Iron Hans - Grimm Mini-Review and Recap

Hey, it's That Guy from 'Lost'. Jeff Fahey. He's suitably cast as a lionlike Wesen, although he has a thankless one-shot role as a guy who runs a men's "get in touch with yourself" camp for Wesen trying to come to terms with their inner angst over being half human and half beast. Still, Fahey is a pro so he brings it home. Silas Weir Mitchell also has some good moments giving a speech about how he balances his personal dichotomy. And it's interesting to see his character held up as a role model.

Of more importance as the season finale approaches is Juliette's transformation into the main villain of the show. This week she does a rather abrupt about-face and joins forces with the evil Royals after learning that Adalind is having Nick's child. The episode ends with a game-changer as Juliette burns Nick's trailer and calls to taunt him about it. That's designed to bring Nick's mother out of hiding with Adalind's wonder child, so the evil Prince Kenneth (Nico Evers-Swindell, oozing nastiness) can take it.

There's also a brief bit with Renard blacking out due to his mystical resurrection, and attacking random people on the street. Hopefully that will pay off in the season finale since that's been dragging out since he was first resurrected back at the beginning of the season.

And pretty much all the main characters get in a bit of snark tonight.

Overall, an average episode of 'Grimm', with some hints of an epic showdown between Juliette and Nick.


He has killed man, the noblest game of all, and he had killed in the face of the law of club and fang.

A woman, Maggie, and her father Hans Bowden load everything up for a camping trip and take all of the participants' electronic gear. Once they have everything in the van, Todd gets in with Hans and they drive off.

Nick tells Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee about Juliette in jail. Rosalee admits that they haven't found any way to reverse Juliette' transformation, and notes that Adalind might know how something. However, she figures that Adalind wouldn't help, and Juliette is paying the price for them taking Adalind's child.

Once Hans's group sets up, he gathers everyone and tells them that they have to embrace their natures. He asks if they're ready and they start chanting that it's time to hunt. They go after a rabbit, chasing it through the brush, and a boy, Elliott, finally grabs it. That night, they cook the rabbit and Hans says that when they woge for the first time then they will feel the power. He tells them not to be afraid of what they are because it's their history. The adults then woge briefly into their true forms. The boys each eat a piece of the rabbit and one of them hesitantly woges for the first time as the others cheer.

Iron Hans

At home, Renard clutches at his chest in pain but confirms that there's no blood. He takes a drink of water and then suddenly finds himself standing at a fountain at a park in Portland.

At the camp, Hans stares at the fire after everyone else has gone to bed.

On a nearby road, a hitchhiker is trying to pick up a ride. A Wesen suddenly attacks and kills him.

The next day, Rosalee visits Juliette in jail and apologizes. Juliette says that she should thank her and says that it wasn't her, but it is now. She dismisses Nick's love for her and says that she wouldn't give up being a Hexenbiest now. Juliette asks if Rosalee or Monroe would give up being a Wesen for each other, and Rosalee says that they would. However, Juliette insists that she's on top of the world now that she is a Hexenbiest and walks off.

Iron Hans

Nick and Hank arrive at the hitchhiker's murder scene. Wu explains that a jogger and his dog found the body, and Nick finds an animal print in the dirt. They figure that they need to call in Monroe to track it.

Renard is in his office looking out at the rain when Franco brings him a list of the assaults that happened the previous night. There were two aggravated assault cases, and Renard notes that he was near it. He tells Franco to check with the victim and see if they have a description.

At the spice shop, Rosalee tells Monroe what Juliette said and suggests that they stay out of it. Nick and Hank arrive and show them a photo of the footprint, and Monroe confirms that it's possibly Lowen. They ask Monroe to track it.

Franco goes back to Renard and says that the victim, James Waddell, was attacked next to fountain and couldn't provide a description of the attacker. Renard takes the files and dismisses Franco.

At the hotel, Kenneth is on the phone telling the king that he made it clear to Renard not to interfere. Adalind comes in and Kenneth makes it clear that she should be quiet. Once Kenneth is done, Adalind wonders if they plan to kill Renard and Kenneth tells her that no one cares what she thinks. He then tells her that Juliette has been arrested, and Adalind worries that things will get worse then they will get really bad. Kenneth says that it's an opportunity to find out more about Nick, Kelly, and Diana by recruiting Juliette. Adalind doesn't believe that Juliette will betray Nick, but Kenneth says that it's possible given the right circumstances. As he goes, Kenneth asks if Adalind has determined who the father is, and then says that he knows that it's Nick. Adalind tries to deny it, but Kenneth suggests that telling Juliette might be the proper circumstances to recruit her.

Iron Hans

In the woods, Monroe tells Nick and Hank that it feels like a hunt. He spots more tracks and figures that it was a Wesen going old-school. Monroe suggests that they track the blood trail and come to a wire fence. It's bent up like someone went through it recently. The detectives and Monroe then go to the front gate of the Iron Hans Ranch. Monroe explains that it's an underground men's movement where Wesen get in touch with their wild side. They died out but are making a comeback. Hans and Todd come over and introduce themselves, and the detectives explain about the murder. Monroe woges to explain how they followed the tracks, and Hans and Todd woge into their Lowen forms. Nick assures him that they're not there to cause problems. Maggie comes over and Hans says that they were all there. He confirms that Monroe has accepted who and what he is, but notes that not all Blutbad are so comfortable with themselves. Maggie explains that they host two camps on weekend, and they had three sons and their fathers there. Maggie was at the ranch while the other ones camped. Nick asks to take a look at the camp and Hans agrees to drive them there in the van.

In her cell, Juliette remembers her encounters with Adalind. She glares at a fly and kills it, just as a matron comes in and tells her that her bail has been paid.

Hans drives the detectives to the camp and explains how it's the first time in the wilderness for many of them. Meanwhile, Todd asks if Monroe has a problem with hanging out with a Grimm. Monroe says that he doesn't, and has a problem with Todd if he does. Nick finds some blood and Hans explains that they just killed a rabbit and gutted it there. He realizes that Monroe has been on a hunt and finds it fascinating that he works with a Grimm, and invites him to join them on their hunt that night. Hans says that Monroe could change the lives of the young boys.

Iron Hans

Juliette leaves the station and finds Kenneth waiting for her. She isn't interested in talking to him, but Kenneth says that Nick must not care for her if he left her in jail. He makes it clear that he wants Adalind's child, and suggests that Juliette could help him find out where it is. Kenneth says that it's tragic that Juliette is still loyal to Nick, and tells her that Adalind is pregnant with Nick's child. Juliette doesn't believe it, but Kenneth says that he can make her life better once she helps him, and gives her the address where he's staying.

At the station, the detectives bring in the fathers and question him about when people went to sleep. They say that they didn't hear anything.

Adalind goes to Renard's office and says that she has to talk to Nick. She reveals that she's pregnant and Nick is the father, and demands to see him.

The fathers talk about how they were all connected when they hunted the rabbit together. The detectives dismiss them and Monroe says that he's not picking up killer instinct from them. The partners suggest that Monroe accept Hans's invitation and Monroe agrees. Renard calls Nick to his office and Adalind explains that she's pregnant with his child. She doesn't want to lose another child and admits that she needs Nick's help... against Juliette. If Nick won't do it for his child then maybe he'll do it for Juliette. Adalind knows a way to suppress the Hexenbiest in her, but admits that she's not sure it will work. It requires a dead Hexenbiest and can't be fresh, and she knows where her mother is buried. Adalind also needs Rosalee's help and Nick to convince Rosalee.

Iron Hans

The baby kicks and Adalind says that it's a boy, and invites Nick to feel it. He backs away and Adalind warns that it's his whether he accepts it or not. She reminds them that she only did what she did because they took her child from her, and takes Nick's hand and places it on her stomach.

Juliette arrives at the station and walks in.

Nick agrees to take Adalind to Rosalee. He heads off down the hallway with her and they meet Juliette. She advances on Adalind, ready to kill her, as Wu and Hank come out. Nick tells Juliette that she has to leave, reminding her that the child is innocent, and puts a hand on her arm. Juliette tells Nick to get out of her way, and Wu asks if everything is okay. Adalind says that Juliette has to leave, and Juliette agrees but to promise to catch up with her later.

At the ranch, Maggie explains that Hans lost his wife ten years ago and he needed something to get him through. He remembered the camps and decided to start them up. Maggie asks Monroe if he's hunted, and he says that it was a long time ago. Maggie says that he's legit and it's a good thing he's talking to the boys.

Nick takes Adalind to see Rosalee and explain the situation. Adalind sees her mother's book and says that they'll need the hat, and Rosalee admits that she has nothing. Hank calls and says that they found another body near the first one.

Juliette goes to the hotel and tells Kenneth what happened. He assures her that his family will value her, and she can have everything she wants. Kenneth then suggests that they put Nick in danger so that Kelly will come and help him.

Iron Hans

That night, Hans introduces Monroe and says that he has seen and done it now. He woges, startling the boys and their fathers, and then reverts back. Monroe tells them that there's more to being Wesen then woging, and says that they have to value life and live with the dichotomy within themselves. Hans begins the hunt and watches with Monroe as the fathers and their sons search for the rabbit. Monroe sees a Lowen run off, and he woges and goes after them. The Lowen doubles back and attacks him, and then woges to reveal that it's Maggie. She says that she's sharing the hunt with the real thing, and says that he's going to taste human blood again because she's picked someone new out. Maggie starts to lead him off, saying that the stronger take the weaker. When Monroe objects, Maggie says that he's weak just like her father and runs off.

Iron Hans

Wu calls the detectives when the local authorities find another body. This one is a week old and close to the ranch, and Nick calls Monroe.

Monroe goes back and tells Hans and Todd that Maggie is on the hunt. Todd doesn't believe it but Hans goes to investigate and Todd follows him. Nick calls and Monroe says that it's Maggie and they're heading for the highway.

Maggie stalks a hitchhiker and then leaps on him. Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive and hear the man screaming, and go into the woods. Maggie runs out of the woods, clutching at a knife in her side. The hitchhiker staggers out and says that he was attacked by an animal, and then realizes that he stabbed Maggie. Hans and the others run up, and she tells her father that he never realized that she wanted to be a part of her life. Then she found out what being a Wesen really means. She tells Hans that she loved him and wishes that he could have seen her as more than just a girl. Maggie dies and Hans breaks into tears.

Juliette goes to the trailer and remembers Henrietta telling her that she can't change what she is. She then rips the pages out of the Grimm journals and sets the place on fire. Once she's done, she steps out and calls Nick. She tells him what she's done and hangs up.

Iron Hans

- Jeff Fahey
- Nico Evers-Swindell
- Silas Weir Mitchell
- Grimm

Written by: Van Troughton
Apr 25th, 2015, 1:37 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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