Season 6

51 :06x02 - The Gamble

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52 :06x03 - Pressure

Shawn gets his family to help him reach his goal. The Kellys familiarize themselves with their new claims.

53 :06x04 - Golden Dreams

Shawn needs to try and deal with a setback on the Christine Rose before heading to the Bluff.

54 :06x05 - Father's Day

Mining is a family business, which means Father's Day in Nome has a whole new meaning. While Shawn looks to give his dad a golden gift for the inland mining operation, he pauses to pass on a dive lesson to his own son.

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57 :06x08 - Teamwork

A blowup at the inland mining site creates some tension between the Pomrenkes that leaves their operation at risk.

58 :06x09 - Turf War

Shawn Pomrenke gets ready to make his way to the Bluff whilst Derek McLarty attempts to trick a distracted Mr. Gold.

59 :06x10 - All In

Shawn takes the Christine Rose down to the Bluff. Vernon could lose his large investment if he doesn't hit it big soon.

61 :06x12 - The Gold Bar

The epic 2015 summer mining season has come to an end. We've brought Steve and Shawn Pomrenke, the Kellys, Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Riedel, Derek McLarty and Vernon Adkison to the historic Gold Dust Saloon to air their grievances and share their memories.

Source: Discovery Channel