Video Games - Recap

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The episode begins with Hanna and Jessa waiting at an empty train station for Jessa’s father. Hanna has to pee badly but the station has no bathroom. Jessa suggests Hanna go and pee in the bushes across the railway tracks. Hanna thinks crossing the tracks is potentially dangerous because of the "third rail", but Jessa reminds her they aren’t in New York City. Hanna crosses the tracks and begins peeing, with her buttocks exposed to the tracks. While she is peeing an elderly couple arrives and is shocked to see Hanna and her exposed buttocks. Jessa on her part finds the whole thing funny.

Later, Jessa and Hanna continue waiting for Jessa’s father who still hasn’t arrived. Turns out, her father wants Jessa to see his new house and his new girlfriend. Jessa comments on how odd that is, because she has already met the girlfriend three times. A little later her father arrives. He drives Hanna and Jessa to his new house. Petula’s the girlfriend, hands Jessa some flowers and says how sorry she is that Jessa’s marriage ended. Petula is also happy to see Hanna. Petula tells Hanna, Jessa hates her, so she prayed and the “manifest of the solution” is Hanna. “You’re the cushion” she tells Hanna and hugs her. “I’ve never done it before but I am definitely up for it” Hanna tells her.

Jessa bonds with her father, while Petula on the other hand spends time with Hanna. Jessa tells her father about how her marriage broke up and how Thomas-John didn’t every try to work on salvaging the marriage. Petula in the meantime introduces Hanna to her son Frank. Later, Hanna and Jessa check out the house and talk about her father and the other family members. Hanna tells Jessa that he dad looks really happy with Petula. Jessa reveals that Petula was a masseuse in the rehab her dad was in, and then they both concluded rehab was “shit” and together ran off from there. Later, the whole family and Hanna have a meal together. Jessa mentions how her father had anger issues when she was a child.

Petula tells Jessa how her father has changed for the better after attending a few workshops. “My anger just evaporated in the atmosphere. I am no longer angry” he says. A little later a guy called Tyler who is apparently Frank’s friend arrives. He and Frank have plans to go out. Tyler invites Hanna and Jessa to come. Jessa says she wants to spend time with her father. Her father in turn mentions he and Petula have plans. Turns out, they are planning to attend a workshop. Jessa isn’t happy to hear this and asks her father why he couldn’t cancel the plan when he knew she was coming. He tells her she had in the past cancelled 6 times and therefore he wasn’t sure if she was even going to come.

Next, Jessa, Hanna and Frank are shown sitting in Tyler’s vehicle and having a good time. They are speeding down a road and while at it, are also busy getting drunk. Jessa tells Tyler he is an amazing driver. “In fact you are so amazing you could do this” she says and cover his eyes while he is driving. Hanna doesn’t find that funny and begins panicking. Hanna tells Tyler to stop the vehicle. She then steps out of the vehicle visibly frazzled. She walks into a nearby graveyard and Frank chases after her. He catches up with her and she rants about how scared she is and also how she is starving. Suddenly Frank kisses her, in the middle of her rant.

They stop and Hanna asks him “are you 18?” “No I am 19” he replies and they continue making out. They have sex, but it appears like Frank is the only one who felt anything. They return to the vehicle a while later. “I just had sex with Frank and it lasted for like 8 seconds” Hanna tells Jessa. Jessa is shocked to hear this and says it’s disgusting because Frank is a child. Hanna asks Jessa if she had sex with Tyler and she says she didn’t. Hanna is surprised to hear this and says “I thought that’s what we were doing”. “No we were not” Jessa says. “I wish you had told me that” Hanna says angrily. She mentions that now she is disgusted with herself and her underwear is all wet.

Next day, Jessa with tears in her eyes tells her father that, he was never there for her when he needed her. She says she and Hanna will soon leave. He feels a little guilty and makes her smile by telling her to stay little longer. He is going to cook her favorite meal. Frank in the meantime accuses Hanna of using him for sex. Hanna is outraged at the accusation. She then figures out that this was Frank’s first time having sex with a girl. Frank then hints at the fact that he likes Tyler.

Jessa’s father then drops Jessa and Hanna off at the grocery store and says he shall come back to pick them up a while later. But, he doesn’t show up and they have to walk back to the house. Later, Hanna is all packed and ready to go and that is when she sees a note from Jessa that says “See you around my love”. Later, while waiting for a train to go back home, Hanna calls up her parents and thanks them for being so supportive when she was a child. The episode ends at this point.