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Season 2

10 :02x01 - The Black Hand of Death: Clarence "Preacher" Heatley

The case of Bronx gangster Clarence Heatley is examined in the second-season premiere.

Source: Biography Channel

11 :02x02 - The Shadow Kingpin: Bartolome Moya

Moya and his chief enforcer, Andre Paige, led a deadly narcotics and extortion racket in New York City until the law caught up with them. With a failing heart, Moya escaped conviction and was sent home to die. Authorities would soon discover that he had received a new heart on the taxpayer's dime. With a new lease on life, Moya would disappear without a trace and stir up a manhunt beyond the jurisdiction of the United States.

Source: Biography Channel

12 :02x03 - The Pot Princess of Beverly Hills: Lisette Lee

Drug trafficker Lisette Lee is profiled.

Source: Biography Channel

13 :02x04 - The Mongol Warlord: Ruben "Doc'' Cavasos

Profiling Ruben Cavazos, former president of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Source: Biography Channel

14 :02x05 - Philly's Gangster Queen: Thelma Wright

In her early 20s, Thelma met her husband, Jackie Wright, a major player in the Philadelphia drug game. When her husband was murdered, Thelma was faced with a choice: start life over on the straight and narrow or take over the family business. With a taste of success and the lure of easy money, she started transporting cocaine and heroin between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. But life in the game was not what she bargained for.

Source: Biography Channel

15 :02x06 - The Colombian Rambo: Carlos Lehder

Drug dealer Carlos Lehder, a former member of the MedellĂ­n Cartel, is profiled.

Source: Biography Channel

16 :02x07 - The Kingston Kingpin: Christopher "Dudus" Coke

Jamaican drug dealer Christopher Coke is profiled.

Source: Biography Channel

17 :02x08 - The Baron of The Brotherhood: Barry Mills

Profiling Barry Mills, a leader of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

Source: Biography Channel

18 :02x09 - Mother of the Avenues: Maria "Chata" Leon

Mexican drug dealer Maria Leon is profiled.

Source: Biography Channel

19 :02x10 - Kansas City Kingpin: Alejandro Corredor

This episode focuses on the gangster of suburbia who led a double life, Alejandro Corredor. He seemed like an average family man living in the small town of Fairway, Kansas. But in his other life, he was Kansas City's cocaine pipeline, moving massive shipments from Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel. With the money from drugs, he invested in a local gangsta rap group called Block Life. Eventually, several members of Block Life helped him sell drugs to some of the most notorious gangs in Kansas City. As the money from drugs and the success of Block Life grew, Alejandro strove to keep a balance between his two worlds. But his dealings with the Sinaloa Cartel led him down a dangerous path that would threaten to destroy everything.

Source: Biography Channel

20 :02x11 - Sex, Money, Murder Inc.: "Pistol Pete'' Rollock

Gang leader Pete Rollack is profiled.

Source: Biography Channel

21 :02x12 - Los Muchachos: Augusto Falcon & Salvador Magluta

This episode follows the story of Salvador Magluta and Augusto Falcon, a pair of powerboat racers in Miami who allegedly moved more illegal narcotics than just about anyone in the history of the U.S. War on Drugs. Known as Willy and Sal, they were tried for importing more than 2.1 billion tons of cocaine over more than a decade of trafficking. They were acquitted, but then faced charges of jury tampering. The law finally caught up with Willy and Sal. Falcon plead guilty to obstructing justice and received a 20 year sentence while Sal faced a jury and is now serving 195 years in prison.

Source: Biography Channel

22 :02x13 - The Cutt Boyz: Terrance Benjamin & Derrick Washington

In a decade long criminal run, the Cutt Boyz used violence to control the drug trade within the B.W. Cooper Housing Complex in New Orleans. Washington became the main supplier of Heroin, while Benjamin grew his murderous reputation as a main enforcer and was eventually responsible for three murders. Following a unique investigation approach, federal authorities indicted 11 Cutt Boyz under the RICO statutes for narcotics distribution and murder. But federal authorities weren't prepared for Hurricane Katrina's catastrophic destruction in 2005, which damaged evidence and displaced witnesses. Ultimately, they were able to piece together the case and successfully convicted all 11 Cutt Boyz. Washington received a 20-year sentence, while Benjamin will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Source: Biography Channel

23 :02x14 - Bird and the New Breeds: Dana Bostic

This episode features Dana Bostic and his Chicago gang, The New Breeds. Bostic, known as "Bird," came of age on Chicago's tough west side. He grew up slinging drugs on the corner and ended up a heroin kingpin in his hometown. With a connection to a Mexican cartel, Bostic's New Breeds would package and distribute heroin and defend their turf with violence. When the body count started to rise, Bird and the New Breeds were taken down. They are all serving significant sentences in prison.

Source: Biography Channel

24 :02x15 - "Q" The Motor City Connect: Quasand Lewis

This episode of features the case of 'Q', the Motor City connect. In the shadows of a broken city, Quasand Lewis made millions by way of a complex drug trafficking organization. At the height of 'Q's success in Detroit the Lewis Organization raked in $178 million in drug profits. Following the drugs and the money, the federal government launched "Operation Falling Star" in order to take down 'Q' and build the largest drug related prosecution in the history of the state of Michigan.

Source: Biography Channel
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Educational | History
Status: Returning Series
Network: fyi, ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 20, 2012
Episode Order: 15
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