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About TVRage
Mission Statement
The People Behind TVRage
Forum Guidelines
Submission Guidelines
RSS: Whazza?
Phases for completion of a guide
=> About TVRage  
TVRage has information from over 29,000 shows, 1 million episodes and 300,000 people listed in its database. Because of our user friendly contribution sections, members can change information such as summaries, air dates, titles, featured music and more, regarding Shows, Episodes and People.

If it is not listed in our database, you can also:
Add a new TV show
• Add a new episode to one of the shows

For each contribution you make, you will receive points after it has been approved. Contribution points will appear in your profile and next to forum posts you make.

By joining TVRage, you can also post messages in our forum; make a list of your favorite shows and view their upcoming episodes; make your own personal schedule; manage your own TV blog; keep track of what shows and episodes you've already seen; and much more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in our Forum.
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=> Mission Statement  
The mission of TVRage is to provide a television resource database, the site aims to do this by providing up to date show listings to a worldwide audience. The site offers a one-stop place to find out everything our visitors need to know about their favourite television shows. TVRage is unique in comparison to other database resources because we never remove anything from the site. We have a comprehensive database full of older shows. TVRage provides a wide range of news, celebrity interviews, listings of cast and crew and worldwide air dates for every television show.
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=> The People Behind TVRage  
Site Administrators - Can do anything.
Site Moderators - Handles anything forum or blog related and all TV/Person guides and contributions
Global Editors - Have editing powers over all shows and people and can approve/deny submissions.
Global Moderators - Moderate the General Forums, Show Forums, and Blogs. Ban and suspend members when neccesary.
Editors - Have mod powers in the forums of and can approve/deny submissions of the shows they edit.
The Covenant - In charge of keeping currently airing shows up to date along with networks.
Crazed Contributors - Can submit information to any show/person that does not have an editor without needing submission approval.

For more information on the TVRage Staff, please see the Staff List.

A word on security: TVRage Staff will never ask you for personal information such as your password. If someone were to approach you asking for stuff like this, report it immediately. Also, especially for editors, we recommend choosing a password you're not using anywhere else.
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=> Forum Guidelines  
We are generally pretty open-minded, and all for freedom of speech. But, of course there are some limits. Keep the following in mind while posting:

  • Be reasonable. It's fine to disagree with people (that includes mods), but don't go throwing around random insults. If you think someone's crossing the line, post a message in the Help & Support forum, then let it rest!

  • Post your topics in the right forum; try to use common sense with this. Read the forum' description below the forum's name if you're confused about what to post there.

  • Do not write messages or topics COMPLETELY IN CAPITALS. It's very annoying.

  • Go easy on the smileys. Someone repeating a smiley 20 times is very annoying too.

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=> Submission Guidelines  
Try to stick to the following rules when submitting information. If you don't, there's a very good chance your submission will simply be rejected.

  • Don't add upcoming episodes you don't know the air date for! Networks shuffle episodes around a lot, and the order you've added them in most likely won't be the same as the order they will air in. Also, a lot of the future episode titles floating around turn out to be fake, so let's only add the ones we're fairly certain of.

  • Make sure your contributions are free of grammar and spelling errors. Use the spell checker. If you know that grammar isn't your thing, ask someone else to proofread your stuff before you submit it.

  • Use common sense on the "changes notes" field. If you are adding an episode or summary that we didn't have yet, there's no need to add "I'm submitting a new episode" or "there was no summary" as notes. However, if you're changing existing stuff, always give a reason.

  • We can't emphasize it enough: do not copy other people's work! If you have submitted your own summaries to other sites (such as tv.com) in the past, let us know before you submit it here, otherwise they will be rejected!

    An exception are the network's official show descriptions, although we encourage you to rewrite those a little in your own words. At least fully read, check, and strip the description before you submit it. For example, from the following press release:

    NBC announced that its high-stakes version of the international hit game show "Deal or No Deal" - hosted by actor-comedian Howie Mandel -- will premiere as a four-night event from Monday, December 19 through Friday, December 23 (8-9 p.m. all nights).

    Hosted by Mandel ("Hidden Howie"), "Deal or No Deal" is an exhilarating game show from the producers of NBC's "Fear Factor" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" where contestants play and deal for a top prize of $1 million dollars in a high-energy match of nerves, instincts and raw intuition.

    ... you could submit:

    Hosted by Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal is an exhilarating game show from the producers of NBC's "Fear Factor" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" where contestants play and deal for a top prize of $1 million dollars in a high-energy match of nerves, instincts and raw intuition.

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=> RSS: Whazza?  
We've added support for RSS feeds.

"RSS" is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" - more commonly known as "dynamic bookmarks". The system is mostly used for news websites - enabling the user to quickly glance over the latest headlines. Via the same system you can now easily get a list of new TV episodes in your bookmarks.

I'm only discussing RSS in combination with FireFox here. Internet Explorer still (I believe) has no RSS support yet, and I have no experience with separate or standalone aggregators.

First a glance on how it'll look. Say you are interested in all the scripted and reality shows that are on TV tonight. In Firefox, you'd go to Bookmarks -> Manage bookmarks, then File -> New Live bookmark.

For the scripted/reality shows only, you would use this URL. Paste it into "feed location", give it a name to your liking, and hit OK.

Open up your bookmarks menu, and lookie lookie:

A fun fact is that google personal homepage also supports custom RSS feeds - though only up to 9 items (9 shows) large.

If you click on the show name, you'll be redirected to its TVRage page.

We'll be adding the ultimate filtering system later on, but for now you can pick between a lot of predefined presets. The RSS page lists all the options you use, but keep in mind you can combine all of them as you wish.

The url will always be in the following format: http://www.tvrage.com/myrss.php?option1=value1&option2=value2&option3=value3 etcetera.

A quick explanation of the options. By default the list will include tonight's episodes. With the parameters ?date=tomorrow or ?date=yesterday, well, you get the idea.

Also by default, the list will include shows of any type. With the class option you can limit this - you can combine the parameters here as you please. For example, ?class=scripted would show only scripted shows; ?class=scripted,reality,talkshows would... well, you get the idea again.

Also by default, the list of episodes is limited to United States shows. With the ?country=GB parameter you can switch to another country. GB = Great Britain / England, AU = Australia, CA = Canada.

?show_network=1 will include the show's network in the title, and ?hide_time=1 will remove the separators that divide the different time slots (if you need to save space)

The last option is to go about it completely differently: only show your favorite shows - the ones that you've listed in "My Shows". In this case the URL will look a little more complicated - everybody has to include a personal hash, to prevent others from finding out what your favorite shows are.

Visit the RSS page to get your personal hash / RSS url. You can also combine the personal feeds with the show_network / hide_time options.
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=> Members  
The member list can be used to view a list of all current members or to search for a particular member.
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=> Phases for completion of a guide  
Phase 1: Show Summary, Image, Cast, Crew (Show and Episode), Episode List, Episode Summaries, Guest Stars
Phase 2: Featured Songs, Episode Notes, Episode Quotes, Full Episode Crew, Episode References, Episode Goofs, Show Tidbits, Merchandise, Episode Screencaps
Phase 3: Character Guides, Seasonal Guides, Show Slang
Phase 4: Recaps, Episode Analyses
Phase 5: Episode Summaries/Recaps/Character and Seasonal Guides available in other languages

An in-depth guide to completion can be found here.
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