Catching Up With 'Highway Thru Hell' star Jamie Davis

Recently I got to catch up with Jamie Davis, the star of Discovery Canada's 'Highway Thru Hell' ahead of the third season of the show, which begins this week on the channel.


Jamie Davis Highway Thru HellWhat can we expect in the new season of the show?

More big wrecks and a tough new assignment in Alberta for the crew.

How risky was the decision to expand the business and do you think it has paid off yet?

The decision to expand the business was 'do or die' -- I don't think it's paid off yet, but at least we are surviving. Payoff will come in the future.

Watching it back now, do you believe that Adam was the right person to put in charge of the new operation in Alberta?

Yes.  He is my right hand man and my most trusted soldier.

How aware were you of the other guys opinion of Robin, before putting him in charge of the shop?

I have to make the decisions that work for the company -- good, bad, or indifferent -- regardless of people's opinions.

Do you think it was easier to expand the business because of the exposure the company has had through the show?

Yes and no.  It helps to open the door, but in the end we still have to perform. The need exists, regardless of the TV show.

Is there any locations you would or wouldn't want to expand the business into?

We follow the demand. We are currently operating in Hope (B.C.), Fort McMurray, Lac La Biche, and have just opened in Edmonton (AB)."

Does competition in the area still cause issues with the work your company carries out?

Competition continues to cause issues. We are constantly struggling to adjust our business to stay competitive. Our move into Alberta is one example of this.

What is your mindset as you head into a job?

I become very focused on the task at hand, blanking out all other distractions.

What are the best and worst parts of doing the job that you do?

The best part is the adrenaline rush of doing the job well, with our trucks on the scene. The worst part is the administrative and office side of things.

What is the job that stands out for you in the upcoming season?

There were so many!  But the 'wine wreck' in B.C. has to top the charts this season.

And in your career as a whole?

This would have to be the Spuzzum Bridge accident, where two semi-trucks went over and a paramedic rescue ensued.

Have you ever had to refuse a job because it has hit too close to home?


Is it difficult for you to watch back jobs that you aren't at the scene of?

Not difficult, but it is definitely enlightening to see what happens when I'm not around.

Have you ever had to reprimand someone after watching back a job that you weren't on the scene of?


In the first episode of the new season, you talk about emotionally removing yourself from a situation, when you attend the scene of a accident. Have you had to have this attitude from day 1 or is it something you have had to adapt to?

I've learned that if you become involved, you cannot be an asset to the incident.Highway Thru Hell Season 3

Does working alongside the emergency services help or hinder your work?

We work under the Incident Command Structure as a group.  All agencies work towards the common goal, so the answer is 'neither'.

If you weren't in the job that you do. What would you imagine yourself doing?

I was a firefighter at a young age, but too restless to stay in a government job. My entrepreneurial genes took me in a different direction.

How much has filming the show, had an affect on your relationships with your colleagues and family members?

The show has made it necessary to make certain adjustments and sacrifices in order to move forward on all fronts.

Was the change in Brandon's work attitude refreshing to watch back?

It was great to see Brandon step up and work in the harsh weather flagging.  I enjoyed the fact that he worked so well with Sammy!

Was it a difficult to place Brandon in a new position, after how much his attitude set him back in the last season?

It was not difficult to hire Brandon -- I just wanted him to get through the teenager stage and get down to work.

Have you found it difficult to adjust, now you are recognized in the street?

Being recognized on the street is a novelty at first, but after a while it wears off and you realize that PR with fans is a responsibility to the show and its viewers (it can be awkward at times, though!).

Now you're on TV, is it harder to employ somebody honest, rather then someone who just wants exposure on TV?

We do not hire people who want to be on TV.  We hire people who can do the job and fit in with our crew!

How much creative control do you have on the show, with the jobs that are featured?

I do my best to steer the film crews to interesting things going on and to review the technical issues.  But creativity and storyline is not my job, so I leave that to {production company} Great Pacific TV.

What do you think sets the show apart from similar shows such as 'Ice Road Truckers'?

We only show real issues and events, as they happen.  The viewer gets to experience the danger of these highways, just as we do. That's the appeal.

Do you think the success of 'Ice Road Truckers' has help 'Highway Thru Hell' become as successful as it is?


Can we expect to see a season 4 of the show?

Hope so!  There are no shortage of great stories on these highways.

Thank You for answering my questions and good luck with the rest of the season!

You are welcome!


Jamie and the rest of his crew are back on Canadian screens tomorrow night from 10pm (EST). The first episode of the series, follows Adam as he makes the move to Alberta and Brandon who's attitude towards work seems to have changed.

A trailer for the new season was recently released and can be viewed here;

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Sep 1st, 2014, 9:18 am

Images courtesy of Discovery Channel

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