Person of Interest Season 2 Promo: More Chatting with the Machine

The first season of CBS's crime procedural Person of Interest ended on a very intriguing note. Following the kidnaping of Finch (Michael Emerson) by rival hacker Root (Amy Acker), Reese (Jim Caviezel) looked up into a security camera and addressed the Machine directly -- and it appeared to respond. 

A new teaser just released for Person of Interest's second season appears to confirm that the Machine is, to a degree, sentient. Two people address the Machine within the twenty-second promo. One of them is Finch, telling the Machine, "Your job is to protect everyone." 

The second features Reese addressing the Machine through a street camera, much as he did in the season 1 finale. "You give me a way to find him," he says, as the week's person of interest (played by guest star Ken Leung) looks on, anxious and confused. 

The twenty-second promo is pretty meaty, showing Reese seeking out Detective Carter's help in finding Finch, as well as Reese getting in some pretty awesome fights. One's in a bar, with a confused-looking Ken Leung sitting across from him as he takes down another guy at the table (we'd be confused too, Ken). The other fight isn't so much of a fight as it is Reese simply taking down a motorcyclist with a gas tank to the head. Awesome. 

What do you think of the new promo? Pretty awesome, right? Are you excited for the new season of Person of Interest? 

The season 2 premiere, "The Contingency," will air September 27 on CBS. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 24th, 2012, 1:49 pm



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Message Posted On Aug 25th, 2012, 3:59 am

Looks like an awesome season premiere, can't wait for the new season to begin.


Message Posted On Aug 24th, 2012, 7:26 pm
I'm hoping that we're all finished with the Elias storyline. The show is supposed to be about random numbers coming up and them saving people.. Elias killed his father and got his revenge... let it go... either that or cancel the show and start a detective series about a task force trying to shut down the syndicate... pfft... like that isn't done every day. Stop ruining the show.
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