production Assistant 
Mark Andrew Smith     Production Assistant 
Chris Trew     Production Assistant 
Samantha Wilson     Production Assistant 
Andy Yip     Production Assistant 
Joseph Ruggieri     Production Assistant 
Jared Richard     Production Assistant 
Jessica Pollak     Production Assistant 
David Eatherly     Production Assistant 
Mike Yurchuk     Production Assistant 
Roger McGuin     Production Assistant 
Laurie Garner     Production Assistant 
Jonathan Mince     Production Assistant 
S. Michael Youngstrom     Production Assistant 
Jill Hoffman     Production Assistant 
Stephen Burns     Production Assistant 
Richard J. Bosner     Production Assistant 
Justin Dybowski     Production Assistant 
Joshua P. Dease     Production Assistant 
Peter Tran     Production Assistant 
Kirk Kelly     Production Assistant 
Nathan Udall     Production Assistant 
Jake Buchheit     Production Assistant 
J.J. Osbun     Production Assistant 
Rex Spence     Production Assistant 
Irit Silverman     Production Assistant 
Becky Powell     Production Assistant 
Adam Mishler     Production Assistant 
Elan Berle     Production Assistant 
Matt Wicks     Production Assistant 
Serge Delpierre     Production Assistant 
Katie Fennelly     Production Assistant 
Norm Betts     Production Assistant 
Darrell Davis, Jr.     Production Assistant 
Atticus Culver-Rease     Production Assistant 
Mark Colegrove     Production Assistant 
Shawn Chou     Production Assistant 
Daniel Cardona     Production Assistant 
R. Todd Campbell     Production Assistant 
Jessica Cabrera     Production Assistant 
Tom Trainor     Production Assistant 
Wendy Bronfein     Production Assistant 
Ian Weiss     Production Assistant 
Daniel Zimmer     Production Assistant 
Carrie Foster (2)     Production Assistant 
Tom Gribbins     Production Assistant 
Blake McNay     Production Assistant 
Joann Matsuo     Production Assistant 
Jen Muccia     Production Assistant 
Bradley Martin (3)     Production Assistant 
Elise Roshau Luquette     Production Assistant 
Nathan Adloff     Production Assistant 
Katie Jordan     Production Assistant 
Chris M. Jackson     Production Assistant 
Josh Hope     Production Assistant 
Lee Scott (2)     Production Assistant 
Jason Henson     Production Assistant 
Rita Hawn     Production Assistant 
Shani Black     Production Assistant 
Andrea Johnson     Production Assistant (Austin auditions) 
Jarrette Moats     Production Assistant (Austin auditions) 
Nicholas Lapolla     Production Assistant (Boston auditions) 
Ray Melendez     Production Assistant (Dallas auditions) 
Todd S. Ross     Production Assistant (Denver auditions) 
Kelly Brennen-Kleyn     Production Assistant (Los Angeles auditions) 
Claire Hoogendoorn     Production Assistant (Los Angeles auditions) 
Erica Bello     Production Assistant (Los Angeles auditions) 
Jonathan Phillips (2)     Production Assistant (Miami auditions) 
Chandra Leigh     Production Assistant (Miami auditions) 
Cammie West     Production Assistant (New Orleans auditions) 
Louise O'Brien     Production Assistant (New York City auditions) 
Jessica O'brien     Production Assistant (New York City auditions) 
Erica Moss     Production Assistant (Orlando auditions) 
Rich Massucci     Production Assistant (Orlando auditions) 
Jason Bonner     Production Assistant (Orlando auditions) 
Tasha Bueno     Production Assistant (Orlando auditions) 
Christina Solera     Production Assistant (Orlando auditions) 
Clark Woodman     Production Assistant (St. Louis auditions) 
Klaus Landsberg     Production Sound Mixer 
Keith Taber     Production Coordinator 
Tom Rice     Script Coordinator 
Nicole Slamer     Script Coordinator 
Josh Miyaji     Assistant Editor 
John M. Cox     Assistant Editor 
Felise Epstein     Assistant Editor 
Tracy Barroga     Assistant Editor 
Doug Hannah     Assistant Editor 
Sara Mineo     Assistant Editor 
John Voralik     Assistant Editor 
Joel Griffen     Assistant Editor 
David Teller     Assistant Editor 
Christina Parisi     Assistant Editor 
Cory L. McNeill     Assistant Editor 
Sean Humphries     Assistant Editor 
Geoff Hathaway     Assistant Editor 
Ben Folts     Assistant Editor 
Barry J. Ward     Post Production Supervisor (Season 3) 
Mark Clark (1)     Gaffer 
Gus Comegys     On-Line Editor 
Marc Fisher     On-Line Editor 
Conner Moore     Other (Additional Sound Re-recording Mixer) 
Nick Manno     Other (Assistant Costume Designer) 
Norm Betts     Other (Associate Producer & Segment Producer) 
Tom Riles     Other (Audience warm-up) 
Cory Almeida     Other (Audience Warm-up Host) 
Barry Strickland     Other (Best Boy Electric & Electrician) 
Gary Gray (2)     Other (Best Boy Electric, Lighting Director & Spot operat) 
Mary Lapworth     Other (Celebrity Judge assistant) 
Jennie Cote     Other (Contestant Coordinator) 
Carrie Foster (2)     Other (Contestant Coordinator) 
J. Armin Garza, II     Other (Driver of the Camera Car) 
Billy Kane     Other (Driver of the Honeywagon) 
Jeff Howison     Other (Electrician) 
Derek Paulin     Other (Electrician & Truss followspot operator) 
Michelle Letarte     Other (Executive in charge of Production) 
Wylleen May     Other (Executive in charge of Production) 
Patrick Sayers     Other (Film Editor) 
George W. Ball     Other (Film Editor) 
Yoram Tal     Other (Film Editor) 
Kevin Finn     Other (Film Editor) 
David Michael Maurer     Other (Film Editor) 
John Sterneman     Other (Film Editor) 
Richard Arsenault     Other (Film Editor) 
Ryan Tanner     Other (Film Editor) 
Julius Ramsay     Other (Film Editor) 
Ryan Polito     Other (Film Editor) 
Dora Rosas     Other (Film Editor) 
Oren Castro     Other (Film Editor) 
Robert M. Malachowski, Jr.     Other (Film Editor) 
Matthew Sharp (3)     Other (Film Editor) 
Barnaby Levy     Other (Film Editor) 
Eric B. Shanks     Other (Film Editor) 
Ben Folts     Other (Film Editor) 
Teresa Lang     Other (Film Editor) 
Gus Comegys     Other (Film Editor) 
Narumi Inatsugu     Other (Film Editor) 
William Morris     Other (Film Editor) 
Michael B. Klein (1)     Other (Film Editor) 
Spencer Keimon     Other (Film Editor) 
Sharon Everitt     Other (Film Editor) 
Patrick Franks     Other (Film Editor) 
Tim Perniciaro     Other (Film Editor) 
John Cox     Other (Film Editor) 
Cliff Dorsey     Other (Film Editor) 
Bill DeRonde     Other (Film Editor & Supervising Editor) 
Don Napoli     Other (First assistant accountant) 
Patrick Kligel     Other (Jib Operator) 
Harry Sangmeister     Other (Lighting Director) 
Matt Firestone     Other (Lighting Director) 
Matt Ford (3)     Other (Lighting Director) 
Kieran Healy     Other (Lighting Director) 
George Harvey     Other (Lighting Director) 
Maria Elizondo     Other (Lighting Technician) 
Rob Whitehurst     Other (Location sound mixer) 
Shawn Chou     Other (Logger) 
Jason Shulman     Other (Main title animator) 
Kevin Bassinson     Other (Music Arranger & Music Director) 
Cathy Waldman     Other (Music Clearance Coordinator) 
Avi Kipper     Other (Music Mixer) 
Susan Slamer     Other (Music Supervisor) 
Aaron Jay Kenny     Other (On-set Production Assistant) 
Ed Smart     Other (Orchestrator) 
Joe Tarantini     Other (Post-Production Assistant) 
Ffilip Bolton     Other (Rigging Technician) 
Patrick Lynn     Other (Senior Producer) 
Megan Michaels     Other (Senior Producer) 
Chris Wagner     Other (Senior Production Coordinator) 
Adam Weber     Other (Sound - Audio systems technician) 
Steven Orich     Other (Sound arranger) 
Matt Slivinski     Other (Supervising Sound Editor) 
Brock Cravy     Other (Talent coordinator) 
John Pritchett     Other (Technical Director) 
Mark Sanford     Other (Video Controller) 
Miles Siggins     Other (Wardrobe) 
Timothy J. Hamilton     Production Supervisor 
James Yarnell     Art Director 
Max Almy     Art Director 
Colby Guillory     Post Production Coordinator 
Jeffrey T. Lehman     Post Production Coordinator 
Danny A. White     Medical Advisor 
Michelle Baker     Production Manager 
Chris Wagner     Production Manager 
Vicki Ariamal     Production Management 
Andrew Tills     Sound Mixer 
Brian Riordan     Sound Mixer 
Kamal Humphrey     Sound Mixer 
Daniel S. McCoy     Sound Mixer 
Jenn Raudman     Sound Mixer 
J. Mark King     Sound Mixer 
Keith A. Garcia     Sound Mixer 
Andrew Fletcher     Sound Mixer 
Michael Abbott     Sound Mixer 
Steve Anderson (1)     Sound Mixer 
Dave Rutherford     Cinematographer 
Jack Messitt     Cinematographer 
A. Troy Thomas     Sound Recordist 
Elliott Cowand (1)     Sound Recordist 
Jason Atwell     Sound Recordist 
Priya Balachandran     Segment Producer 
Stephanie Lydecker     Segment Producer 
Sarah Kane     Segment Producer 
Carrie Ann Inaba     Choreographer 
Bruce Gowers     Series Director 
Cathy Dennis     Composer 
Rickey Minor     Music Director 
Brian Robinson (3)     Associate Producer & Segment Producer 
Classification: Reality
Genre: Competition | Music | Talent
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays, Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 11, 2002
Ended: April 07, 2016
Episode Order: 23
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