Emma Bunton talks about appearing on Drunk History

Emma Bunton talks about appearing in ‘Catherine Parr' on tonight's episode of Drunk History. The show sees some of the country's best known comedians offering their take on their favourite historical stories as they get absolutely bladdered on a mixture of beers, wines and spirits.  The show can be seen on Comedy Central UK at 10pm on Wenesday evenings.

Tell us about the story you are re-enacting, what character do you play?

I am playing Maid Marion, opposite Robin Hood. The moment they first met.

Did you enjoy getting into character?

Absolutely! I love dressing up, getting into character and wearing some fabulous outfits! Especially on this show, it's a chance to be a little bit naughty!

Have you seen any clips of the comedian who told this story?

I have been lucky enough to know Big Tom for a quite a long time now, we've worked together before and he's one of my favourite comedians! We've also partied together before so I have seen him drunk quite a few times!

Can you hold your drink?

Yes! I think you would be surprised by how much this little blonde can take!

How much have you drunk in one night?

Put it this way - I love a Birthday lunch followed in quick succession with a birthday dinner!

What’s your secret drunk munchies food?

A cheese and ham toastie with a packet of cheese and onion crisps!

Tell us your best drunk story?

Went out to a night club the first time after having my second child. Got a bit carried away and ended up on the dance floor with Rita Ora and Harry Styles, bustin' out my best moves!

- Drunk History UK
- Emma Bunton

Written by: Ben Drummond
Apr 6th, 2016, 11:59 am

Images courtesy of COMEDY CENTRAL

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