Anime Unleashed

Anime Unleashed

A treat to the eyes and a feast for the mind, "Anime Unleashed" selects the best, most fascinating and funny pieces of Japanese Animation for your viewing pleasure. From giant robots to high school hijinks, look to Anime Unleashed to keep your anime appetite satisfied. The first season was almost a nonstop set of new shows and material airing almost every single week. Two episodes would air in an hour, usually one rerun of the last new episode and one new episode as a followup. Ten shows made their American debut in 2003.

In season two, the new material slowed down. Somewhat due to the massive library they now had syndication right to, but mainly because the merger between G4 and TechTv made management want to replay the episodes for fans to see again. Most of the episodes that aired were reruns of the previous eight shows. Also, nights would be spotty as to whether there was one or two episodes airing that night. During this season, only four new shows aired. Season three had brand new anime for most of the year. However, about half of that was made up of shows from the previous two seasons, showing the "second season" of those previous shows. In all, only four new shows aired between the start of Season 3 and the start of what should have been Season 4.

As of March 16th 2006 Anime Unleashed has been taken off of the G4 schedule. It is unkown if it will be just for a short period of time or if G4 has decided to end the show. Recenlty it was announced by one of the shows producers (who post under the name Teggy on the G4 message board) that there would be an upcoming statement about the current status of the show.

Shows That Have Been On "AU"

Armitage: Dual Matrix
Banner of the Stars
Boogiepop Phantom
Crest of the Stars
Cromartie High School
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Gad Guard
Gatekeepers 21
Last Exile
Magical☆Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
R.O.D. the TV
Serial Experiments Lain
Silent Möbius

Episode Info

Final: 4x06 -- Cromartie High School: Animal Lovers Club (Jan/21/2006)


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Recurring Guests

Diva West as Ayuko Rara (6 eps)
Melanie MacQueen as Reika Nanjoin (5 eps)
G. Gordon Baer as Hiroshi Rara (5 eps)
Jessica Gee as Alien (2 eps)
Bo Williams as United Team Alliance (2 eps)
Selece Zan as Alice (2 eps)

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