New Girl

Elizabeth Meriwether     Creator24 Eps
Brett Baer     Executive Producer24 Eps
Dave Finkel     Executive Producer24 Eps
Katherine Pope     Executive Producer23 Eps
Peter Chernin     Executive Producer23 Eps
Jake Kasdan     Executive Producer24 Eps
Elizabeth Meriwether     Executive Producer25 Eps
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel     Co-Executive Producer5 Eps
Zooey Deschanel     Co-Executive Producer6 Eps
David Feeney     Co-Executive Producer5 Eps
Rob Rosell     Co-Executive Producer5 Eps
Erin O'Malley     Co-Executive Producer5 Eps
Kay Cannon     Co-Executive Producer16 Eps
Joe Wiseman     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Joe Port     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Donick Cary     Co-Executive Producer18 Eps
Pavun Shetty     Supervising Producer 
Luvh Rakhe     Supervising Producer 
Ryan Koh     Supervising Producer 
Alex Cuthbertson     Producer 
Matt Fusfeld     Producer 
Pavun Shetty     Producer16 Eps
Luvh Rakhe     Producer17 Eps
Ryan Koh     Producer17 Eps
David Iserson     Producer17 Eps
Erin O'Malley     Producer18 Eps
Zooey Deschanel     Producer19 Eps
Bari Halle     Producer1 Eps
Berkley Johnson     Co-Producer5 Eps
Nina Pedrad     Co-Producer5 Eps
Josh Malmuth     Co-Producer5 Eps
Kim Rosenstock     Co-Producer5 Eps
Rachel Axler     Co-Producer1 Eps
Luvh Rakhe     Co-Producer1 Eps
Megan Mascena Gaspar     Co-Producer (as Megan Mascena)20 Eps
J.J. Philbin     Consulting Producer24 Eps
Megan Mascena Gaspar     Associate Producer (as Megan Mascena)2 Eps
Jefferson Sage     Production Designer1 Eps
Michael Whetstone     Production Designer21 Eps
Giselle Murillo     Editor2 Eps
Brian Merken     Editor4 Eps
Dan Schalk     Editor6 Eps
Steve Welch     Editor12 Eps
Hugh Ross (2)     Editor1 Eps
Anya Colloff     Casting21 Eps
Michael Nicolo     Casting21 Eps
Erin O'Malley     Unit Production Manager21 Eps
Jim Sharp (2)     Unit Production Manager1 Eps
William Purple     First Assistant Director8 Eps
Max Day     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Michael Risoli     First Assistant Director11 Eps
Michael Judd     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Richard Gonzales     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Audrey Clark     Second Assistant Director17 Eps
Kim Rosenstock     Staff Writer13 Eps
Nick Adams (2)     Staff Writer1 Eps
Berkley Johnson     Staff Writer1 Eps
Josh Malmuth     Staff Writer1 Eps
Rebecca Addelman     Staff Writer16 Eps
Christian Magalhaes     Staff Writer16 Eps
Bob Snow     Staff Writer16 Eps
Clint Bennett     Music Editor19 Eps
Ronald J. Webb     Music Editor2 Eps
Manish Raval     Music Supervisor22 Eps
Tom Wolfe (2)     Music Supervisor22 Eps
Debra McGuire     Costume Designer22 Eps
Tom Harjo     Key Grip20 Eps
Randal Tambling     Key Grip (as Randy Tambling)1 Eps
Casey Hotchkiss     Camera Operator14 Eps
Paul Horn     Camera Operator13 Eps
Allen Easton     Camera Operator5 Eps
Tommy Lohmann     Camera Operator8 Eps
Michael Frediani     Camera Operator1 Eps
Lawrence Karman     Camera Operator1 Eps
Kenneth Larson     Set Designer1 Eps
Jane Shirkes     Set Decorator20 Eps
Ronald R. Reiss     Set Decorator (as Ron Reiss)1 Eps
Barry Larson     Location Manager1 Eps
Jesse Cole     Location Manager21 Eps
Bret Stewart     Transportation Coordinator19 Eps
Timothy Bateman     Transportation Coordinator2 Eps
Jeremy Armstrong     Property Master1 Eps
Ben Lewis (2)     Property Master19 Eps
Casey McGarry     Production Assistant8 Eps
Justin Cantrell     Production Assistant9 Eps
Miguel Vasquez     Production Assistant8 Eps
Kenn Michael Fuller     Production Sound Mixer2 Eps
Ken Segal     Production Sound Mixer (C.A.S.)17 Eps
Danielle Snowdon     Script Supervisor3 Eps
Lori Grabowski     Script Supervisor10 Eps
Becky Boyle     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Kirsten Robinson     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Kristin Calabrese     Script Supervisor2 Eps
Jillian Giacomini     Script Supervisor5 Eps
Sissy Bobbitt     Production Coordinator1 Eps
Wendi Hauser     Production Coordinator16 Eps
Erica Peterson     Script Coordinator16 Eps
Keenan Hiett     Assistant Editor7 Eps
Giselle Murillo     Assistant Editor9 Eps
Bethany Orlemann     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Brenda D. Alvarado     Post Production Supervisor17 Eps
John Kincade     Supervising Sound Editor20 Eps
Chris Philp     Re-Recording Mixer22 Eps
John Chamberlin     Re-Recording Mixer22 Eps
Curtis Bradford     Gaffer20 Eps
Armando Salas     Gaffer1 Eps
Tim Suhrstedt     Director of Photography1 Eps
Russ T. Alsobrook     Director of Photography21 Eps
Rebecca Addelman     Story Editor 
Kim Rosenstock     Story Editor3 Eps
Josh Malmuth     Story Editor16 Eps
Nick Adams (2)     Story Editor16 Eps
Berkley Johnson     Story Editor13 Eps
Norman Howell     Stunt Coordinator1 Eps
Jimmy Sharp     Stunt Coordinator17 Eps
Pearl Lucero     Production Supervisor1 Eps
Ryan Janata     Production Supervisor1 Eps
Ryan Guellow     Assistant Production Coordinator9 Eps
Kimberly Gibbs     Post Production Coordinator16 Eps
Thomas Mertz     Special Effects16 Eps
Berkley Johnson     Executive Story Editor3 Eps
Kim Rosenstock     Executive Story Editor 
Josh Malmuth     Executive Story Editor 
Nina Pedrad     Executive Story Editor 
Rebecca Addelman     Executive Story Editor4 Eps
Sophie Olson     Choreographer1 Eps
Mary Walbridge     Costume Supervisor16 Eps
Catherine Hahn     Costume Supervisor2 Eps
Jorjee Douglas     Makeup Department Head 21 Eps
Suzie Shimizu     Production Accountant17 Eps
Sherry Williams (1)     Production Accountant1 Eps
Rick Tropasso     Production Accountant1 Eps
Ludwig Göransson     Score23 Eps
Brittany Jones (2)     Casting Associate1 Eps
Jessica Munks     Casting Associate15 Eps
Cynthia Vargas     Post Production Assistant3 Eps
Joe Hill (1)     Post Production Assistant6 Eps
Juel Bestrop     Original Casting45 Eps
Seth Yanklewitz     Original Casting45 Eps
Nicki Alkire     Hair Department Head2 Eps
Shelly Brien     Hair Department Head16 Eps
Aaron Light     Hair Department Head2 Eps
Audrey Futterman-Stern     Hair Department Head 
Michael Budge     Assistant Art Director17 Eps
Tami Del Conte     Payroll Accountant9 Eps
Mark Peters     Construction Foreman19 Eps
Dan Portnoy     Second Second Assistant Director7 Eps
Mac Brown     Writers' Production Assistant7 Eps
Ashley Burleson     Writers' Assistant8 Eps
Sophia Lear     Writers' Assistant7 Eps
Diane Nitta     First Assistant Accountant9 Eps
Michael Andrews (3)     Main Title Theme By23 Eps
Zooey Deschanel     Main Title Theme By23 Eps
Elizabeth Meriwether     Main Title Theme By23 Eps
Dave Finkel     Main Title Theme By23 Eps
Brett Baer     Main Title Theme By23 Eps
Steve Welch     Editorial Associate Producer19 Eps
Ryan Janata     Associate Producer For Production19 Eps