Season 11

10 :11x01 - Frankly Alton, I Don't Give a Clam

One chef needs to prep their biscuits and gravy on a tiny bed they wear on their head whilst two chefs create linguine and clams whilst holding a noodle in their mouths between them.

11 :11x02 - To Kale a Mockingbird

Three chefs have to work in a drum circle as they create a kale salad whilst two chefs have to play air hockey to get their ingredients for poutine. A ,lone chef has to make their red velvet cupcakes from behind a red velvet curtain.

12 :11x03 - The Breakfast and the Furious

A couple of chefs need to make their coffee and pastry dishes at a crowded coffee shop table whilst other chefs have to make an omelet whilst walking around the kitchen on balance beams.

13 :11x04 - Freaks and Greeks

A couple of chefs are required to play beer pong for their Greek salad ingredients; whilst one chef has to make a surf and turf dish using only a branding iron.

14 :11x05 - The Pesto Times, the Worst of Times

A couple of chefs create pesto dishes while working in a personal pine forest and another chef has to make shaking beef on a shaking prep station.

15 :11x06 - The Mother of All Episodes

Mother and daughter teams have to make breakfast in bed in a minivan. One team has to make lasagna whilst carrying a bun in an oven.

16 :11x07 - Shot Through the Tart

Two chefs have to silently make each other's dishes of pain perdu whilst another two chefs have to make meatloaf whilst walking around in meatloafers.

17 :11x08 - License to Grill

A couple of chefs have to hold grill grates for one another as they make hamburgers whilst two chefs are strapped together in one grilling apron as they make a grilled chicken dinner.