Interview: Cierra Ramirez Discusses ‘The Fosters,’ Identity Crises and “Matiana”

Cierra Ramirez

ABC Family has really stepped up its game with some truly heartfelt and entertaining television this summer, and the fans are responding. With no less than five Teen Choice Award’s nominations, ‘The Fosters’ and its cast should feel proud of the work they are doing and the effect they are having on their viewers. One of ‘The Fosters’ best breakout stars, Ceirra Ramirez, sat down earlier today to discuss her Teen Choice Awards nomination, what it is like to work on set and playing a character that is very confused and conflicted.

Ramirez has been nominated for the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Summer TV Star,” and she says she is more than ready for this weekend. “I am really excited, I have my outfit ready and everything. I heard that ‘Magic’ will be performing, and “Rude” was my summer song, so I am really excited to see them perform live.” On top of this, Ramirez has been getting a lot of great feedback from her fans about Mariana’s budding relationship with Matt on ‘The Fosters.’ After their kiss in this week’s episode the new couple already have their own celebrity couple name (“Matiana”) and Ramirez admits that they get along just as well on set as they do on camera. “The whole dynamic of the entire cast and crew is so amazing that I wouldn’t even call it work. Kissing scenes, stuff like that, it can tend to get a little awkward but thankfully with Jordan (Matt) it is not that way whatsoever. He is so down to earth, I love hanging out with him, and I am a big fan of “Matiana” (laughs). That is our new “ship” name.”

Mariana and Matt kiss on The Fosters

Another thing fans have had to adjust to this week is the big change in Mariana’s hair. While Ramirez donned a wig instead of dying her hair in real life, it was still a drastic difference for the actress. “I have loved playing blonde Mariana,” she says. “I have never done anything like that before in my life. I have never died my hair before, so that was a big change for me. Working with the wig was a really fun experience. I had a really fun time with Esmeralda, which is what we named the wig. She was good to me on this season.”

Something that Mariana has been struggling with since the first season of ‘The Fosters’ has been her identity as a Latina. “Mariana tends to have a little trouble with her originality, and finding who she is,” says Ramirez, “but I have thankfully never had to go through anything that drastic.” Ramirez also said that this is something that is Mariana is going to be working through in the next few episodes. “Mariana has made a very drastic change by changing her hair and you are going to see the reasoning behind that kind of unravel.” She went on to say that she feels a lot of Mariana’s struggles with her identity might loop back to insecurities about her birth mother. “I think it has to do with the fact that the only strong Hispanic woman that she has ever had in her life is her mom. After everything that has happened with that she has kind of cut herself off. I am really excited for her to come to and realize that she is enough and she doesn’t need to hide who she is to make other people happy.”

Rosie O'Donnell on The Fosters

‘The Fosters’ has had some really great guest star appearances this season. In this week’s episode Rosie O’Donnell was back as Rita Hendricks, and Ramirez has nothing but kind words to say about the seasoned actress. “I have only worked with her in one scene, believe it or not. All of the Girls United stuff I never really got to be on set for, but I have talked to her behind the scenes and she is the most lovely person. Always talking about her kids! She is so family oriented and so sweet. I wish I had the chance to work with her more, she is so awesome.”

You can catch the next episode of ‘The Fosters’ on ABC Family this Monday at 9 pm. You can follow Cierra Ramirez on Twitter at @cierraramirez.

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