"No Freakin' Way" Family Guy/Simpsons Extended Trailer Lands and It's Awesome!

Stewie, Bart

A new extended trailer of the much-anticipated 'Family Guy'/'The Simpsons' crossover episode has debuted on Entertainment Weekly's YouTube channel. The five minute clip features footage of scenes between Bart and Stewie and a cutaway scene featuring Homer, Peter and a surprise guest from another FOX Animation Domination show, Bob from 'Bob's Burgers'. The episode will be the first in the 13th season of 'Family Guy', set to air September 28th. The clip can be watched here.

Bob's Burgers in Family Guy/The Simpsons Crossover

- Family Guy
- The Simpsons
- Bob's Burgers

Written by: TomSouthwell
Jul 27th, 2014, 4:28 pm

Images courtesy of FOX


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Dave09... That was American Dad, not Family Guy. And it was Hayley and Steve outside of a nightclub... But there have been a few episodes with one of The Simpson's on Family Guy, But they were cameos and not a full interaction through out


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Video is unavailable?

That's not the first time Stewie shared the scene with Bart as i was watching the last season on 3e & now currently on BBC3, as it was the episode where Meg is doing up fake ID cards outside a concert in their van & Bart shows up looking for one!

In which i thought was weird as there was so much talk about the cross-over in Sept!


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I've just swapped the link, thanks!

Man With Ears

Message Posted On Jul 28th, 2014, 12:08 am
The posted link sucks. Use the version at watch?v=7xcrXwijHlY which has audible sound. I had to disguiee the link due to censorship.

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Message Posted On Jul 27th, 2014, 6:03 pm

freaking awsome!!!

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