'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies' Announced

David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies

'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D' (3x60), the latest landmark 3D series from David Attenborough will arrive on Sky 3D this Christmas, utilising ground-breaking 3D techniques and technology to tell the story of nature’s greatest aeronauts and the intricate engineering that has allowed them to conquer the skies.

 In 'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D', Britain’s best-loved broadcaster will explore this dazzling world, combining new 3D macroscopic and high-speed filming techniques to tell the evolutionary story of flight from the very first insects to the incredible array of creatures which rule the skies today.

From the double BAFTA® award-winning team behind 'Natural History Museum Alive' and 'Flying Monsters', 'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D' will reveal the dazzling world of flight as never before. David analyses gliding reptiles, parachuting mammals, acrobatic insects and the exquisite and intricate aerial world of birds on location at a number of locations all over the world including China, Rome, Scotland, Ecuador and Borneo.

David Attenborough commented:

“The story of evolutionary flight is one I’ve always wanted to tell in 3D. It’s a wonderful subject and a
very exciting project but technically it is a huge challenge, especially in 3D.”

Anthony Geffen commented:

“Conquest of the skies builds on all the 3D storytelling and technology that we have been developing on these programmes with David over the last 5 years. Now new macro systems, super high speed cameras and 3D octocopters will allow us to see the story of animal flight in a way we have never seen it before.”

Sky’s Siobhan Mulholland, Commissioning Editor, Factual commented:
“David’s passion for innovation and masterful storytelling continue to deliver entertaining, insightful and immersive shows which we know Sky customers love so we’re thrilled he’s taking to the skies – so to
speak – to explore the world of flight in dazzling new depth.”

Written and presented by the multi-award winning natural history broadcaster, 'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies' marks his seventh 3D project for Sky. David Attenborough in partnership with the
producer Anthony Geffen are the only people ever to win the coveted Hew Weldon BAFTA® award for Specialist Factual twice for their 3D films 'Natural History Museum Alive 3D' and 'Flying Monsters 3D'. Other previous 3D projects with Sky include; the RTS winning ' The Bachelor King 3D', the Best European 3D documentary and BAFTA® nominated 'Kingdom of Plants 3D', the RTS winning 'Galapagos 3D' and the BAFTA® - nominated and Best European 3D documentary winning 'Micro Monsters 3D'.

Commissioned by Sky’s Siobhan Mulholland, Commissioning Editor, Factual and produced by Anthony Geffen (in his eleventh collaboration with David Attenborough), CEO of Colossus Productions, 'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D' represents Sky’s 2011 commitment to investment in original British content.

Since launching Sky 3D in October 2010 Sky has broken new ground across a range of genres, including natural history, live music, the arts, sports and movies. Highlights have included live 3D broadcasts of a number of musical and dance performances including the 'Got To Dance' Live Final and 'Kylie Minogue Live From The O2', the world’s first 3D opera, dance performances and music festival, the 3D TV world
premieres of 'Avatar', 'Alice in Wonderland' and the 'Toy Story' Trilogy as well as more than 150 live sports broadcast spanning a range of domestic and international sports.

Following the introduction of Entertainment Extra+ in 2013, customers with a 3D TV who take this new pack or an HD subscription can now enjoy entertainment and arts content in immersive 3D.

  'David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies' is in production now for broadcast on Sky 3D and in 2D on Sky 1 HD this Christmas.

- Micro Monsters with David Attenborough
- Galapagos with David Attenborough
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Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 23rd, 2014, 4:01 am

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