Aha Shake Heartbreak - Powers Mini-Review and Recap

Well, it' been almost a month since my introductory review and article, and five more episodes of 'Powers' under the bridge. So what's been going on since then?

Wolfe has escaped and been recaptured. But we've learned that he can absorb the powers of anyone who took Sway, since it was created from his DNA. Calista took Sway to get powers and survived, but doesn't seem to have any powers except being obnoxious. Zora has become a celebrity and Retro Girl is grooming the girl to take over for her since she's considering retirement. And the anti-Powers movement is picking up steam.

That's the basics. So today we have the review of this episode. It's probably the first episode where people have sat down and talked. In most TV shows, the drama is perpetuated by people not having normal conversations so that they (and we the audience) are confused as to what the heck is going on. Johnny finally tells Christian what is happening with Wolfe, and Sway, and how Christian seemed to get his powers back. Thanks to an introductory flashback with the young Johnny and Christian, you can see what their friendship is like and appreciate what our anti-hero Johnny is trying to rebuild.

Less successful is Triphammer's explanation to Retro Girl of Black Swan. If it's a secret, why is he telling her? And we find out that it's basically... the chaos caused by Powers. After Triphammer and Cross building it up to be some momentous Powers person, it turns out to be random chaos. That one kinda fell flat.

Deena is a much more likeable character now that she keeps saying "What the f*ck?" every time some Powers stuff happens. But she's at least talking to Christian, which helps give her and Christian a bit more personality. And they threw Calista in a jail cell to shut her up. Thank god.

The superpower special effects are still... tolerable. Red Hawk, a villain trying to make good by participating in a publicity stunt, looks pretty silly swooping down on FX'd out guide wires and growing CG bird hands. It looks like they spent a lot of money on the showdown at the theater, with a crowd and a band and everything.

In any case, our two main characters, Christian and Johnny, are finally on the same page and going off to kill Wolfe before he kills hundreds of people. Noah Taylor--Johnny--is still the most interesting character on the show. Anti-heroes often are, though. He's not the villain that the writers made him out to be through Christian's perceptions of him. Johnny is setting out to right the wrongs he's done, both in the past and the present.

With two weeks left to go, I've got no idea how it's going to end. But I'm looking forward to finding out.


The Past

A young Christian takes Johnny to an empty penthouse that he's moved into, but his friend isn't impressed. Christian wonders how long Johnny is going to stay pissed at him, and Johnny jokingly says that he isn't. They check out the view from balcony and Christian suggests that Johnny move in with him. Johnny refuses, saying that he isn't Christian's charity case, and says that he isn't sure if he even wants all of the glory of being a Power anymore.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Christian gets up on the balcony and tells Johnny that he's going to jump and his friend is going to teleport him. Johnny warns that he can't do it, but Christian reminds him of Wolfe's principle that only in extremity can they find their limits. When Johnny still refuses and starts to walk away, Christian says that he can count on him and lets himself fall. Johnny teleports down and then back up with his friend, and they land on the floor. Christian is thrilled that Johnny did it and embraces him.


Johnny teleports Christian into his safe room and looks for his lighter. Christian demands to know what Wolfe said to him and tries to grab him, but Johnny teleports away and then back. When Christian tries to grab him away, Johnny teleports again and takes the air with him. Christian gasps for breath until Johnny returns, and says that he needs Christian's help to kill Wolfe.

Calista wakes up from a dream of falling and checks herself in a mirror. Her eyes are no longer red, and she tries to summon her power. Nothing happens, and she takes out her copy of Wolfe's book on power. Calista turns to the chapter about testing one's true limits in extremity and realizes that she'll have to take extreme steps.

Johnny tells Christian how he created Sway, and says that he did it for the Kidz. Christian points out that the Kidz are dying, and Johnny explains that they're dying because they don't have the discipline necessary to master their newfound powers. When Christian warns that Johnny is trying to replace Wolfe, Johnny reminds him that he took Sway to try and get his powers back.
Aha Shake Heartbreak

Deena enters Here and Gone, and Calista leaps over the bar. When the detective wonders what she's doing, Calista says that she knows for sure that she has powers. Deena asks if her father was bulletproof, and explains that she saw the court's family records. Calista tells her that she should be afraid of her because she took Sway and it didn't kill her, and now she's a Power. She runs and when Deena tries to grab her, the girl knocks her back. By the time Deena gets outside, Calista  has disappeared into the night.

Christian insists that he got his powers back from Wolfe, based on what Wolfe told him during his visit. Johnny warns that Wolfe is playing them both and he's burned through all the powers that he absorbed, including Christian's. Christian felt Wolfe's powers and now he's trying to take them, whether he knows it or not.

Calista goes up to the roof and prepares to jump, hoping it will activate her powers. However, Deena grabs her and drags her down. She arrests Calista for threatening a police officer and drags her away.

In the safe room, Johnny says that everything went wrong with Wolfe but at least they were a family. He says that Christian was his brother, and Christian takes out his lighter and says that he was a shitty brother. Johnny assures his friend that he helped him even after everything changed.

The next morning, Candace meets with Craig at the Temple Theater to plan Retro Girl's mentorship benefit concert with Zora. They want to stage a PR battle to promote the event. Candace wonders if Retro Girl is aboard and Craig says that she isn't but that he'll deal with her. He then tells Candace not to tell Zora so that the fight will look authentic. Candace disagrees but Craig insists that they're looking out for their client's best interests.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Christian points out that Johnny let Wolfe live when he killed hundreds of people, but now he wants to kill their mentor. He tells his friend to teleport in and shoot Wolfe, and Johnny admits that if he does then he'll lose his freedom once he's under the Drainer. Christian points out that they're going to drain Wolfe permanently, but Johnny asks what happens if it doesn't work. If it doesn't then he figures Christian will get another chance to steal Wolfe's powers.

Exasperated, Christian tells Johnny that he's done and orders him to do whatever he's going to do. Johnny teleports him to the penthouse balcony and shoves him off. He watches for a moment, then teleports down and then teleports them both into the condo. Johnny bursts into laughter and after a moment, Christian joins him. As they recover, Johnny explains that Wolfe can absorb the powers of anyone who has taken Sway if the Drainer fails... and no one can stop him. He promises to kill Wolfe, and tells Christian that if he wants his powers back then his only chance is to go in with him. Johnny says that Christian has 12 hours to decide, and after that he'll do what Christian suggested. With that, he teleports away.

Retro Girl visits Triphammer at his lab and finds him working on another Drainer. He offers her a drink and explains that the Drainer confuses the body on a molecular level. Triphammer is building a portable pod along with a single-use pulse weapon. Retro Girl wonders what he's afraid of, and Triphammer explains that he's dealing with "Black Swan": a predictive model of the destruction caused by Powers. She points out that the world is filled unpredictive chaos, and she wants to know if his plan will work. Triphammer realizes that she's quitting, and Retro Girl admits that she's tired. He warns her that it would be a bad idea.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Johnny teleports into Calista's room and discovers that she's gone. He finds Wolfe's book open to the page on extremity and realizes what she intends, and slams the book into the wall.

Candace returns home and calls to set up an opponent for Zora. Krispin is in his room and overhears his mother, and brings up an Internet article on the foundation choosing Zora as its first mentor. He then brings up a text message he received from Chaotic Girl inviting him to come to her new place.

Christian is dressing for work when Retro Girl calls him from the theater. He tells her that he's been called in to investigate Jump Striker's murder, and Retro Girl asks if he ever wishes he was somebody else who could just walk away. Christian abruptly suggests that they go out that night and Retro Girl agrees but says that it will have to be another night. She wonders what would happen if she turned the reins over to Zora at the benefit, and asks if it's okay to want change. He agrees with her, and Retro Girl says that she'll meet him for dinner on Friday.

Candace goes into Krispin's room and complains that he's been ignoring her. He says that he was on the phone, and his mother says that she'll be late that night. Before she goes, Candace tells Krispin that no matter what he thinks of her job, it's the only thing providing them with an income. When she says that she's doing it for the two of them, Krispin tells her not to. Candace gives up and leaves.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Adlard and Kutter are at the alley where Jump Striker was killed, and Adlard figures that there's something behind the sudden spate of Powers deaths. Christian arrives and points out the Kaotic Chic tag, and reminds them that same tag was on the Powers division station.

Candace meets with one of her other clients, Red Hawk, and offers him bail and enough money to tie up his loose ends... if he participates in the mock battle against Zora. She assures him that they'll set up a rescue for him to pull off once he's out, and tells Red Hawk that he'd finally get to be the hero. When Red Hawk hesitates, Candace tells him that they need someone who can do it. The Power assures her that he can. Once she leaves, Red Hawk takes out a package of Sway.

At the station house, Christian is toying with Johnny's lighter and looking at a video of Jump Striker coming after the two taggers. They've pixelated their faces in the video, and Zabriski says that Cancillara might be able to fix it.

At the theater, Craig and Candace watch as Zora entertains some children. Candace assures Craig that everything is set and Zora knows nothing.

AHa Shake Heartbreak

With twelve hours approaching after his warning to Christian, Johnny picks up a revolver and makes sure that it's loaded.

Cancillara works the video for Christian, and Deena comes into the office. Christian explains that Jump Striker was dead, but isn't so sure that Johnny is responsible. Deena wonders why he's suddenly lightening up on Johnny, and shows her partner Calista in the interrogation room.

The foundation benefit begins and Retro Girl takes the stage. She says that they hope to ensure that all women have a future, with or without powers.

Deena and Christian go into the interrogation room and warn Calista that she's now legally an adult. Christian tells her that Johnny isn't coming because he has other things to deal with, and Deena brings out the file on Calista's father, Todd. He has a lengthy record for assault and voluntary manslaughter. Christian tells Calista that they can keep her safe, and Deena asks for a word in private.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Candace checks on Zora in makeup and talks to her in private. Zora is nervously watching the broadcast of Retro Girl's speech, and assures Candace that she knows what to do. When the girl ignores her, Candace says that she'll be backstage.

Deena asks Christian if he's trying to convince Calista he's on her side as a tactic, and he assures his partner that he is. Cancillara brings over the clear video and Deena is happy to see that one of the taggers is Calista. Christian realizes that the other one is Krispin, and Cancillara says that they've tracked Krispin's GPS to the theater. Before they go, Deena puts Calista under the Drainer.

Retro Girl introduces the band, Alchemy, and then goes backstage with Craig.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

As they leave, Christian tries and falls to reach Candace. He warns Deena that there is lots of press and Powers at the benefit and it's a great place to send a message.

Candace checks her phone but ignores Walker's call. She then looks up at one of the exists and sees Red Hawk come in.

Krispin sneaks backstage.

Red Hawk takes the Sway pill.

Candace signals to Craig that everything is going according to plan.

Krispin dons his mask.

Retro Girl spots Red Hawk. Furious, she tells Craig that she'll let Zora have her moment. After that, he's fired. He wonders if she's just going to walk away and she does exactly that. Meanwhile, Krispin walks past Candace, apologizes to her, and then takes the mike from the lead singer. He tells the crowd that Powers are the height of hypocrisy, and there's no real heroes or villains.

Calista sits in her cell.

Johnny prepares to go after Wolfe.

Retro Girl walks out of the theater.

Krispin says that the entire thing is fake, and Red Hawk soars down and knocks him aside. Candace runs to her son while Red Hawk calls Zora out. She steps out and hits him with a hard light blast, but Red Hawk shrugs it off and tells her to give them what they want. As they fight, Candace helps Krispin away. Zora tries to protect them, and Red Hawk accidentally slashes Candace. The crowd runs in terror and Krispin runs to his mother while Red Hawk insists that it wasn't supposed to happen. Zora knocks him down and starts beating him.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Outside, Retro Girl sees the crowd running As she goes in, Christian and Deena arrive and call for backup. They go inside just as Retro Girl stops Zora and Craig leads the girl away. Retro Girl confirms that Candace is dead, and Deena finds the Sway packet on Red Hawk.

Johnny is preparing to teleport out when Christian comes in and tosses him his lighter. He then tells his friend that he can count on it being just like old times.

Aha Shake Heartbreak

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Written by: Van Troughton
Apr 14th, 2015, 1:39 pm

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