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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Cookie Monster, Funella and Furgus on 'The Furchester Hotel'

Earlier this week I had the chance meet Cookie Monster (David Rudman), Funella (Louise Gold) and Furgus (Andrew Spooner) for an exclusive interview to talk about their new CBeebies show, ‘The Furchester Hotel’. The Furchester Hotel is about a dysfunctional family of monsters who run a hotel. A problem occurs in each episode, and the gang must find a way to resolve it. The show features extended appearances from Elmo (Ryan Dillon) and Cookie Monster. The show introduces new characters such as hotel owners, Funella and her doting husband, Furgus. The pair are also joined by their daughter, Phoebe (Sarah Burgess), a clever and helpful monster. ‘The Furchester Hotel’ premieres on Friday 26th September at 5:00pm on CBeebies.

Could you describe what The Furchester Hotel is about to our readers?

Furgus: What is it about? Well, it is about quality service-

Funella: It is about the customers is always right.

Furgus: Animal, vegetable and mineral are always right.

What made you want to move to the UK, Cookie Monster?

Cookie Monster: I got offered a job working in the hotel, working in the dining room and room service too.

How has it been working in your dream job?

Cookie Monster: Dream job? It is a job.

How did you get the job at The Furchester Hotel?

Cookie Monster: Well, it is not really hard been able to get a job there. There was no interviews. It was like, you want job? Me said, yeah!

Do you miss working with any of the puppets on Sesame Street?

Cookie Monster: PUPPETS? What do you mean puppets?

Correction: your friends on Sesame Street

Cookie Monster: Yes. I am here with Elmo but I do miss Big Bird, Ernie and Bert. But we Skype! We Skype every day, so it is great. 

Funella: We have a slow connection.

Furgus: Oh, sorry, I’ll sort that. We’re getting fibrotic next week!

Can we expect any other guests from Sesame Street to appear at The Furchester Hotel? Or any famous faces?

Furgus: The vegetables

Funella: Now, the vegetables are very famous guest and the Land-Stompers

Furgus: Oh, yes, the Land-Stompers

Funella: We have all kinds of celebrities. We have Super-rock staying with us.

Furgus: Oh, yes, Super-rock.

Funella: We have a porcupine, yes. Did we have any guest that came in cognito?

Furgus: I don’t even know what that word means.

Funella: I don’t know what that word means.

Furgus: Oh, the hotel inspector!

Funella: Oh! The hotel inspector! That was very interesting.

Cookie Monster: Do you remember Mr Crumb? He stayed in the hotel

Furgus: Oh, no! Oh, yes, I remember that!

Funella: I am surprised you remember that, Cookie Monster!

Cookie Monster: Do you remember that one?

Funella: Of course, we are in a small way, celebrities ourselves. Because we were part of a documentary film about the hotel. We do expect we will get recognised.

Funella and Furgus, did you feel star-struck meeting Cookie-Monster and Elmo?

Funella: Well, of course, Elmo is in fact my nephew as my brother is his father. So we have known him since he was a little boy. Although, he isn’t that large now. Cookie Monster we have known him for a while. They’re family!

Cookie Monster: We’re family!

Funella: All families are monsters.

How has it been having Cookie Monster and Elmo stay in the hotel?

Furgus: There is not many cookies left in the hotel now. We seem to run out of them very quickly. I don’t know how that happened. Elmo is very helpful.

Cookie Monster, what is your favourite cookie?

Cookie Monster: All of them! Chocolate chip. 

Do you prefer English or American cookies?

Cookie Monster: Oh, that is a bit of a difficult one. Next question!

If you could pick one person to stay at the hotel, who would you chose?

Furgus: One person! Oh dear. Oh, it would have to be my lovely wife, Funella.

Funella: Oh, Furgus! I am there all of the time, darling.

Furgus: Oh, I know, but he said anyone I wanted.

Funella: I am sure we would love to have our other family members over.

Cookie Monster: I would love to bring my mammy!

Have you watched any UK TV?

Furgus: Oh, I don’t have much time to watch television. I am usually too busy fixing the lift.

Funella: We don’t have a television in the hotel. We bought one but we found it to be broken. We usually make our own entertainment and we have a lot of entertainment as it is. We are very artistic hotel.

Have you been tempted to audition for the X-Factor?

Cookie Monster: Oh, me, X-Factor, um, no.

Funella: I think Cookie Monster would be better off on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ because he could do all sorts of things.


- CBeebies
- Sarah Burgess
- Louise Gold
- David Rudman
- Ryan Dillon
- Andrew Spooner
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- The Furchester Hotel

Written by: MSW_Matthew
Sep 23rd, 2014, 9:32 pm

Images courtesy of CBeebies

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