Gary Sinise talks about playing Jack Garrett on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Gary Sinise talks about leaving the cast of CSI: NY to play Jack Garrett on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The series can be seen on Wednesday evenings at 10pm on CBS and on W in the United Kingdom on Wedneday evenings at 9pm.

How does it feel to move on from the CSI world to another crime franchise with Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders?

I had a lot of great good fortune with the CSI series. When I travel around the world, I'd go to all these different countries and discover that the show was very popular everywhere. People seem to enjoy seeing it every week, so when the idea of going into another successful franchise came around, it seemed really interesting to me. I hope that the audience is going to want to see another series with me!

How similar is Jack Garrett to the character you played in CSI: NY?

I had great success on CSI: NY for nine seasons. Mac Taylor was a great character to play. He was a detective and a very professional guy - and those are the similarities between that guy and this guy. On television, you quite often see law enforcement characters that are broken. They are dealing with a lot in their lives because they work within such a dark world, so there are always multiple divorces and they are going through a lot of pain in their own personal lives. We wanted to show somebody who was able to balance home and work, even though he's dealing with a pretty dark world.

How does it feel to represent crime fighters?

I've really enjoyed playing these heroes. They deal with very challenging issues, cases, people and events - and I think we're lucky that we have a lot of people that want to do this kind of work. It's a privilege to be able to play them and to try to show off how qualified these people are. It's good to show how grateful we are that we have people out there that are doing this dangerous work.

What's it like travelling around the world for the new show?

To be honest, we don't travel far. LA stands in for a lot of different countries in the show, so I get to pretend I'm travelling a lot - but we don't actually go overseas to shoot episodes. However, that's one of the interesting things about this show; that every episode takes place in a different environment where there are a different set of rules. We see a lot of different countries with different cultures.

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Written by: Ben Drummond
May 10th, 2016, 8:17 am

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