Boys - Recap

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The episode begins and Hanna is at a restaurant, discussing about her essays with a man. She is overjoyed that he has read them. He is all praises for her essays. He employs Hanna to write an e-book for him. “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me” she says overjoyed. “I need it in a month” he tells her. She is shocked to hear this and thinks he is joking. “I am not joking” he clarifies. Marnie and Booth Jonathan are together in bed naked. His secretary Su Jen arrives and informs him about his schedule for the rest of the day. He reprimands her for taking a bite out of his ice cream while getting it for him, from the store.

Su Jen is really offended and quits. He then tells Marnie he is having some people over in the evening and wants her to be the hostess, now that Su Jen has quit. Marnie is happy to do it. At the coffee shop, Shoshanna tells Ray to go entrepreneurial workshops so he can eventually run his own coffee shop one day. Ray says he has no such ambitions. Hanna arrives and the duo, mention how big a deal it is that she has signed a book deal. Ray asks Hanna to return the novel he had given her. She says it’s at Adam’s; she can’t get it because they have broken up and she isn’t in good terms with him anymore. “It is really your duty as a man to go” Shoshanna tells him. Later, Ray arrives at Adam’s apartment and knocks on his door. Ray tells him he is there to get his book. “I am very busy I don’t have time for a scavenger hunt. You are more than welcome to look” Adam tells him.

Ray goes in and Adam says the book is in the bathroom, probably because Hanna was reading it while taking “a dump”. Ray discovers there is a vicious dog, in the bathroom and quickly closes the door. Adam says it’s his dog and he has put it in the bathroom because it bit him. Basically, neither of them wants to go in the bathroom with vicious dog inside. Adam asks Ray to wait for some time till the dog wears itself out, so it can be put on a leash. Adam then tells Ray that he stole the dog from a guy who was treating it badly. Ray feels Adam did a wrong thing by stealing the dog and reasons that stealing someone’s dog is like stealing someone’s baby. Ray suggests Adam find a way to return the dog to its owner.

Adam agrees and says there is an address on the dog’s collar and when the dog calms down they can locate the owner, using the address. Marnie is at home trying to find the right outfit for her role as the hostess at Booth Jonathon’s house. Shoshanna is with Marnie and is busy ranting about how cheap Ray is when they are out on a date. Shoshanna is really excited for Marnie and Marnie too is happy that she shall be hosting the party with Booth Jonathan. Shoshanna even asks Marnie if she can tag along, putting Marnie in a spot. Ray and Adam on the other hand are taking the dog to its owner. On the way they realize that, they are both very similar in many ways and even think in a similar fashion. Hanna on the other hand begins writing her e-book. Much to her frustration, she hasn’t been able to come up with even one line yet.

Jessa is bunking with Hanna and Jessa’s depression isn’t really helping Hanna’s cause. Adam and Ray get into an argument, when Ray criticizes the kind of person Hanna is. Adam walks away in anger, leaving Ray with the dog. Hanna arrives at Booth Jonathan’s house for the party he and Marnie are hosting. Marnie is too preoccupied with her role as a hostess to spend time with Hanna. A guy at the party makes conversation with her. She tells him she is writing a book. “You should talk to Sketch, he is writing a book too” the guy tells her. Ray arrives at the dog’s owner’s house and the owner’s daughter isn’t too happy to see the dog. She says her father isn’t home and she isn’t interested in taking the dog back, because she hates it. Ray insists and she in turn insults him and tells him to just leave.

At the party, Booth Jonathon offers to pay Marnie for her services. She says he doesn’t have to pay her, because she is his girlfriend. He is surprised to hear this and says he didn’t know he had a girlfriend. Marnie realizes Booth Jonathon hired her to host at the party. He too explains that, she already works as a hostess which is why he hired her. She isn’t very happy on realizing the truth and begins to sob. She says she had begun liking everything about him. She says she liked the idea of being his girlfriend. He in turn is also hurt because he feels Marnie doesn’t really like him, but is in love with the idea of what he is. He feels everyone only uses him and no one actually likes him. “Everyone loves you” she says trying to console him. “No one even knows me Marnie, not even you” he counters. “I hate all of my friends. I hate everyone here” he says, completely frustrated.

Marnie is shocked at his reaction and leaves. Hanna in the meantime is at home, still struggling to start on her book. Ray and the dog on the other hand are sitting all by themselves. Ray is struggling with the fact that, he has done nothing in his life and is a loser. He is feeling sorry for himself and begins to sob. The episode ends at this point.