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Highway of Tears - The Grimm Recap

There is no mercy in you. You cut off the heads of men and women and those you wear as a garland around your neck.

Nick and Juliette move off to the side as Hank puts out the burning wolfsangel. Juliette assures Nick that she wants him to be a Grimm again if that's what he wants. Hank asks if they should call it in, and Nick says that they need to talk to Monroe and Rosalee first.

Inside, Monroe is furious that the bigots came after Rosalee. When the others come in, Monroe says that the secundum naturae order won't stop, and they consider inter-Wesen marriage an abomination. The couple didn't tell Nick about it because they didn't want to add to his worries. The Wesen Council has officially outlawed such organizations but they have secret supporters. Monroe doesn't know how to track them down and tells Nick that he doesn't know how to find them, and Nick says that it's his problem. Juliette says that they're going to perform the cure and the sooner, the better.

On Oregon US 406, the Turners are driving through. A truck comes up behind them with his brights on, and the wife, Suleka, pulls over to let them pass. The truck pulls ahead of them and then drops a tire trap off. The couple hits it in their SUV and go off the road, and the truck pulls up and two men come up. They are in their Wesen Phansigar forms and grab the husband Dix and drag him away. When they can't get Suleka out, they figure that they'll have to get another and leave with the husband.

In Austria, Ruspoli tells Viktor that they have information on Meisner. Adalind comes in and Viktor offers her food. As she eats, Viktor asks how Meisner knew his people were trying to capture Diana. She says that Meisner had help from Kelly, Nick's mother. They compare notes and Viktor explains that the Resistance took Diana from them at the airport. Remembering what Kelly told her at the station about sacrificing what they love most, Adalind tells Viktor and he realizes who has Diana.

Elizabeth goes to Nick's house and casts the potion, and then covers it over with the hat. Juliette breathes in through the hat and Elizabeth admits that it will take some time for Nick to get his powers back. Once Juliette breathes in, she transforms into Adalind. Elizabeth gets everyone out and the couple go to the bedroom. They turn down the lights and Juliette assures him that she doesn't want Nick to close his eyes. They kiss and then have sex.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Trubel return to the couple's home and the Wesen suggest that Trubel stay with them. They then start drinking heavily to forget what's going on.

Once they're done, Nick admits that he doesn't feel different. Juliette asks how it was and Nick figures that anything he says will be a no-win situation. She assures him that it was good for her and goes into the bathroom to check herself in the mirror. Nick goes to get drinks while Juliette moans in pain. He comes to check on her and finds her on the floor, and takes her to the bed. Juliette transforms back and the pain fades away.

The next day, Elizabeth visits Renard in her new home and he assures her that she still looks beautiful. She admits that she underestimated the power of Adalind's spell and warns that the hat could be one of the most powerful of Hexenbiest relics. Elizabeth tells Renard to treat it with respect and then says that she's leaving soon. She says her goodbyes and warns Renard that bringing him back to life can only be done once for both of them. Renard believes that Nick doesn't know where Kelly is with Elizabeth's granddaughter, but promises that he'll let her know as soon as Kelly makes contact with Nick.

Nick comes down for breakfast and admits that he doesn't know if he has his Grimm powers back. Trubel knocks at the door and Nick answers. Once she confirms that Nick and Juliette are done, Trubel calls Rosalee and Monroe over. Monroe woges to test Nick, but he doesn't see it. Hank calls to check in and to say that they have a case. Once he leaves, Juliette assures he friends that she's fine and Trubel hugs her, happy that she's herself again.

At the crash scene, Wu tells Nick and  Hank that bicyclists found the SUV. There's no sign of Dix. The injured Suleka describes the Phansigar and how they said that they have to get another because they couldn't take her. The EMTs take her off in the ambulance, and Hank confirms that the SUV tires are shredded. Deputy Sheriff Janelle Farris comes over and Nick says that he's seen a similar spiked strip on the road on one of his first cases, on the same stretch of highway. Two men in a tow truck pull up and Farris waves them away, saying that they're not done yet.

Trubel is in her bedroom and sees someone across the street watching the house. She goes over to the car and confronts the driver, and tells him to call his boss Chavez and says that he can't follow her. Trubel then cuts his tires and bicycles off. As she does, the driver Woges and watches her go, furious.

At the station, Hank and Nick look up the case from six years ago and discover that the same kind of spiked strip was used. The couple disappeared but the wife's sister survived the crash. She told Nick at the time that monsters took her sister and brother-in-law. As the detectives talk, officers bring in a Wesen and Nick catches a glimpse of him in his Wesen form. However, the vision fades and Nick isn't sure if it's real or wishful thinking. Wu tells them that the dogs traced the scent to the road and then it disappeared, so a car was waiting for them. A search dog dug up a crude metal figure from the first crash, and Nick suggests that they check the crash site to see if another one was left there.

Trubel returns to the house and looks out, and sees the driver talking to two of his friends. There's a knock at the door and Trubel answers it, and is surprised to see Josh. She drags him in and tells him to stay down, and Josh explains that he had nowhere else to go.

Highway of Tears

Nick, Hank, and Wu go over the crash site with metal detectors and Hank finds a similar figure. Farris comes over and they show her the metal figure. She wonders if it's some kind of totem, and says that the first crash occurred six years ago. Three years ago, a camper was found abandoned four miles down the highway. The owners never resurfaced and their camping gear was left behind. At the new site, Hank detects something and Farris offers to dig. She doesn't find anything, but Nick hears her brush the shovel against something and tells her to keep digging. They find another totem and Farris says that she'll look into the local junkyards.

At the trailer, Nick and Hank go through the journals and finds a reference to the Phansigar in India, related to the Skalengeck by way of a Komodo Dragon. They strangle their victims with their tongues, and practices human sacrifice. The Phansigar always abduct a young couple every three years and bury them alive as a sacrifice to Kali.

At the station, Nick and Hank tells Renard what they've uncovered. They figure that the Phansigar will go after another woman, and Nick admits that he's not sure if his Grimm powers are coming back. Wu comes in and reports that the paint is automobile paint. There is one auto junkyard that was bought out by JP and Sons seven years ago, right before the disappearances began.

At the junkyard, the Phansigar drag Dix out of their car and toss him into a grave.

At the house, Josh and Trubel watch as a tow truck collects the agent's car. Trubel provides Josh with some food and Josh explains about how the Hundjagers came for him and he managed to escape. He wants to talk to Nick, and Trubel tells him that Nick has lost his powers.

Nick and Hank go to the spice shop and tells Monroe and Rosalee about the Phansigars. They want Monroe to come with them to spot the Wesen, but Monroe doesn't want to abandon Rosalee. Juliette comes in and says that she's late because she had to pick up more ammo for her gun. Trubel comes last and Rosalee tells Monroe that he's good to go.

Highway of Tears

Farris goes to the JP and Sons Junkyard and speaks with the owner, JP. She asks if anyone has been buying small quantities of metal, and JP claims that he doesn't keep records. He offers to help, and Nick calls Farris to warn them that the junkyard was bought out seven years ago, just before the first crash. Once Farris hangs up, one of JP's sons strangles Farris unconscious. JP objects, but his sons insist that she's perfect and they can cut up her car.

That night, JP and his sons perform their ritual before a giant metal sculpture of a Phansagir. JP tells his sons to bring Farris for the ceremony.

Nick, Hank, and Monroe arrive at the gate and Nick cuts through the padlock with a pair of bolt cutters.

The sons drag Farris forward and throw her into a second grave. Meanwhile, Nick and the others move in, and Nick suddenly clutches at his pain. He hears Farris breathing heavily and says that they have to get there, and runs forward. They arrive and Monroe confirms that there are only three of them, and they haven't woged. Nick writhes in pain again and by the time they focus on the Phansigar, they discover that they've moved away. Dix screams and Hank tells Monroe to stay with Nick while he moves in.

Hank finds Farris and jumps into the grave, and calls to Monroe to come help. Monroe reluctantly goes over and finds Dix, and JP shoves him into the grave. The Blutbad yells a warning to Hank, who looks up to see JP standing over him. Hank shoots at him and the Wesen dives out of the way, while the two sons grab Nick and drag him forward. JP says that he'll take care of him and woges... and Nick sees him in his Wesen form. Smiling, Nick says that he's done just as JP strangles him with his tongue. Nick grabs it and punches him, and the sons realize that he's a Grimm.

Nick fights the brothers and JP, taking all three out. One of the brothers staggers over to Monroe's grave... and falls in, unconscious. Meanwhile, Nick takes out the others and tells Monroe that he saw the Phansigar woge. He then checks on Farris, and they figure she'll be okay as long as she doesn't remember what happened.

Highway of Tears

Later at the station, Nick and Hank tells Renard that they found the bodies of the other victims. They also tell the captain that Nick has his powers back, and Renard says that it's good to have him back.

Nick and Monroe return to the spice shop and Nick tells Juliette that he's a Grimm again. Trubel steps aside and Nick asks if she's okay. She says that she's good and hugs Nick, and says that they have another problem. They go home and find Josh armed with a machete. He admits that he doesn't have a clue how to use it.

- Erick Avari
- Silas Weir Mitchell
- David Giuntoli
- Grimm

Written by: Van Troughton
Nov 28th, 2014, 8:27 pm

Images courtesy of NBC

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