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Guardians of the Galaxy - Review (SPOILERS)

"Are you telling me the fate of twelve billion people is in the hands of a thief, two thugs, a murderer and a maniac?" Yes, yes it is.


We've heard it all before, right?

The fate of the universe is in the hands of five unreliable misfits who may or may not work well together and have to save everyone from an 'unstoppable force' that will probably ruin all chances of a successful Marvel movie franchise if they win, (that's what they're really fighting for, we all know it.)

There's a reason everyone has been singing praises for the new Marvel venture in Guardians of the Galaxy, quite simply, it is bloody awesome. From the phenomenal CGI to the intricately carved out characters, you can rest assure knowing James Gunn has it covered.

Guardians of the Galaxy pulls no punches, with a wealth of established comedy actors, most notably in Chris Pratt (Parks and Rec), Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) and John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) you can be sure to laugh your way through the entirety of the movie guilt-free, through the silly humour of Drax failing to understand the concept of metaphors to the comic relief of Groot tirelessly repeating his name much to the dismay of his comrades.

Bradley Cooper as Rocket continues to prove why an actor asking questions on Inside the Actors studio CAN go on to become successful, SHOUT OUT to Louis C.K. You got it wrong, buddy.

Not only does Zoe Saldana look great in green paint, she makes a pretty badass Gamora too. Moreover the actor playing Drax the Destroyer being a life-long athlete only added authenticity to his role, and Dave Bautista also broke down and cried when he got the role which is weirdly cool because everybody loves an actor passionate enough to cry, for a role. Though he may have just been behind on his bills, who knows.

For someone venturing out into the galaxy, Peter Quill is a lot more human than you may think. We see him connecting to his birth planet through his love of music and his trusty headphones, the very thing he almost gets himself killed for, as he escapes the prison. Headphones that made Peter feel connected, to a time, a place and a family that he is no longer able to be with.

There is something very special about Guardians of the Galaxy and how it uses satire to not only create humour but to progress the storyline. Notably, near the end of the movie we see Peter Quill using his love for dance and music as a last resort to distract Ronan and free the Infinity stone.

And as cliche as it is with the good guys doing the ol' switcharoo to keep Yondu from taking the Infinity stone, you can't help but smile as it is done so sweetly in union with the satire throughout the movie. Don't be fooled however, this movie is far from a cliché, better than anything you have seen this year, my guarantee.

Poor Yondo, I don't think he knows it's been switched yet.

As with all superhero films, too much drama and the gaping irregularities in the plot start to scream at you, not enough drama and it just doesn't bode well, plotlines kind of feed off drama. Regardless Guardians of the Galaxy pulls drama and humour together effortlessly, and it works a treat. If you haven't already seen it, go see it! These 'spoilers' don't really ruin the film, I think. After all, the good guys always win in the end, right?

- Chris Pratt

Written by: Qamar
Aug 5th, 2014, 11:50 am

Images Courtesy of Marvel.com and Wikipedia


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