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Site Manager
Site Moderators
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Other Staff
=> Site Manager  
Ben21 (Send PM) (Blog) Twitter, Email
On the site Ben is responsible for updating the main US, UK & Australian schedules. He has complete power over all features of TVRage and manages the staff. Ben is also the News Editor.
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=> Site Moderators  
Gadfly (Send PM) (Blog) Email
Gadfly is the king of completion requests, he also moderates submissions and spends his time updating current and past shows to Levels 3 and 4.
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=> Global Editor  
Kandee (Send PM) (Blog)
Is in charge of keeping current shows up to date, with original summaries, crew and guest stars. He also moderates submissions made to the site.
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=> Data Entry Specialist  
KYLEd (Send PM) (Blog) Twitter
KyleD updates American animations, keeping them up to date with cast, crew and other information.
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=> Other Staff  
Global Moderators
Global Moderators deal with forum or blog related issues at TVRage.
Ryan (Send PM) (Blog)
WiseCrack (Send PM) (Blog)

Forum Moderators
Forum Moderators have the power to moderate and deal with issues in the forums.
andrew (Send PM) (Blog)
holophonor (Send PM) (Blog)

Section 31
Section 31 is responsible for updating schedules from across the world and has some additional access to other members.
JAGUARDOG (Send PM) (Blog)

Crazed Contributors
Crazed Contributors can update any show or person that does not have an editor without needing approval.
alicea (Send PM) (Blog)
Allison (Send PM) (Blog)
bigdocfan (Send PM) (Blog)
bungle02uk (Send PM) (Blog)
calicow (Send PM) (Blog)
CommanderBalok (Send PM) (Blog)
glowfan (Send PM) (Blog)
Gus (Send PM) (Blog)
Harnas (Send PM) (Blog)
Mad_Buck (Send PM) (Blog)
Morning_Star (Send PM) (Blog)
MTQueenie (Send PM) (Blog)
noslacking (Send PM) (Blog)
reinaldos (Send PM) (Blog)
Sense1601 (Send PM) (Blog)
soapfan (Send PM) (Blog)
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