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Stacking Up - Recap

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Judges this week were Scott Conant, Geoffrey Zakarian and Aaron Sanchez.

Contestants were Gianfranco Franzese, Sung Kim, Vincent Contreras and Sheridan Su.

Appetizer baskets contained Jumbo Shrimp, Yellowroot Chanterelle Mushrooms, Lapchang and Gingerbread Syrup.

Undercooked shrimp led to the first contestant to be Chopped.

Entree baskets contained Slipper Shells, Taro Root, Asian Long Beans and Quail.

An ingredient left off the plate leads to the second contestant to be Chopped.

Dessert baskets contained Frozen Pancakes, Tamarind Paste, Farmer's Cheese and Orange Sherbet.

Just putting the sherbet on the plate led to the final contestant to be Chopped.