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Fall - The Once Upon a Time Recap

As the Snow Queen looks down over Storybrooke as the Spell of Shattered Sight spreads out, Gold arrives to congratulate her. He offers the Snow Queen a deal, and confirms that when the spell strikes at sundown, the townspeople will tear each other apart. Gold wants Henry and Belle spared so that he can take them with him. If she doesn't, then Gold promises to kill her. The Snow Queen agrees and tells him to enjoy his trip.

In the clock tower, Elsa and the townspeople watch the spell approaching. Regina warns that there's no shelter from it and it will arrive by sundown. Emma says that they should leave town. They go to the border and the ice wall, and David prepares to climb it so that they build a frame to lift the people over. However, when he drives his ice pick in, the wall shoots up, repelling him. A crack opens in the ice and Elsa finds Anna's necklace. She figures that it's a sign that they're going to win, and Emma sends her parents into town to separate people from their loved ones so they don't. Hook goes to the docks to see if they can use boats to escape, and Regina goes to warn Robin. Meanwhile, Emma and Elsa will talk with Gold. Regina wants to take Henry with her, but Elsa says that the ribbons make them immune as long as the Snow Queen wants them as her sisters. Despite that, Regina insists on taking Henry with her and Henry agrees.


Later at the pawnshop, Belle tells Emma and Elsa that the spell is unstoppable. There is a way to undo the effects on a specific person when they're touched, using a strand of a previously affected person's hair to make a counterspell. Elsa figures that Anna was under the spell when she turned on her in the past, and suggests that they use Anna's hair once they find her. She gives Belle the necklace, and Belle confirms that there is mirror dust imbedded in the metal. Belle goes to find the fairies and have them make up the spell, while Emma warns Elsa that given time travel, Anna may not be the person that Elsa knew However, they have no choice but to find Anna using a locator spell on the necklace.


The Snow Queen's freezing spell ends and Anna and Kristoff thaw out. They realize that Elsa, Ingrid, and the urn are gone. Anna finds a straw and realizes that Rumplestiltskin has the urn. She figures that they can get to Rumplestiltskin and handle him. Hans and his brothers come in and accuses Anna of treason for attacking Elsa. He declares himself the new king of Arendelle, figuring that no one will argue with a benevolent leader after Elsa apparently froze the kingdom. As Anna prepares to fight, Kristoff surrenders... and then he and Anna attack the brothers. They disarm them and take Hans' brother hostage long enough to escape.


At the docks, Hook confirms that the ice war has sprung up in the harbor, blocking the way out. Gold arrives and reminds Hook that he has his heart, and then explains that he wants Hook to take the Sorcerer's Hat to the diner where the fairies have gathered. Once he draws them in, Gold can use the power to leave Storybrooke. Hook has no choice but to obey, but Gold explains that Belle is working with the fairies. He needs to get her out of the diner so Hook can use the Hat. Hook realizes that he plans to betray the entire town except for Belle and Henry, and Gold says that he doesn't care as long as he gets what he wants.

At Robin's camp, Regina and Henry tell Robin what's happening. Robin calls Will out and tells him to have the men break camp. Henry helps them while Regina says that Robin and Henry are the only two people in Storybrooke that believe in her. Robin kisses her and says that what they have is true.

Elsa and Emma use the locator spell and follow the trail. They go to the library and Emma explains about the tunnels beneath the building.


Anna and Kristoff run into the forest and Anna says that she has a plan. She read her parents' journal and they were looking for a Wishing Star to remove Elsa's power. They tracked it to Black Beard and Anna figures that they can pay off the pirate to take them to the Wishing Star.



Emma and Elsa enter the tunnels and follow the spell. It leads them to a rock fall and Emma realizes that it's recent. Elsa wants to blast it away, but Emma warns that it's dangerous and says that they'll find another way.


Anna and Kristoff go to Black Beard's ship. He invites them aboard and they ask about the Wishing Star. Black Beard says that they can have it for the right price: his weight in gold. Anna agrees, but Hans and his brothers arrive to capture them.


Leroy comes to library and confirms that the dwarves can clear the rock fall. However, it will take more time than they have. Belle calls to say that they can make the counterspell without Anna by pulling the mirror dust out of the necklace. It will take longer and destroy the necklace, and Elsa insists that they have time to do both. The others disagree.

Gold and Hook go to the diner and Hook goes around the back. Inside, the Mother Superior and the nuns glare at Gold as he comes in. He says that he needs Belle at the pawnshop for a while, but Belle says that she's needed there. Realizing that she won't yield, Gold offers to stay. The Mother Superior says that it's light magic but he insists on staying.


As Elsa contemplates the necklace, Regina says that they shouldn't be discussing the matter. She reminds them that they're leaders as well as heroes, and they have to make the tough choice. Mary Margaret and David agree, and Emma goes over to talk to Elsa. She gives up the necklace bag and then goes back into the tunnels... still holding the necklace.

Emma and the others take the bag to the diner, but the Mother Superior discovers that the bag is empty. Belle warns that it's too late to go back and get the necklace from Elsa, but Emma goes to find her because it's their only chance.

In the mines, Elsa follows the necklace back to the rock fall. Emma comes down but Elsa says that she has to try and unleashes an ice blast. On the other side of the opening is the harbor beach. The necklace is still glowing, and Emma warns that something must have happened to Anna in the last 30 years.


Hans explains that a paid informant told him where they were going. Anna realizes that Black Beard sold them out, and he says that he met Anna's parents. The pirate sold them the Wishing Star at cost, but they didn't know that only those with pure hearts could use the Star. Anna offers to play Black Beard for another one, but Hans says that he now controls the royal treasury and they won't need money when they're dead.

Black Beard takes his ship out to Poseidon's Boneyard, and Hans and his brothers prepare to throw Anna and Kristoff overboard on the same spot where Anna's parents died. Black Beard has his men bring a trunk out and explains that by putting them inside, it will make sure they don't swim or are rescued. As they put Anna and Kristoff in the trunk, Hans says that it's been 30 years since Ingrid froze the kingdom. Anna realizes that Ingrid thawed them out because she has something worse in mind, but Hans doesn't care and closes the lid. The pirates toss the trunk overboard and it sinks out of sight.



Elsa insists that Anna is still alive, but the necklace stops glowing.

On the ocean bottom, the trunk floods with water. Kristoff tries to cut his ropes on a loose nail, and Anna yells for help.

Elsa talks about how the necklace was the last gift that she ever gave Anna. The spell approaches and Emma warns that they have to go before the others attack them. Elsa doesn't care and stares at the necklace, crying.

Kristoff manages to cut his hands free and unties Anna. He then holds his love and she recites her wedding vows, realizing that she won't have another chance. Kristoff refuses to hear of it and tells her to keep her breath.

Elsa says that she has faith that Anna is out there and won't give up hope, and wishes that her sister was with her. The necklace glows and releases a wave of energy.

Anna and Kristoff hold hands and declare their love for each other... and the trunk appears on the beach. The couple climbs out and Elsa runs to her sister. Anna realizes that her necklace was the Wishing Star, and Emma says that they have to get Anna to the fairies. Elsa hugs her sister first... while in the water near the trunk, the bottle from Elsa and Anna's parents with the message inside pops to the surface.


At the diner, Belle gets a text that Anna is on her way. Gold takes her to someplace safe just in case, and Hook prepares to unleash the Sorcerer's Hat.

As the spell closes in on the town, Emma and Elsa explain that they're immune to the spell and Anna is immune because she was affected before.

In the diner, Hook unleashes the hat and the Mother Superior ducks behind the counter. She can only watch as her fellow fairies are pulled into the Hat. Hook finds her and apologizes, and then pulls her into the hat with the others. Emma and the others arrive a minute later and realize that the fairies are gone. They assume that the Snow Queen is responsible... unaware that Hook is hiding behind the counter.

Gold takes Belle to the pawnshop and tells her to stay inside. He's immune to the spell and she can't harm anyone if she's alone. Gold says that he'll cast a spell to keep anyone else from hurting her, and promises that they'll be together again soon. Once Belle goes inside, Hook arrives with the Hat and says that he can choose between having the power or Belle. Gold says that he can have both and that there is one more thing that he needs, and he'll control Hook until the next morning when everything is complete.


Emma goes to the station with the others, and David, Kristoff, and Anna share a brief reunion. Mary Margaret and David then enter separate cells so that they won't hurt anyone. David has Elsa handcuff Kristoff, while Mary Margaret assures Emma that she'll find a solution and then come back and save them. Emma wonders what will happen to Neal, and Mary Margaret gives the baby to Emma. She assures Emma that they're not afraid of her magic, and assures her that she will use her special abilities to save them all.

Hook comes in and asks to talk to Emma privately. She hands Neal to Elsa and Hook says that he needed to see her one more time before he chained himself to the dock to protect the others. Emma kisses him goodbye and then goes back to take the baby. Everyone braces themselves, and Mary Margaret and David take each other's hands.


Regina takes Henry to her office and apologizes for being distracted by her feelings for Robin. Henry assures her that they'll find the author and assure Regina's happiness, and Regina says that she'll lock the office up so that no one can harm him. They hug and then Henry tells her to go. Regina steps outside and casts a spell to seal the office. Robin is waiting for her, and she says that she's going to seal herself in the vault to protect the others. Robin says that he isn't afraid of her, but she says that he should and goes to the vault.

David tells Mary Margaret that they share a heart and nothing is strong enough to break what they have.

Everyone looks upward as the Spell of Shattered Sight strikes the town. In their cells, Mary Margaret and David release each other's hands and glare at each other.


- Once Upon a Time
- Georgina Haig
- Robert Carlyle
- Ginnifer Goodwin
- Jennifer Morrison

Written by: Van Troughton
Dec 1st, 2014, 12:23 am

Images courtesy of ABC

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