Bob's Burgers

Jim Dauterive     Creator 
Loren Bouchard     Creator3 Eps
Loren Bouchard     Executive Producer3 Eps
Jim Dauterive     Executive Producer3 Eps
Jon Schroder     Co-Executive Producer2 Eps
Gregory Thompson     Co-Executive Producer3 Eps
Rich Rinaldi     Co-Executive Producer3 Eps
Dan Fybel     Co-Executive Producer3 Eps
Kit Boss     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Jon Schroder     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Mark McJimsey     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Nora Smith     Supervising Producer2 Eps
Scott Jacobson     Producer2 Eps
Hyunah Kim     Producer3 Eps
Nora Smith     Producer1 Eps
Scott Jacobson     Co-Producer1 Eps
Stephen Davis (2)     Co-Producer2 Eps
Kelvin Yu     Co-Producer2 Eps
Lizzie Molyneux     Co-Producer2 Eps
Wendy Molyneux     Co-Producer2 Eps
Holly Schlesinger     Co-Producer2 Eps
Ryan Corbet     Associate Producer3 Eps
Mark Seymour     Editor3 Eps
Mike Benner     Staff Writer2 Eps
Carlos Sotolongo     Production Sound Mixer (Los Angeles)3 Eps
Mark Desimone     Production Sound Mixer (New York)3 Eps
Won Joon Jeong     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Jong Tae Choi     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Cam Maloni     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Anneliese Waddington     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Melissa Bardin Galsky     Production Coordinator (New York)3 Eps
Mike Olsen     Script Coordinator1 Eps
Justin Hook     Script Coordinator3 Eps
Chuck Smith     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Dan Earley     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Joey Tennutti     Post Production Supervisor3 Eps
Mark Von Der Heide     Post Production Supervisor3 Eps
Matt Beville     Supervising Sound Editor2 Eps
Carlos Sanches     Re-Recording Mixer3 Eps
Ashley Armstrong     Animator3 Eps
Emiko Sawanobori     Animator3 Eps
Ryan Mattos     Animator3 Eps
Marcelo Benavides     Animator3 Eps
Carly Berezin     Production Supervisor3 Eps
Tad Stones     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Tom Connor     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Ian Hamilton (1)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Young Chan Jeon     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Matthew Long (2)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Tom Riggin     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Perry Zombolas     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Ken Laramay     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
James Kim (1)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Chuck Drost     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Paul Claerhout     Storyboard Artist2 Eps
Daniel Lim (1)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Kyung Shin     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Steven Theis     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Damon Wong     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Cecilia Aranovich     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Robin Brigstocke     Storyboard Artist2 Eps
Phil Hayes (1)     Art Director3 Eps
Brian Hall (1)     Post Production Coordinator3 Eps
Noelle Fuoco     Post Production Coordinator3 Eps
Bernard Derriman     Supervising Director3 Eps
Tony Gennaro     Animation Supervisor3 Eps
Kat Kosmala     Animation Supervisor3 Eps
Peter Truss     Production Manager3 Eps
Il Seok Kim     Production Manager3 Eps
Ron Salaises     Sound Editor3 Eps
Holly Schlesinger     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Wendy Molyneux     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Lizzie Molyneux     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Kelvin Yu     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Stephen Davis (2)     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Chan Jo Kim     Animation Director (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Chang Geon Noh     Animation Director (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Jong An Lee     Animation Director (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Seong Moog Jeong     Animation Director (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Barnabas Park     Animation Director (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Kathi Carver     Production Accountant3 Eps
Mel Sandvik     Production Accountant3 Eps
Elegant Too     Score1 Eps
John Dylan Keith     Score2 Eps
Loren Bouchard     Score3 Eps
Otis Van Osten     Sound Supervisor3 Eps
Joey Cee     Casting Associate1 Eps
Jay Howell (1)     Original Character Designer3 Eps
Janielle Momary-Neely     Animation Producer3 Eps
Patrick Gleeson     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Bradley Rader     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Karen Hydendahl     Storyboard Revisionist3 Eps
Jessie Romero     Storyboard Revisionist2 Eps
Frank Forte     Storyboard Revisionist3 Eps
Sandra Frame     Storyboard Revisionist3 Eps
Brad Forbush     Storyboard Revisionist3 Eps
Gerard T. Galang     Storyboard Revisionist (As Gerry Galang)3 Eps
Mario D'Anna Jr.     Storyboard Revisionist (As Mario D'Anna)3 Eps
John Sanacore     Foley Mixer3 Eps
Mike Benner     Executive Assistant (to Loren Bouchard & Jim Dauterive)1 Eps
Mike Olsen     Executive Assistant (to Loren Bouchard & Jim Dauterive)2 Eps
Matt Beville     Dialogue Editor1 Eps
Jim Dauterive     Executive Production Consultant 
Tracy Jones     Color Key2 Eps
Kaya Dzankich     Color Key1 Eps
Eric Davidson (2)     Animatic Editor3 Eps
Chuck Smith     Animatic Editor2 Eps
Patrick Gleeson     Animation Timer1 Eps
SoonJin Mooney     Animation Timer3 Eps
Gordon Kent     Animation Timer3 Eps
Brian Hogan     Animation Timer1 Eps
Rex Faraday     Animation Timer3 Eps
Holly Du Rivage     Animation Timer3 Eps
Rudy De La Cruz     Background Designer3 Eps
Scott Moot     Background Designer3 Eps
Galina Budkin     Background Designer3 Eps
Ian Hamilton (1)     Retake Director3 Eps
Rick Sullivan (1)     Animation Checker3 Eps
Louis Jhocson     Animation Checker3 Eps
Min Kyung Kim     Translator3 Eps
Ji Woo Suh     Translator3 Eps
Joel Kuwahara     Animation Executive Producer3 Eps
Scott Greenberg     Animation Executive Producer3 Eps
Mark McJimsey     Animation Executive Producer3 Eps
Loren Bouchard     Developed By3 Eps
Jim Dauterive     Developed By3 Eps
Michael Guerena     Color Supervisor (As Mike Guerena)3 Eps
Laurie Wetzler     Track Reader3 Eps
Wilson Martinez     Track Reader3 Eps
Dave Creek     Character Design3 Eps
Audio Circus     Post Production Services3 Eps
Keep Me Posted     Post Production Services (A Fotokem Company)3 Eps
Loren Bouchard     Main Title Theme By3 Eps
Nora Smith     Main Title3 Eps
Rustam Bekmuradov     Main Title3 Eps
Julie Ashton     Casting By (As Julie Ashton-Barson)3 Eps
Kaya Dzankich     Background Painter2 Eps
Julia Kalantarova     Background Painter3 Eps
Ginger Geary     Foley Walker3 Eps
Hector Reynoso     Prop Design3 Eps
Anthony Aguinaldo     Prop Design3 Eps
Brian Hogan     Lip Assignment2 Eps
Acacia Caputo     Lip Assignment1 Eps
Kwang Sun Yoon     Scanner (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Bento Box Animation     Animation Produced By3 Eps
Mauricio Pardo     Retake Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Tom Riggin     Retake Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Aleigh Lewis     Assistant Dialogue Editor1 Eps
Adam Woronoff     Assistant Dialogue Editor1 Eps
Rachel Hastings     Dialogue Coordinator3 Eps
John Coffey     Shipping Coordinator3 Eps
Ernesto Hinojosa     Shipping Coordinator3 Eps
Kimball Shirley     Background Clean Up3 Eps
Liza Epps     Background Clean Up3 Eps
Randy Ludensky     Animation Timing Supervisor3 Eps
Sirron Norris     Original Background Design3 Eps
Yeson Entertainment     Digital Animation Services3 Eps
Shi Young Kim     Digital Animation Services (Yeson Representative in Los Angeles)3 Eps
Kyung Gyong Sun     Retakes3 Eps
Seong Cheol Yeom     Retakes3 Eps
Philippe Angeles     Overseas Supervisor3 Eps
Moung Aee Shim     Model Checker (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Hyang Sun Lee     Model Checker (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Su Kyung Choi     Model Checker (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Sung Gwon Kang     Ib Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Ieun Suk Jeong     Ib Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Soon Yeop Cho     Paint Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Ju Hee Choi     Bg (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Sang Bok Lee     Layout Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Jae Hee Lee     Layout Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Yeon Seok Jeong     Layout Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Myoung Hwa Kim     Digital Checker (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Su Yeon Lee     Digital Checker (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Jin Tae Yeom     Camera Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Tae Gwan Kim     Systems (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Yun Chul Lee     Systems (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
In Chan Park     Digital Chief (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
Chul Bae Choi     3d (Yeson Entertainment)3 Eps
L.A. Studios     Recording Facilities3 Eps
Soundtrack New York     Recording Facilities3 Eps
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Comedy | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 09, 2011
Episode Order: 22
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