Cry Havoc - Grimm Mini-Review and Recap

So the 'Grimm' season finale goes out a whimper, rather than a bang. There's the now-requisite "Let's get out our weapons and kick some butt" scenes that we get with season and mid-season finales. Three recurring characters are dead, as is (apparently) one main character.

The producers have never seemed to know what to do with Juliette beyond making her the main character's girlfriend. They also don't seem to know what to do with her seeming death. She spends most of the episode passively watching things happen. Then despite having a clear escape, Juliette goes back and apologizes to Nick. Then she tells him to kill her. Then she doesn't. Then she tries to kill him. Then she gets shot. Bang, the end.

We'll see if they find a way to resurrect the character and bring actress Bitsie Tulloch back next season. Hopefully they won't, but if they do, they'll have a hard road ahead trying to redeem her after everything evil that she did this year.

Prince Kenneth at least died in a good fight against Nick. They also tied in his death to the Ripper by framing him for the prostitute murders. So that closed up that very minor subplot.

FBI Agent Chavez is back aftter her last appearance in November 2014, has some kind of connection to Trubel, and is very impatient. Trubel refuses to take one call from her and Bang, Chavez sends FBI agents into Nick's house for the season finale. It's kind of weak sauce compared to the previous two finales.

Overall, it was a mediocre season. The producers still seem reluctant to commit to a storyline so we get episode after episode of one-shot procedural episodes with Wesen antagonists that we've never seen before and probably won't again. There were a few more elements of supernatural non-Wesen stuff with golems and Indian spirits.

The one highlight was Team Grimm becoming complete as Reggie Lee's Sgt. Wu was finally let in on the secret world. The actor and the character rose to the challenge, and it was fun seeing him blasting away bad guys in the finale.

There were also a lot of subplots that either didn't go anywhere until near the end of the season. Chavez disappeared for 18 episodes. Renard's bleeding chest scars dragged on and then the whole issue was wrapped up in one episode. Henrietta showed some promise as a consulting Hexenbiest, but was ignominously killed.

'Grimm' has been renewed for a fifth season, so we'll see where they pick up the threads.


O, from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth.

At the house, Nick stares at Kelly's severed head. Hank and Trubel realize that it's a trap and tell Nick that they have to leave.

Kenneth tells Ruspoli over the phone to kill Nick and anyone with him. Once he hangs up, Kenneth points out that Diana is rather taken with Juliette.

Ruspoli and his Hundjagers enter the house, while Nick and the others go out the back. The Wesen confirm that the trio is gone and Ruspoli sends the Hundjagers out to hunt. Meanwhile, Nick says that he's going back, Trubel says that the Hundjager she killed was a Verrat. He tells her to show him the body while Hank calls Wu to meet them.

Cry Havoc

Kenneth's people drive him and Juliette to the rental home on an estate outside of the city.

Trubel takes Nick and Hank to the alleyway where she killed the Hundjager, and Nick tells her to get the head. As she does so, Nick tells Hank that they can use the head to find the Royals. Wu arrives and Nick has Trubel put the severed head in the back of the alleyway and says that they're doing it his way.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee explain to Renard how they drove Jack out of his body. Renard points out that he killed three women and he's in charge of finding the killer, and warns that they won't stop until they find someone.

Nick and the others go to Bud's house and Adalind comes out. She's shocked to hear that Kelly is dead, and Nick promises to kill whoever did it. Adalind says that she still has a key to the hotel penthouse, and goes to get the key. Hank warns that the Royals will go to the spice shop to get Monroe and Rosalee, and Nick tells Trubel to bring them there and then asks Bud for some plastic wrap.

Kenneth presents Juliette and Diana to King Frederick, who promises Juliette that she will be well taken care of. He invites Diana to give her grandfather a hug, and she reluctantly comes over. Frederick then turns the girl over to an assistant and tells her to make Diana ready for travel. Ruspoli calls and warns that Nick got away, and Kenneth tells him to clear everyone out and meet him at the hotel. Juliette says that Nick will look for her, and Frederick says that she'll stay with him while Kenneth does his job. Once Kenneth leaves, Juliette tells Frederick that Nick won't stop.

Cry Havoc

Adalind lets herself into the penthouse and confirms that no one is there. She then puts the severed head in a closet, braces herself, and then fakes finding it.

As Bud and Trubel drive to spice shop, bud says that Nick needs her more than ever. He asks about Josh, and Trubel confirms that he's okay. Trubel's phone ring and she reluctantly takes the call. A woman says that they need to talk, and Trubel simply says that she'll call back when Monroe and Rosalee are safe. Bud assumes that it was Nick.

At the station, the detectives working the Ripper case--Pogue and Meacham--tell Renard that they talked to the prostitute, Judith, who survived Jack's attack. She described a man vaguely matching Renard's description but with a British accent, and how three men including a man in a uniformed rescued her.

Monroe and Rosalee are relaxing at home when Trubel and Bud arrive. They tell the Wesen couple what happened and take them back to Bud's place.

Cry Havoc

At the hotel, Nick and Hank arrive and Wu tells them that someone found a severed head. The manager, Mr. Adams, tells them that Adalind found it and they called it in. They take her statement and put out an APB on Kenneth and Ruspoli. Before Nick goes, Adalind offers her condolences on Kelly's death, pointing out that she died protecting Diana.

Frederick assumes that Juliette sacrificed her loved one, but she says that she's not so sure it was a sacrifice. The king assures her that his family has always supported the Hexenbiests, and Juliette points out that Frederick tried to have Sean and his Hexenbiest mother killed. Frederick assures her that it was the Queen, and that she's dead. Juliette woges and Frederick smiles and says that she's beautiful.

At the station, Nick checks Kenneth's registered ID and realizes that someone set Kelly up using his computer... and Juliette was the only one who had access to it.

When Kenneth returns to the hotel, the police arrest him. Ruspoli and his men are down the street and Ruspoli tells his driver to keep going. Wu then drives Kenneth out of town.

Cry Havoc

Ruspoli goes to the manor and tells Frederick what happened. Frederick tells Ruspoli to leave Kenneth in jail so he and Nick can settle matters between them, and tells the assistant to prepare for departure.

Wu drives a handcuffed Kenneth to an empty warehouse and has him lie on the floor. He handcuffs the prince and walks outside, and Nick steps out of the shadows. The Grimm asks Kenneth how he got Juliette to help, and Kenneth says that her needs weren't being met. He says that Juliette has changed history and Nick says that he won't live to see it. Kenneth launches the first blow and the two men fight.

Wu waits outside with Hank, and worries that Kenneth might kill Nick. Hank says that if he does then they'll finish what Nick started.

Nick and Kenneth continue fighting and Nick finally impales him through the neck with his wrist blade. He then goes outside and tells Wu to triangulate Juliette's cell phone so they can find where Diana is. Hank reminds Nick that Juliette controlled Nick the last time they met, and they go to get Trubel.

At Bud's house, Trubel brings Monroe and Rosalee on what happened. She wonders why Juliette isn't there, and Adalind and the others explain that Juliette is a Hexenbiest. Nick and Hank arrive, and Wu calls to tell them where Juliette is at a gated compound. They tell Wu to stay there because it's too risky to expose him. Nick tells Hank that they need to get some things from the shop, and Rosalee offers to stay with Bud and Adalind.

At the spice shop, Monroe helps select poison. Trubel asks Nick what to do if they find Juliette, and he tells his friends to kill her.

Cry Havoc

The quartet drive to the compound and a car comes up behind them. They pull over to see who it is, and the driver and passengers slowly approach. It's Wu, who says that he had to be there and he left his badge at home. Nick thanks him for coming and they go in on foot.

At Bud's house, Rosalee tells Bud that she'll take over for a while. Adalind is sleeping, and Bud wonders if Nick and Adalind are going to get married and what they'll name the kid.

Nick takes out two Hundjagers on guard, and Trubel kills another one as he comes to investigate.

Frederick plays with Diana, and she smashes apart aside the building blocks that he's using. She then reassembles them into a castle with her powers, just as a Hundjager informs the king that the pilot is five minutes out. Frederick has Juliette take Diana and says that they'll soon be on a boat.

Nick and the others approach the house, and Nick hears the helicopter approaching. They figure it's Frederick's way out and Nick promises that Juliette isn't getting aboard it. He runs in on his own and the others follow. Inside, Nick sees the blocks and realizes that Diana is there somewhere.

Trubel and the others kill more Hundjagers and move in. One of them attacks Hank, and Monroe woges and rips out his throat. They then split up and search the house, and Wu kills one of them with his shotgun.

Cry Havoc

At the helipad, Ruspoli hears the shot and tells Frederick and Juliette to keep going. Inside, Nick spots them and runs out.

Ruspoli opens fire and Monroe ducks for cover, Trubel draws Ruspoli away and Hank attacks him. He manages to throw Ruspoli over the stair railing, killing him in the fall.

Nick gets to the helipad just as it lifts off and flies away. The group returns to the house and Nick apologizes to Adalind for not bringing Diana back. He tells the others to go back home, and has Adalind stay with Bud until they wrap it up. As Nick goes, Hank tells him to go home while he tells Renard what happened.

At the station, Hank tells Renard that Frederick has Diana. Renard points out that the compound is outside of their jurisdiction, and says that he'll handle it. Hank tells him that Kenneth is dead, and points out that his corpse could prove useful in giving the detectives a killer in the Ripper murders.

The helicopter heads out to sea and Frederick assures Diana that she's a princess. She points at the window and Frederick sees a reflection of himself with a skull for a face. One of the helmeted pilots gets up, opens the door, and throws Frederick out. He then removes his helmet to reveal to Diana that he's Meisner, the Resistance member that helped rescue her.

Cry Havoc

Renard and Hank plant the murder weapon on Kenneth's corpse.

Nick drives home and braces himself to go inside. Juliette comes in and says that she didn't know Kenneth was going to kill Kelly. Furious, Nick starts choking her and Juliette begs him to kill her. After a moment he releases her, and Juliette gloats that he couldn't do it. He tells her to get out and Juliette says that he should have killed her when he had the chance.

Juliette woges and throws Nick partway through the window, and then pulls him back and hits him. Nick tells her that she's done, and Juliette wishes that she was. She says goodbye and prepares to kill him, and Trubel shoots her in the neck with the crossbow bolt. Nick holds the dying Juliette, who whispers her name with her last breath.

Cry Havoc

Chavez leads a group of agents up to the house and tells them to get Trubel.

- Bitsie Tulloch
- Reggie Lee
- Grimm

Written by: Van Troughton
May 16th, 2015, 1:05 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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